The TRUTH About Climate Change and Why Both of the Opposite Extreme Popular Stances on This are WRONG

by Tara Lang Chapman

Roman Year of November 2009 

There are two predominating stances concerning climate change or what is often termed "global warming."  Firstly, to clear up any confusion concerning the term "global warming," the reason why that term is used is because CO2 (carbon dioxide) is increasing in the environment.  CO2 creates the greenhouse effect.  However, I prefer the term "climate change," because as certain places are heating up, other places are cooling.  The weather has been doing crazy things everywhere, and so there is a changing climate.  Yes, there have been times in history where the climate has changed.  But, whenever this happens, there is often many negative things that result, including loss of species.

I recently watched Alex Jones' documentary "The Fall of the Republic."  The case against a global carbon tax was made.  I 100% agree that such a tax should not be imposed, and I totally agree that the world's "elite" should not be able to claim ownership of the air--the heaven--in addition to the earth that they pretty much have already claimed ownership over.  However, I do not agree with the droves of people who deny any fault for the climate change (some deny climate change altogether, while others agree that the the world is experiencing climate change but claim it has nothing to do with our activities).  

It's foolish to suppose that we can continue to drill up the toxic crap we call petroleum (literally meaning "rock oil," believed by  many to be the result of dead dinosaurs and such) and produce nearly everything we use from it (including not only numerous food, drug, and pest poisons but also numerous non-biodegradable solids), continue over-logging, and continue to waste and not recycle, reuse, and conserve; and expect that everything will continue to go on with no problems!

What is particularly frustrating for me is that the elite whose plans these people hate (and rightly so, as they want to kill a massive number of us off the planet) are the ones making billions of dollars off of petroleum and petroleum-based products!  Yet, these people want to keep their petroleum-loving lifestyles and feel no guilt over the climate change or any other pollutive problems we're experiencing!  

Instead of a tax that the evil governments of the world have no business enforcing and instead of denying climate change for want of continuing toxic anti-life lifestyles, how about we make the choice on our own that we will use "alternative" energies and consume natural life-friendly (earth-, people-, animal-, and plant-friendly) food and drugs and wear life-friendly clothes....and on and on I could go.  

To be really blunt, people have become death-lovers.  People want to see themselves as "pro-life," but pro-life means a whole lot more than anti-abortion, and I am here to say that the majority of people are anything but pro-life!

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