The TRUTH About Cannabis (Hemp  & "Marijuana")

By Tara Chapman

November 2008

How much do you know, dear reader, about the plant known taxonomically as Cannabis sativa?  Do you know what you should know about it, or do you only know what you've been forcefully fed all your years of existence on this planet Earth?  If the latter is true, then most of what you "know" is false and so is not real knowledge at all.  This article's purpose is to educate people about this plant, including what the bible says about it.  I am standing up for the TRUTH rather than "going along" with everyone.  I seek to find the truth about ALL things, and it's now time to set the record straight about this much-hated-out-of-ignorance plant.

The truth is that cannabis hemp is the number one known plant on this planet.  Nothing compares to it.  It's number one for food, fiber, medicine, paper, and for many other things.  Before I go into more detail about what an awesome gift from our Creator that cannabis is, I want to reveal the REAL reasons why cannabis was made illegal in the united States (and almost everyone followed the U.S.'s lead, as with everything else; we're a terrible witness to the world).  

Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes wrote:

In the mid-1930s, when the new mechanical hemp fiber stripping machines and machines to conserve hemp’s high-cellulose pulp finally became state- of-the art, available and affordable, the enormous timber acreage and businesses of the Hearst Paper Manufacturing Division, Kimberly Clark (USA), St. Regis - and virtually all other timber, paper and large newspaper holding companies, stood to lose billions of dollars and perhaps go bankrupt.

Coincidentally, in 1937, DuPont had just patented processes for making plastics from oil and coal, as well as a new sulfate/sulfite process for making paper from wood pulp. According to DuPont’s own corporate records and historians,* these processes accounted for over 80 percent of all the company’s railroad car loadings over the next 60 years into the 1990s.

*Author’s research and communications with DuPont, 1985-1996.

If hemp had not been made illegal, 80% of DuPont’s business would never have materialized and the great majority of the pollution which has poisoned our Northwestern and Southeastern rivers would not have occurred.

In an open marketplace, hemp would have saved the majority of America’s vital family farms and would probably have boosted their numbers, despite the Great Depression of the 1930s.

But competing against environmentally-sane hemp paper and natural plastic technology would have jeopardized the lucrative financial schemes of Hearst, DuPont and DuPont’s chief financial backer, Andrew Mellon of the Mellon Bank of Pittsburgh. (AH HA Publishing: 2007, 16th printing; pg. 26)

It was also 1937 when the Marijuana Tax Act was passed.  Petroleum started to be used in the 1800s, and once it was all in place to make everything with it, they had to find an excuse to destroy hemp.  They used racism and lies to accomplish their mission (because at the time many black jazz musicians smoked "marijuana" and nearly all Mexicans coming across the border did).  

Dupont is now second only to Monsanto (used to be other way around) in production of agricultural pesticides.  They both produce dangerous petroleum-based chemicals and utilize genetic engineering.  They've recently formed an alliance and are now happily ruining the world together.  

Much of the reason cannabis was made illegal was that it threatened profits to the petrochemical (chemicals made from petroleum) and logging industries.  But, to get a more in-depth explanation, including copies of actual court transcripts from when the wicked deed was done, I highly recommend the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.  I have my own copy, autographed by Jack himself, but he has now made it FREE for anyone to read online at his website  There are also other great sources you can find on your own.  You'll find in your research that those who made war against cannabis used racism and lies to convince the public that "marijuana" was an evil.  The American Medical Association didn't even realize they were about to outlaw cannabis, until it was too late.  Very few people realized that the "marijuana" was really just cannabis, something the population had been used to having around and using for all their lives.

Hemp legalization now threatens the HUGE profits of:

*Petroleum industry--"Big Oil"

*Pharmaceutical industry--"Big Pharma"

*Petrochemical industry

*Logging industry

*Tobacco industry 

*Liquor industry

*Criminal "justice" system

**Petroleum products are TOXIC.  Reader, have you ever smelled petroleum as it is pumped out of the grave?  It smells strongly of DEATH.  Literally, it does.  I've smelled the oil as the derricks pump it out in southern Texas.  It may be due to the strong sulfur [brimstone] content, but it matters not to me what it is, quite frankly.  I wish they'd keep it in the ground.   Petroleum-based products poison the environment.  They are non-biodegradable and lead to pollution of the air, land, and water.  

