There are many problems with Jahtruth’s teachings.  [Jah is another way of saying “Yah,” and the one true Yah is in heaven, and I refuse to call this man Jah]  Jahtruth teaches a LOT of truth, with a LOT of cleverly-woven unbiblical LIES, and you need to carefully PROVE all things, as the bible instructs to make CERTAIN you do not follow a false teacher.  The following is a rebuttal to his book "The Way Home or Face the Fire":

* The Creation account in Genesis took place about six thousand years ago.  Whether the earth itself is older is not an issue here, nevertheless, the six-day account in Genesis took place around 6,000 years ago. 

*God created man in his own image, male and female.  He BLESSED them and told them to multiply (if we’re here to be punished, why the blessing?)  The bible does use the word “replenish”, indicating that the earth may be much older…as in, here long before the Genesis creation account.

*He had made the plants and all, but it’s noted that there needed to be rain to water everything and man to till the ground.  Soooo….he formed man from the dust of the earth.  He breathed in him, and man became a living soul.  “Soul” is translated from the Hebrew word “nephesh” meaning “breath.”  Spirit and soul are two different things (see I Thessalonians 5:23 and Hebrews 4:12).  A soul simply means something is breathing.  Spirit is the power and mind of something.  Adam WAS a living soul, rather than simply HAVING a living soul.  He WAS a living soul, meaning he was a living, breathing lifeform.

*Adam didn’t have a helpmate.  It seems in the beginning, a woman was given the wonderful role as a helpmate, not locked into a weaker body b/c of more evil.  Notice it’s AFTER the fall/sin that God said that man would rule over the woman.

*Eve—“mother of all living.”  This isn’t possible, if other people were made at the same time.  (I suggest Answers in Genesis books and booklets for an in-depth explanation of how Cain got his wife, etc.  But, Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters—Gen. 5:4—and the law against close relational marriage was not needed in the beginning, but as time went on with the effect sin has on genetics, that law is needed in order to prevent major genetic flaws, b/c the closer in relation a person is to another, the more likely they both carry the same genetic flaws, which will lead to a much higher risk of their children having those flaws.  Since in the beginning God created them with perfect bodies, close relational marriage would not have posed a problem.)

*Why, if Satan is the author of confusion, should God have had a different story throughout the bible told and only NOW tell the truth, which is quite a different story?  Why not tell the truth from the beginning?  That would make God a liar and the author of confusion, which He is not (Numbers 23:19).  

*Two of each animal on the ark??  “The Way” book claims this as well.  That isn’t completely correct.  There were two of each unclean animal—the male and his female.  There were 14 of each clean animal—“by sevens, the male and his female.” 

*Circumcision is to lessen sexual desire???  The problem with this is the true biblical circumcision—brit milah—only snips off the end of the foreskin.  This differs greatly from the modern mutiliaton-of-the-penis circumcision—brit periah, which was ADDED by none other than the Jews, who are notorious for adding their own laws to God’s.

*The author of “The Way” claims that a person must overcome ALL of their emotions and that emotions are of the animal.  This is one of the biggest problems there is.  Our emotions show the SPIRIT side of us, not the animal side.  Why would we need to overcome all of our emotions to become like Father?  Father is recorded in the bible as being pleased, happy, laughing, jealous, sad, angry, etc.  The bible also records that we have these emotions and should have, as long as we don’t sin (break His laws).  Even Jahtruth said in “The Way Home” we should have joy and that God is “sad” b/c He wants us to come home, and that we should make God “proud” of us.  Jesus also showed joy, anger, sadness, grief, etc.  He wept many times—over Jerusalem, over Lazarus’ death, in the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest.  “Jahtruth” replied to questioning of whether Jesus cried, “wept not cried.”  ???? “Wept” is a stronger emotional word than “cry.”  Look it up yourself.  If you look in a Strong’s bible dictionary, all the Greek words that are translated into “cried” refer to crying out or shouting.  If you look up “wept,” it means to either shed tears or sob (chest heaving from being so upset).  He also refused to directly answer the question whether Father displayed emotions, but rather he answered with: “evoking motion=emotion.”  That did NOT answer the question.  That is avoiding the question.  In addition, a person can look up emotion and the two words “evoke/evoking” and “motion,” and we’re assured you will be no more impressed than I.  One more thing example is Matthew 26:38, where Jesus says that his SOUL was exceeding sorrowful.  

