Nominees and Elections

by Tara Chapman

November 2008

The united States of America just elected a new president for the nation.

I did not vote at ALL.  I don't deal with the kingdoms of men.  Since my baptism several years ago, I have fallen and sinned once in this way...last year's primaries when I voted for Ron Paul (another "lesser evil," I guess he could be termed).  I have vowed never to do that again.  I did watch the last presidential debate, and I watched the vp debate.  I do keep up with the news to stay informed--to watch.  But, I will not allow myself ever to be lusting to get involved in it again.  It's hard to live in the flesh and both stay informed and not be drug away into it.  But, we were warned by our Lord that living in this world would not be easy.

I believe begotten children of God are training for positions in the Kingdom of God.  Obama is now the president-elect of the United States.  It's good to know that kind of information.  We need to be aware of what is going on in the world.  BUT, his being the president-elect of the United States and whomever else in whatever other nations being the president-elect or whatever position-elect of their nation, is NOT nearly as important as what we each need to be asking ourselves.  Are WE one of the elect for His coming Kingdom?  The Most High God's Kingdom is soon to be inherited by His Firstborn Son the Christ and co-inherited by many children of God the saints.  Being one of the firstfruits and holding a position in God's government to help bring the world to total peace is a very high calling and something to truly cherish and feel honored by God.  Each one of us begotten with our Father's Spirit to be brought into His family and government (monarchy governments are always families) should feel thankful, humbled, honored, and blessed to have been called to serve Him in His government.  When our name is called (nominated--this word means "named" [called]), we should try our best to be obedient to His law and to run a good race, as the apostle Paul puts is....a good race or campaign is the way they call it today.  Only if we run a good race will we be "chosen" or "elected."  

Will we be suitable for God's government?  Do we know HOW He wants His government run?  Do we know the plan?  Do we have good strategy?  Are we willing to work in cooperation?  Do we KNOW His law?  Are we studying it?  Would we make good judges?  Would we make good kings?  Do we know the laws of social structure?  Do we know the laws of agricultural policy?  Do we know the laws of health?  Do we know the laws of nature?  On what do we focus MOST of our waking hours?  Do we think of God's kingdom all day long and bring it into EVERY facet of our lives?  Do we yearn every day for God's Kingdom to be established soon?  Do we yearn to be born into the Royal Family?  What an awesome calling!!!!  Did we fantasize and pretend when we were little girls or boys that we were princes and princesses or kings and queens?  It can be a reality and far greater than we ever imagined!  To be a daughter of the Most High God, His Majesty, the Top Ruler of the Universe!  That excites me and fills my heart with joy!  I cry over the world's hurts often.  I cry at what we've done to ourselves.  I wish everyone's eyes would be opened and that God's Spirit could be poured out on everyone.  I just want to cry, "CAN'T YOU SEE THE TRUTH?!  WE COULD ALL LIVE IN HAPPY HARMONY, IF ONLY YOU WOULD WORSHIP OUR CREATOR AND FOLLOW HIS LAW!"  This is in ALL areas of life.  Whether it be adultery, whoredom, homeosexuality, war, and abortion or things like terrible agricultural policy, flawed time/calendar, and wrongly honored holidays.  I'm sad about it all.  If any one of us would be put into the U.S. president's position tomorrow, could we turn the world to God and peace [WITHOUT FORCE]?  We'd first have to get our nation in line.  The VERY FIRST thing we'd have to do is to cease our war and bring all our military from all the nations where we have them stationed.  Then, we'd have to rest all our land that has been raped and poisoned. And we'd need to plant a crop of a plant [cannabis sativa--"useful cane"] that would return vital nutrients to the soil and would supply the nation plenty of food and fiber.  We would need to send our military into the fields to plant.  Since we would be declaring freedom under God once again, we'd only follow His law, which would immediately undo the thousands if not millions of ridiculous statutes and judgments men have added.  Since we declared we were under God, we invoke His protection of our nation.  So, we'd easily be able to melt down our war weapons and convert them to farm equipment for the ex-soldiers.  We immediately execute all of God's righteous judgments as written upon all the prison population, which means all innocent are freed; including those who didn't break God's law, those who were put there by false witnesses, and those put there without two or three witnesses; those without remorse that are condemned to die under God's law are put to death; and those who stole are released to be servants to pay back at least double to the person(s) from whom they stole.  We would order the bible being read in school and for prayers to return to the schools.  We would order the SEVENTH-day sabbath to be kept (one of the mistakes of our founding fathers who founded us "free under God['s law]," as they enforced Sunday).  We would use green technology.  We would grow hemp [cannabis sativa].  We would grow all organic [order] food rather than conventional [confusion] food.  This could easily be done with all those ex-military fellows.  All the women would go home to their children, though, and all those who were just married within the past year as they are to have a year with their wives.  A nation under God should always have their military IN the nation working in the fields to provide food.  A nation under God doesn't send military off into other nations without God's orders.   We wouldn't use petroleum for our fuel or the other thousands of products for which we use it.  We don't need the grave's DEAD "rock oil".  Our Anointed Rock is a rock of LIFE.  We can replace all of our petroleum needs with LIVING "GREEN" choices, including hemp and natural technologies--like air, sun, water.  We would follow God's dietary law.  Some of the military would have to serve inside the nation until the most wicked of the land are put to death, in case there was a riot against the free government under God. But, it wouldn't be long before we'd see sharp drops in disease, sexual perversity, murders, substance abuse, wildlife decline, etc.  With God's judgments being enforced and with the sabbath being kept, and with everyone eating an organic clean diet, things would turn around.  THEN, we'd be making headway.   THEN, the nations would go, ", look at them.  They proclaimed their freedom under God's law, and now they're serving Him.  And wow, look at their prosperity and health.  I think I'd like to know about God's law, too.  I think we would like a government like the united States (Israel).  We're not doing too well, and it would be nice if we could be that happy, prosperous, and healthy like Israel is."  