According to an article by Grinning Planet, four of the top ten threats to our ecosystems and web of life are directly attributed to drilling and using petroleum, while it contributes to another one or two on the list.  One thing on the list--overpopulation--would not even be an issue if it weren't for people's wrongful contribution to the other nine threats, including acid rain, climate change, habitat loss, invasive species, and chemicals ("10 Threats to the Web of Life on Planet Earth," 11/16/2004; 

Some of the threats were also caused by over-logging.  I'm not against cutting down trees, but we cut down far too many trees.  Far too many.  

Nineteen and one half gallons of crude oil (petroleum) per every 42-gallon barrel goes to make gasoline.  From what's left over, in excess of six thousand other products are made ("A Partial List of Items Made From Petroleum," Everything that can be made from petroleum can be made from hemp without the pollution.  

**Pharmaceutical companies are among the richest companies on the face of this earth.  The greek word pharmakeia literally means "poisoning."  (Note:  Pharmaceuticals are obviously not the only thing in the world that are poisonous. Some plants are toxic in any amount and then some are toxic if used wrongly or with other plants.  Many synthetic pharmaceuticals are even more dangerous.  When there is a choice, natural and whole medicine should be chosen, while avoiding toxic herbs and toxic synthetics.  In such situations as emergency surgery, hospitals do not use whole plant medicines.  You don't have a choice, unless you chose to endure the heart-wrenching agony, which would be just as toxic, because of an overdose of your own bodies hormones.  And if it was a bad-enough emergency, you wouldn't have any say-so in the matter, anyway.  It would be up to those who are saving your life.  There's also two sides of poisoning: physical and spiritual/mental/psychological.   And they're both often interchangeable.  Physical poisoning can cause one to be psychologically poisoned, and psychological poisoning can cause one to be physically poisoned.  This has been scientifically proved in various studies.  A positive outlook on things does good to one's physical health.  A negative outlook, negative health.  So, we must try our very best to avoid both physical and psychological poisons/sorceries. When pharmaceuticals by name mean "pertaining to poison," we should know better and avoid them--this means BOTH toxic herbs and toxic synthetics.  [The suffix -ical means "pertaining to."] )   Toxic herbs, and even more so the synthetic pharmaceuticals modeled after the herbs' active ingredients, often cause dependence.  When pharmaceutical chemists produce a new drug, they use the knowledge they obtained by observing certain naturally-occuring chemicals in plants, and then they isolate that one chemical, and then they copy the chemical.  They produce a synthetic copy.  The pharmaceutical companies do this so that they can patent the chemicals.  With a patent, they can rack in huge profits.  In addition, they can lobby [pay bribes] legislators to pass laws to outlaw herbs, as well as other healthful foods (for example the sale of raw [real] milk and raw almonds are both illegal and some herbs other than cannabis).  The bible says that God gave us herbs.   When we have a choice, we should choose whole plant medicine from non-toxic herbs. When there is not a choice or something needs to be done immediately while giving yourself more time to find the root of the problem, pharmaceuticals can sometimes safely be used.   Cannabis was the second and third most-used medicines in the United States from 1842 through the 1890s and also for animals until the 1920s or longer (The Emperor, pg. 9).  If legalized, it could be used for at least one third of all ailments.  It would put the pharmaceutical companies out of business.  Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, and there has NEVER been a recorded death caused by it.  It is one of the safest (if not the safest) natural therapeutic substances known to mankind.  Alcohol kills thousands each year.  Aspirin kills thousands each year. Tobacco kills thousands each year.  Even caffeine has killed some.  Cannabis rarely has negative side effects, and they are minor.  All herbs and synthetic pharmaceuticals have a pharmacological rating, or in other words a toxicity rating.  A person should be able to take the "proper dosage" and be safe from serious harm.  Sometimes, a person has a violent allergic reaction to a substance, be it herb or otherwise.  Pharmaceutical drugs are riskier than the natural forms of herbs.  This should be kept in mind. Many things that are okay for us in a small amount are deadly in a large amount.  Theoretically, it's impossible to smoke or eat too much cannabis and ever die, because the person would go to sleep LONG before the person had such an amount.  Yet, there have been new "energy drinks" that have recently come out that have enough caffeine that has at least contributed to some folks' deaths.  Alcohol poisoning kills over 1,300 Americans each year (Young-Hee Yoon, Ph.D. and Hsiao-ye Yi, Ph.D. -- both researchers working on the Alcohol Epidemiological Data System project -- and Mary C. Dufour, M.D., M.P.H., of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.)