*If we are the fallen angels, what does it mean when Jesus cast out unclean spirits (demons).   Jahtruth stated that it was multiple personality disorder.  This is a plausible theory that would make sense, EXCEPT for the fact Jesus said an unclean spirit will wander and find 7 more unclean spirits more evil than he and then go back into the person (if the person didn’t repent and stay close to God, of course).  His reply to that was that 7 is the number of completion, so it simply means that the person would be completely taken over by possession of Satan. This would be fine, except there are EIGHT now.  One plus seven equals EIGHT—not seven.

*In the judgement of the “rest of the dead,” Jesus discussed how different generations of people would condemn other generations.  This seems to go against reincarnation.  Jahtruth, however, simply beat around the bush and said something to the effect of it not mattering or being irrelevant.  Well, to ME what the bible says is NOT irrelevant.  If the bible can’t be trusted, what good is it to have around?

*He demanded to know why we contradicted him over the issue concerning emotions—he seemed to be getting angry (an emotion). When he finally responded, he still did not answer the question whether Father has emotions!  I’m so thankful I have a bible from which to seek true answers, rather than someone whom simply tells people over and over to “clear [their] mind[s] of questions,” and that what the bible says about a matter is “irrelevant.”  This sounds so much like a cult leader.

*Jahtruth claims the world is overpopulated, but who determines that?  Most who make this claim are globalists, whom he claims to be against.  I'm of the opinion that the problem is that people have crowded themselves in cities and are ruining the earth with manufacturing junk and polluting and trashing the planet, refusing to let hemp grow everywhere and instead destroying all the trees, not recycling and reusing and conserving, and refusing to obey God’s laws.  At what number does the world become overpopulated?  When we [my husband emailed everything to this fellow, as he refused to correspond with a female] asked, “What about the fact that children are a blessing and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them,” he responded, “Where did you get that from?”  We’d think that someone whom knew the bible so well would be familiar with Psalms 127 and 128.  When we pointed it out in response, he said, ‘Well, that was 3,000 years ago.  THINK.”  Soooo…does the OT not apply for today then?  Talk about confusion.  What’s a blessing then is not now?   Again, when did the world become overpopulated, and who decides when that is? Personally I do think we are pretty big, but we could be working together to fix the problem, and if God thinks the population needs to trim down, He is quite capable of sending natural disasters.

*He claims the “last day” (the final judgment) comes before the millennium.  But, our bibles say that the feast of tabernacles, including the 7th day, comes right before the "eighth day", and even Revelation clearly shows that the final death is AFTER the millennium.  It can’t be both ways!  (Oh, and by the way, when asked about it, he responded that the last day wasn’t a millennium…well, yeah.  We never insinuated that we thought it was, but rather it comes right AFTER the 1,000-year reign of Christ and his saints.)

*Plan B?  He states in his book that there is a plan b, if he dies.  Well, the bible states how it’s going to happen.  There is no plan A and plan B.  There’s only ONE plan.  Now, if people would REPENT and turn to God’s ways, then the stuff discussed in the bible would not happen, BUT we know that people are not going to repent, b/c the bible says what’s going to happen…although, people COULD repent now and then everything happens a couple hundred years down the road, but we’re thinking that probably won’t be the case, and it would still only be ONE plan.  It would just turn out that this wasn’t the time yet.

*He rightly says that man’s governments are wicked and that they have no right to add to God’s laws.  His solution, however, goes against God’s laws.  An individual cannot, under God’s laws, go execute judgment upon government officials.  God’s laws state that there must be two or three witnesses, and they must be brought before God.  Now, indeed, even our Constitution says that we the people have the obligation to wipe out our government, if they start going contrary or start ruling over the people, rather than the people ruling them.  But, it’s too late for that.  The people should have done that many decades ago.  Really, things have gone downhill since the South lost the war in the War for Southern Independence (falsely called the “civil war” in government-funded school textbooks).  It’s really too bad the great South lost.  (And, it had nothing to do with slavery…please do your research.)  Anyway, it’s true that our government is evil, and it’s true that something needs to be done about it.  But, the PEOPLE are going to first have to repent…and we know from bible prophecy that it’s not going to happen (unless it happens, and then everything finally falls apart a couple hundred years from now).  When Israel asked for a king to be over them, God spoke through Samuel in telling them it was a wicked thing they asked.  Too bad, though.  They made the decision, and they were told they’d have to live with it.  BUT, He told them just to continue to follow God’s laws only, and if they didn’t, He would punish both them and their king.  So, there you have it.  Obey God’s laws.  If you don’t, you will be punished.  We have absolutely NO obligation to obey man’s added laws, if they are contrary to God's laws or deny freedom that we have under God's laws.  You may find yourself in jail, but you nevertheless are not obligated to follow them.  You ARE obligated to follow God’s laws, and if you’re not, then you better be VERY concerned.  Even bigger guilt will be placed upon the JUDGES of our land.  THEY are the ones responsible for executing God’s judgments, according to His laws.  The Constitution of the United States was intended to form a government to PROTECT our GOD-given rights.  What has happened, though, is people have allowed them to do the exact opposite.  Only God can fix things.