We started out this nation in the right direction, but it was flawed, and we never lived up to our purpose.  It worked for awhile under Solomon, and then he turned away, and his son was left with the House of Judah.  Israel was eventually taken off into captivity and punished seven times.  After that time elapsed, Britain and then the US rose to be the most powerful nations, and Judah became a free established nation again.  We have had our time to properly do it, to be the witnesses to the nations and bring the world under peace.  We have failed. Now, the time draws near for the Kingdom of God to be established here on this planet.  Under the direct leadership of Christ and the Saints (all Spirit Children of the Most High God), the tribes of Israel and Judah will be brought together and made one again.  Israel will THEN under the leadership of the very Children of God on earth be the witness to the nations she was always meant to be.  All of Israel will have God's Spirit poured upon them.  THEN, the nations will see and hear of Israel's prosperity and will go to Israel to learn of God's ways so that they can apply them to THEIR nations.  Eventually, within some years the whole world will come under the reign of Christ and the Saints.  There will be WORLD PEACE for the first time.  Even the animals' carnal natures will eventually change.  

This is why I cannot and will not vote in man's elections.  NONE of them that I've seen are calling for freedom under God's law.  I HAVE seen some call for freedom, and that's how I messed up once (as stated above).  BUT, it was only partially right.  We have to follow ALL of God's laws for there to be TRUE freedom.  

I could never vote for McCain. He's warring (murder),  protects greedy corporations (corruption), hates hemp and loves petroleum  and loves pharmaceuticals and has voted at least 22 time against natural technologies, he supports massive global trade and doesn't care whether our companies outsource work to other nations, and the list goes on.  I could never vote for Obama.  He has his own list of evils, some of them being the same as McCain's.   I can't vote for "any" evil, lesser or not. 

Neither one of them are serving the Most High God.  I don't think either one of them has even been called.  They both say they are "christians," but the bible says there will be MANY who would follow the false christs.  There are MANY false christs.  The Baptists have a christ, the Methodists have a slightly different christ.  The Pentecostals have a christ.  The Catholics have a christ (and a host of others they worship).  There are indeed MANY christs and many prophets, and they have many similarities with a few differences to keep it confusing.  The REAL Christ is found in the pages of the bible, but only those who have been called and subsequently are baptized and have hands laid on them to receive the Holy Spirit are going to be able to understand things correctly.  Those who have been called to see the truth already have God's Spirit working WITH them, but to get very far into understanding one has to go seek baptism (even if baptized before, it was baptism in the name [authority] of a false christ) so that he or she can have the Spirit IN him or her.  And then, the person has to really FEED him- or herself with spiritual food, or the person starves out the Spirit and then is led away.  It happens to the most Godly at times.  Solomon knew the TRUE God and served only Him.  How in the world did he get led away? But he did.  I hope he turned back in full repentance before his death.  Solomon is fresh in my mind, because my son is learning about Solomon and his wise reign right now.  

We have to put God's Kingdom very FIRST in our lives.  Matthew 6:33  If we put it VERY first and have it foremost on our mind EVERY waking minute of the day (yes, literally), then everything else will be provided.  We have to run a good race, if we want to be elected.