**More pesticides are used on cotton each year in the world than on any other crop.  Depending on the source, estimates are from 35 to 50 percent of all pesticides are used on cotton.  (Buy organic cotton, if you can.)  Hemp is never sprayed and never has problems with being choked out by weeds.   If the world would follow God's agricultural laws, invasive species (insects, plants, and others) would NOT be a problem.  Chemical fertilizers would also not be needed.  Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are made from petrochemicals--petroleum-based chemicals.  Petrochemicals are used to make synthetic fibers--nylon, polyester, rayon, etc.  They give off a negative energy and are non-biodegradable.  We should preferably strive to use as many natural fibers as we can--clothes, bedding, flooring, etc, even though it's impossible for most of us in this world to perfectly do this.  The synthetic pesticides, fabrics, and building materials are toxic and are not a sustainable and healthful choice.  (Poisoned and genetically-engineered cotton also gives off a negative energy.  I can feel whether I've eaten something natural or synthetic.  After I eat something synthetic (which is rare, because I avoid it the best I can), I feel the harm done.  My body lets me know something is wrong.  Back before I knew what I know now and ate those kinds of things on a daily basis, I didn't realize the harm done.  The body gets used to toxic things, so it has no acute reactions.  Then, when something bad enters in, the body reacts violently.  The same thing happens the other way with food, because when a person switches to organic foods, the body takes an adjustment period as it goes through a slight "cleansing crisis."  Our bodies may react the same way with fibers.  

**Overlogging Destroys structure of habitat; removes organic material necessary for soil replenishment; machinery disturbs soil; can create erosion , which degrades water quality and causes further habitat loss; less large woody debris in streams alters flow and channel characteristics; Reduces natural infiltration of rainwater (Habitat Loss & Degradation; 

U.N. specialists estimate 60 acres of tropical forest are felled worldwide every minute, up from 50 a generation back. And the fears have changed. Experts still warn of extinction of animal and plant life, of the loss of forest peoples' livelihoods, of soil erosion and other damage. But scientists today worry urgently about something else: the fateful feedback link of trees and climate. Global warming is expected to dry up and kill off vast tracts of rain forest, and dying forests will feed global warming...

...Forest destruction accounts for about 20% of manmade emissions, second only to burning of fossil fuels for electricity and heat. Conversely, healthy forests absorb carbon dioxide and store carbon  (Edward Harris, "World Loses Trees at 'Alarming" Rate," USA Today, 2/2/2008). (Bold emphasis mine)

Back in 1998, ten percent of the world's trees were currently facing extinction (Linus Gregoriadis, "One in Ten of the World's Trees Are Facing Extinction," The London Indepedent, 8/26/1998).  Remember the previous statistic, that logging has increased from 50 acres of tropical forest a minute to 60 in the last decade, so it's bound to be more than ten percent of trees facing extinction now.  Currently, in October 2008, the 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species was recently released and reported that one out of four mammals now face extinction.  The bees are disappearing (colony collapse disorder), the birds, the bats, and frogs are also all very much in danger.  And say, even domestic pets are being killed off by our inhumane way of living with the vaccines and toxic pet food.

Cannabis can STOP global warming.  It can STOP soil erosion.  It can REPLACE over-logging.  It can REPLACE toxic petroleum and coal that are also killing our animals, plants, and us.  It makes much better boards and paper than trees--both more durable and longer lasting.  It makes excellent food for animals; chokes out weeds, rather than being choked by weeds.  It actually returns nutrients to the soil, and it aerates the soil.  Thus, it prevents soil erosion and land slides and doesn't rape the soil.