*There WILL be an end time Elijah or the spirit of Elijah to prepare everyone for Christ’s return.  The bible says this will be.  Just as John the Baptist prepared the way for Christ’s first coming, someone  will do the work of Elijah before Christ’s second coming.  “Jahtruth” claims to be that Elijah, but after thoroughly studying the issue, it seems he is not the one.  He’s not the only one who has claimed such a position, either.  There are currently many others claiming to be this or that. John the Baptist was the Elijah during Christ’s first coming, and the bible doesn’t say that he CLAIMED it.  He must not have, either, b/c the scriptures concerning the transfiguration show that it dawned THEN on the disciples that John was the “Elijah.”  But, Jesus did insinuate that the end time Elijah would not be believed, either.  It’s our responsibility to SEARCH the scriptures and prove things out (1 Thessalonians 5:21; Acts 17:11).  The bigger problem, though, is it turns out “Jahtruth” actually claims to be the spirit whom is Christ working as the Elijah in human form, and then will be Christ when his body is killed.  There are several problems with this, including the fact that everyone will know when Christ comes.  But, the biggest problem is the fact that the bible teaches Christ sits on the right hand of God to be our high priest and mediator/intercessor.  Well, he can’t be doing THAT and be HERE in someone’s body at the same time, now can he??  AND, why would he come again in a flesh and blood body?

*Out of all the good things Jahtruth teaches, we have not seen the most important information there is of all.  The rules for salvation are as follows:  believe that God’s laws are the only right way to live and that Jesus Christ died to cover your sins, REPENT of breaking God’s laws (that means ALL of them), be BAPTIZED for the remission of sins, and have hands laid on you for the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and live a life of obedience to God’s laws until the end.  Whereas he does correctly teach obedience to God’s laws, Jahtruth never even mentions baptism, which is necessary for the remission of sins and for receiving the Holy Spirit.  This VERY important thing is totally left out of all his teachings.  He teaches that a baby, shortly after birth, receives the Holy Spirit and Satan.  I think rather that the two “voices” in our head is our own spirit, which I personally believe we have at conception.  I guess perhaps Adam and Eve received that spirit after they ate from the forbidden tree, b/c then God said, “They have become like us, to know good and evil…” and then he had cherubim guard the tree of life so that Adam and Eve could then not eat of it.  I think we KNOW good and evil b/c of our own spirit, b/c of what our first parents did—eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  BUT, the bible teaches that we are not begotten with the Holy Spirit until we repent and are baptized.  And, I think the evil thoughts that come in our head are indeed whispered from outside spiritual influence.  I may not be exactly correct on all this, but I can say with certainty that I’m right concerning the receiving of the Holy Spirit.  It is received AFTER repentance and baptism.  It’s given to those who OBEY His laws (Acts 5:32).  Many “think” they have the Holy Spirit, but it’s a deception, b/c the bible says a person does NOT have the Holy Spirit, unless they repent and are baptized…and if they continue willfully sinning, God can indeed take it back, and salvation can then be lost to them.  Paul said that if someone did not have the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His (Christ’s).  That implies that many do not have the Holy Spirit, so we don’t ALL get it shortly after birth.  We only get it after repentance.  Those who did not get a chance in their first lifetime to learn about the truth (including babies and young children who have died) will get their chance after the millennium.  The Great White Throne judgment is a period of 100 years (our judgment period is OUR lifetime.  We that learn the truth now are being judged NOW).  Ezekiel 38 discusses God bringing Israel out of their graves, and He puts His Spirit in them.  Isaiah 65:20 says no child will die in infancy during the millennium and shall live a hundred years.  I imagine those that are raised up at the end of the 1,000 years would be given the same amount of time.  The Great White Throne Judgment says “both small and great.” (Jahtruth claims that the Ezekiel 38 prophecy is the two witnesses standing back up from the dead, but Revelation makes it clear that the two witnesses are NOT to be buried, and the Ezekiel prophecy repeats several times that those being raised are being raised from graves.)