**Tobacco is a poisonous (pharma) herb.  At least half of regular tobacco users are physically addicted to it.  Snuff, chewing tobacco, and tobacco cigarettes lead to cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, and other organs.  It leads to heart disease.  Emphysema.  Chronic bronchitis.  Weak immune system.  Rage and other negative symptoms of withdrawal.  Every time I've ever smoked a tobacco cigarette (can be counted on my hands), I've been given a headache.  Every time I pick up second-hand smoke from another smoker, I've been given a headache.  I think smoked tobacco is atrocious.  The organic is better, but it's still a toxic herb.  Conventional tobacco has a lot of bonuses:  it's grown in highly radioactive soil, heavily sprayed with pesticides, and then soaked in a huge batch of chemicals to ensure that those who later use it will reap all the death-giving benefits.  Contrary to popular belief based on lies, cannabis does not cause lung cancer (Lynn Zimmer & John P. Morgan, Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts, pp. 115).  There is not a single proven case.  Cannabis actually has been shown to treat cancer and help kill it, as its high in antioxidants.  It does not cause emphysema, because cannabis smoke does not obstruct the small airways in the lungs as tobacco smoke does.  According to UCLA researchers:  " contrast to the accelerated annual rate of decline in lung function that occurs in regular tobacco smokers of comparable age...findings in the present study do not support an association between even heavy, regular marijuana smoking and the development of chronic obstructive lung disease" (Ibid, 114; underline emphasis mine).  Not only that, but tobacco smokers who also used cannabis had less obstruction that those who smoked tobacco only (Ibid; emphasis mine).   The frequency in which cannabis smokers contract respiratory infections such as colds and bronchitis is comparable to non-users, three percentage points higher.  Tobacco users, however, have a marked increase in such infections (Ibid.).  And as pointed out, "Most people who smoke marijuana smoke far less than the marijuana smokers studied at UCLA" (Ibid; emphasis mine).  

Nearly everyone has heard the false statements that marijuana is more dangerous than tobacco and will cause cancer or will kill brain cells.  On and on it goes with the non-evidenced claims.  The heaviest cannabis-only smokers don't come close to smoking as much as tobacco smokers do, and tobacco is toxic, whereas cannabis is not.  ANY smoke contains carcinogens, but certain substances contain antioxidants that cancel out the carcinogens, and our bodies are designed to handle mild pollutants.  It's only when we abuse our bodies with too much of a good substance or any of a bad substance that we reap terrible consequences.  A person must look at studies him or herself and don't just believe what he or she hears.  For example, let's examine the study in which monkey brain cells atrophied, and they eventually died, from smoking cannabis.  If you've heard this study cited to "prove" that cannabis kills brain cells or causes cancer or whatever you may have heard, let's see why this was so.  The poor Rhesus monkeys used in the study were forced to inhale 63 Columbian-strength joints (cigarettes) through a gas mask in five minutes!  "And ever since, dead brain cells found in monkeys who were forced to smoke marijuana have been given maximum scare play in federal booklets and government sponsored propaganda" (The Emperor, 109).  Well....DUH!!!  The poor animals were suffocating to death.  This is a case of terrible oxygen deprivation.  It has nothing to do with cannabis!  In addition, carbon monoxide is given off by anything that burns, and the poor monkeys had SO much smoke forced into them with no clean air for five whole minutes. Carbon monoxide kills brain cells (but the oxygen deprivation is enough), too.  And this was done to various monkeys over a three month period of time.  Just downright animal cruelty.  You simply cannot believe everything you're told.  You must prove whether it's true.  

Tobacco is physically addictive.  Cannabis is not at all.  I do want to point out that some people can and do become psychologically dependent upon cannabis, but it's no different than anything else, including cacao (chocolate), sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc.  Caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol are all rated as more addictive than cannabis (Ibid, 29).  I have witnessed a person become psychologically dependent upon cannabis and watched him overuse it for a year and a half.  But, the same individual overcame it and regained control.  And "marijuana" being a "gateway drug" is a very stupid thing spouted by anti-cannabis people:  

In the end, the gateway theory is not a theory at all.  It is a description of the typical sequence in which multiple drug users initiate the use of high- prevalence and low-prevalence drugs.  A similar statistical relationship exists between other kinds of common and uncommon activities.  For example, most people who ride a motorcycle (a fairly rare activity) have ridden a bicycle (a fairly common activity).  Indeed, the prevalence of motorcycle riding among people who have never ridden a bicycle is probably extremely low.  However, bicycle riding does not cause motorcycle riding, and increases in the former will not lead automatically to increases in the latter.  Nor will increases in marijuana use lead automatically to increases in the use of cocaine or other drugs (Ibid, 37).  

I couldn't imagine using cocaine, heroin, or any other street pharmacy drug (South Americans chew coca leaves, supposedly non-addictive, and I have not read of any adverse affects from that, as it's nothing like synthetic cocaine).  I also can't imagine taking any of the legal pharmacy drugs.  Many of them are even more dangerous than the street pharmaceuticals.  They definitely kill far more (Christopher Kent, "Recreational Drugs FAR Less Likely to Kill You than Prescribed Drugs!";  Yet, I've both smoked and vaporized cannabis and do not see any problem with it for both medicinal and recreational use.  (The only problem is that it's prohibited under man's flawed laws.)  Tobacco is atrocious, and I have a difficult time understanding how a person can smoke enough tobacco cigarettes in order to develop a physical addiction.  

The United States government makes a profit from tobacco sales.  As a matter of fact, they make nearly twice the profit from a pack of cigarettes than the actual tobacco companies do( David Ridenour, "Federal Tobacco Lawsuit Contaminated by Hypocrisy," 10/25/99;!  

Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States and author of the Declaration of Independence (written on hemp paper) said:  "The culture [of tobacco] is pernicious. This plant greatly exhausts the soil. Of course, it requires much manure, therefore other productions are deprived of manure, yielding no nourishment for cattle, there is no return for the manure expended... It is impolitic... The fact well established in the system of agriculture is that the best hemp and the best tobacco grow on the same kind of soil. The former article is of the first necessity to the commerce and marine, in other words to the wealth and protection of the country. The latter, never useful and sometimes pernicious, derives its estimation from caprice, and its best value from the taxes to which it was formerly exposed..." (Farm Journal; 3/16/1791; bold and underline mine).

I'm in total agreement with Jefferson.  How about we cease tobacco cultivation, and we sow our fields far and wide with cannabis so that we can prosper once again?  As George Washington--our first president--said, "Make the most of the indian hemp seed.  Sow it everywhere."  Yes, let's do so!  We will NOT continue to prosper with petroleum, and besides that, if the nations demanded their debts paid tomorrow, we're already doomed.  Isn't it something that we even "prosper" while currently nearing eleven trillion dollars in debt?  Isn't it something that we can prosper as we murder our unborn and let cold-blooded murderers and rapists live?

I must admit that I do keep a pouch of organic tobacco on hand for medicinal use--for insect stings.  I was brought up learning to make a poultice with it to draw out the poison.  It has always seemed to work, so I've continued the practice.  However, as of recently I have questioned this practice, but I'm still in the studying/researching stages of determining the use of certain plants (and coming to the realization that perhaps some plants aren't meant to be used at all, except by God for judgment on unlawful living, or in other words what God uses for invasive species and various attacks [such as dangerous allergies] on us when we transgress proper agricultural and other earth-related laws). 

I hypothesize that if cannabis cultivation was made legal again (as if any man has the right to make it illegal in the first place), tobacco use would sharply decrease.  Most people wouldn't feel the need to use a toxic herb for incense if they had a health-giving, more enjoyable one to freely use.  So, I believe that tobacco companies (and the government) have much to lose if cannabis is legalized again. 