*There is a lot of double-talk.  The bible says that the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways (James 1:8).  One example is that he quotes Paul when he wants to use Paul to prove a point, and when there’s something Paul wrote with which he doesn’t agree, he states that Paul was disobedient and wrote the wrong things.  ???  He even did both in the same article!  There was also an article in which he was trying to prove that Peter was not one of Christ’s disciples by pointing to Mark 16:7 where an angel told the women at Jesus’ tomb to go tell the disciples and Peter.  Peter WAS a disciple, but he’d just denied Jesus three times.  In the last chapter of the gospel according to John (ch. 21), Jesus asks Peter three times whether Peter loved him and told him three times to feed his sheep.  He denied Jesus 3 times, so he had to make it up 3 times.  He DID just that.  Peter was sent to the Jews to spread the gospel of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the coming Kingdom of God.  It was meaningless to use that one verse to try to disprove that Peter was a disciple!

*God alone has immortality.  Jahtruth teaches that humans are really fallen angels and have immortal spirits.  But when we die, that’s IT. God takes back our spirit, and he’ll only use it again to raise us up to give us immortality THEN or to raise us up and sentence us to the second death.  We don’t go to heaven or hell when we die.  We DIE.  The ONLY hope for immortality is a resurrection.  The bible teaches resurrections, not immortality.  Our spirits “sleep” or are put on hold.  They will either be raised to eternal life, or they will be destroyed with hellfire.

*I would think the most righteous people in the world are obviously keeping God’s commandments (ALL of them), but I imagine some, if blessed enough to get into such a position, are living off the land somewhat, and some of them may not even own a computer.  So, how would they come to know about Jahtruth?  Does not owning a computer (a material, man-made thing that is not natural) disqualify a person?

*The 144,000 are not the only ones to survive the tribulation.  Those are just 12,000 from each tribe of Israel.  Read further along, and there is a great multitude (from all nations) that came through the great tribulation.  There are also those that are nourished and protected in the wilderness who were already Christians before the tribulation starts.  And there are other commandment-keeping Christians that will die as martyrs.  And we should be prepared for that possibility, as Jesus said that those who seek to save their lives will lose them and those that lose their lives for his name’s sake would preserve theirs (eternal life).

*At the seventh trumpet, all those in the first resurrection (dead and then those still alive at His coming) are CHANGED to eternal spirit bodies.  Yet, Jahtruth said that it would take 1,000 years (millennium) for all the elect to get it right.  Well, once a person is spirit, what else is there to get right?  Am I missing something??  During the millennium those who are still human and all the babies that will be born throughout that time will be the ones that are learning His laws.

*Jahtruth claims to have been born in April, just as Jesus was and claims that Jesus was born on Passover.  There is an abundance of evidence that proves Jesus would have been born around the end of September.  He was likely born at the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles.  As for John the Baptist, he may well have been born on or around Passover, but Jesus was born six months later—around the FOT.  Do you research, and do as the bible says—PROVE all things (I Thessalonians 5:21).  There is OVERWHELMING evidence for this.

*Jahtruth claims that “The Way Home or Face the Fire” is the little book in Revelation that John ate and was sweet as honey to the taste and was bitter in his belly.  Grab your bible, and read Ezekiel chapter three.  Where’s THAT book?  What do you REALLY think is meant by the books that are “sweet as honey?”  It’s God’s word and laws to those whom love them; they are sweet.  But, when you must go tell others the truth, it’s very hard to do, because you are met with great opposition (bitterness in the belly).  It has nothing to do with Jahtruth’s book.

*Those in the first resurrection—at the 7th trumpet—are the firstfruits, not the only fruits.  The firstfruits are those true followers of Jesus Christ who have repented of breaking God’s laws and have been baptized (full water immersion) and have had hands laid on to receive the Holy Spirit and have gone on in complete obedience to God’s laws, and they will reign with Christ during the 7th millennium to help teach the truth to all whom will be born during that time, including those who lived through the tribulation.  There will be others who will attain salvation.  FIRSTfruits mean just that.  They are the FIRST, but not the only.

*Jahtruth promotes Nostradamus’ prophecies.  Nostradamus was not a Christian.  He did not worship Yahweh.  He saw visions by divination, which is contrary to God’s laws.  Under God’s laws, Nostradamus should have been put to death.  He got his visions from Satan, and his prophecies are very broad, nothing at all like the true prophecies of the bible.  This fact alone discredits Jahtruth, b/c in no way would Yahweh our Father allow Nostradamus’ prophecies to be taught as truth.  Nostradamus was an occultist!

*Satan is not omnipresent and omniscient as God is.  His spirit can’t be everywhere at once, and he can’t read everyone’s thoughts and put thoughts in everyone’s head at once.  He does have help by the other fallen angels, but we don’t all walk around with Satan reading all of our thoughts at once.  Satan is not an equal to God’s Holy Spirit.  PERIOD.

*Someone said that Jahtruth told him that he was also the Elijah of the OT, based on the false assumption Elijah went to heaven where God’s throne is.  “Heaven” can sometimes simply mean the sky, as in “birds fly in the heavens.”  Elijah was simply transported elsewhere, because if you do your bible research (remember, PROVE all things), after Elisha took Elijah’s place and several years had passed, Elijah wrote a letter to the king…about TEN years after his translation.  He was STILL ALIVE on the earth, just somewhere else.  ONLY Jesus Christ ascended into the heaven where God’s throne is.  Enoch, like Elijah, also died.  After he was mentioned in Hebrews 11:5, then verse 13 says that, “these ALL died in faith, nor having received the promises.”  Enoch was taken somewhere else to escape the death from those opposed to him, but like everyone else, he eventually died.  When the bible says that Enoch “was not” in Genesis, it simply means he died.  Compare other scriptures, like the following:  Psalm 37:36; Genesis 42:13; Matthew 2:18.  “Are not” and “Was not” means someone DIED.  When the bible says in Hebrews 11:5 that Enoch was translated that he “should not see death,” he will escape the second death (compare John 8:51 about a person who keeps God’s ways “shall never see death”).  It didn’t say Enoch “did not see death,” but it said that he “should not see death.”  See also Psalm 89:48.  PLEASE PROVE ALL THINGS.  Do NOT be hoodwinked.  Study your bible as the wonderful treasure it is.


Positive points:

*UFOs.  I know UFOs exist.  No one will convince me otherwise, because I’ve seen them myself.  I saw five together when I was a child.   So, I don't see the UFO issue being an issue.

*There was a lot, too, written with which we agreed, and I think many would try to discredit it to justify their sins.  That’s not what we should do.  Rather, we should correct ourselves and repent.  Simply because someone doesn’t LIKE what they read, b/c they feel guilty doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  Rather, we should ALWAYS PROVE ALL THINGS, as the bible commands us to do.  The Bereans (Acts 17:10-11) searched the scriptures daily to see whether the things Paul and Silas told them were true.  They were called noble for doing so.  I Thessalonians 5:21 says likewise to prove all things.  Jahtruth doesn’t want a person to prove all things and search the scriptures daily.  Rather, he wants people to “clear [their] mind[s] of questions.”  This is indicative of cultish leadership.  Christ never tried to convince people of who he was.  It was actually quite the opposite.  He often commanded those whom he healed not to tell anyone.  He didn’t want people to have a blind faith, and he’d never expect anyone to blindly believe him.  If he didn’t match up to EVERY SINGLE OT prophecy spoken of him, then he could not have been believed.  But, he fulfilled EVERY single one.  Likewise, if Jahtruth teaches an abundance of truth, and yet there is ONE thing wrong, then it proves him as false.  We have found many things contrary to scripture.  It is EACH person’s responsibility to PROVE all things and decide whether someone is telling you the truth.  It is vital.  Jesus said that if possible, the very elect would be deceived.  If someone says, here is Christ or there, believe it NOT.  Rather study your bible and do what you’re supposed to be doing, and endure to the end.  EVERYONE will know when Christ returns, and it won’t be until the seventh trumpet.  


In summary, I don’t think Jahtruth is who he says he is.  There are many who are keeping God’s commandments and are teaching a lot of truth and yet are claiming to be Elijah or one of the two witnesses or any other number of things (other examples are Ron Weinland and David C. Pack in the churches of God).  But, we also do not wish to speak any evil upon him but pray that he will repent.  I just wish to continue to follow God’s wonderful law of liberty—His commandments and laws and statutes and to IMPROVE myself and prepare for the times to come.  I’ve been a commandment-keeping Christian for over four years, and I’ve learned to prove all things.  But, even I have much more growing in grace and knowledge ahead of me.

I’m not sure whether Jahtruth honestly believes he is whom he says he is or whether he is deliberately trying to deceive or whether he just wants to feel important.  Only God knows.  We should all be in prayer for the many men who exalt themselves and hope that they will come to repentance and humble themselves.  We can be assured that God’s true Elijah and two witnesses will be humble and not self-proclaiming themselves to be God’s chosen.

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