*Liquor/alcohol is the number one abused psychoactive substance in the United States (and probably worldwide).  It causes the most deaths each year by alcohol overdose, chronic diseases, and fatal accidents.  Other problems that result from alcohol use include depression, divorce, immoral sex, violence, and poverty, among others.  At least nine million Americans are alcoholics and many more have drinking problems.  In 1936, the liquor industry funded a movie called "Reefer Madness" (reefer is a nickname for cannabis flowers) to cast a bad light on "marijuana" in order to squash competition.  Never mind that cannabis does not cause violence in anyone and does not cause people to get in car accidents.  However, alcohol does cause these things.  Hmmmm....mighty fishy, if you ask me. 

In the 1920s and '30s, Hearst's newspapers deliberately manufactured a new threat to America and a new yellow journalism campaign to have hemp outlawed.  For example, a story of a car accident in which a "marijuana cigarette" was found would dominate headlines for weeks, while alcohol-related car accidents (which outnumbered marijuana-connected accidents more than 10,000 to 1) made only the back pages.  This same theme of marijuana leading to car accidents was burned into the minds of Americans over and over again the late 1930s....(The Emperor,pp 31)

There have been misleading studies used to "prove" that "marijuana" is a "significant factor in highway fatalities."  It turns out that just the opposite is true: 

There is no compelling evidence that marijuana contributes substantially to traffic accidents and fatalities.  At some doses, marijuana affects perceptions and psycomotor performance--changes which could impair driving ability.  However, in driving studies, marijuana produces little or no car-handling impairment--consistently less than that produced by low to moderate doses of alcohol and many legal medications.  In contrast to alcohol, which tends to increase risky driving practices, marijuana tends to make subjects more cautious.  Surveys of fatally injured drivers show that when THC is detected in the blood, alcohol is almost always detected as well.  For some individuals, marijuana may play a role in bad driving.  The overall rate of highway accidents appears not to be significantly affected by marijuana's widespread use in society (Marijuana Myths, 124).

I don't really care much for alcohol myself.  I usually only drink it during Passover each year.  I may or may not drink it once or twice again during any given year.  I'm a wannabe beer drinker.  I love the smell of beer, but I just haven't acquired a taste for it yet.  I cannot handle much alcohol, and I usually do not like the way it makes me feel.  I've been mildly drunk once and moderately drunk once (ages 15 and 18 respectively).  I don't understand how anyone in his right mind would want to be drunk.  It totally boggles me. There is absolutely no control, and it causes such stupid behavior.  Cannabis has never caused me to lose control over functioning. (When a person seriously overdoses on cannabis, which I've never done myself, he or she will go find a place to go to sleep.  That's it.  That's the worst thing that can happen.  The person takes a nap.)  In addition, I've used it medicinally [via vaporization] for a migraine headache once.  I had prayed for at least an hour straight, wishing it'd go away on its own.  Sometimes we're finally healed when we take action.  I called for the herbal vaporizer and put some cannabis in it.  The excruciating, tormenting headache was gone within two minutes.  I was able to get out of bed and take care of my duties, with no negative side effects (but with the positive side effects of being upbeat, peaceful, and joyful--what a sin!).  I've also used it for nausea, menstrual cramps, and ovulatory cramps.  Nothing works better and more safely.  WHY is tobacco and alcohol okay but cannabis is not?  Why?  Why?  Why?  Can anyone give me a better answer than all these people who are profiting from its being illegal?

Despite all the ills caused by alcohol, it's only the misuse of alcohol that causes such problems.  Alcohol is also very valuable.  The bible is a wonderful source which talks both about the terrible consequences of the sin of drunkeness and the wonderful benefits of moderate consumption.  

Moderate drinkers tend to have better health and live longer than those who are either abstainers or heavy drinkers. In addition to having fewer heart attacks and strokes, moderate consumers of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine or distilled spirits or liquor) are generally less likely to suffer hypertension or high blood pressure, peripheral artery disease, Alzheimer's disease and the common cold. Sensible drinking also appears to be beneficial in reducing or preventing diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, bone fractures and osteoporosis, kidney stones, digestive ailments, stress and depression, poor cognition and memory, Parkinson's disease, hepatitis A, pancreatic cancer, macular degeneration (a major cause of blindness), angina pectoris, duodenal ulcer, erectile dysfunction, hearing loss, gallstones, liver disease and poor physical condition in elderly ("Alcohol and Health"; alcoholandhealth.html)

How awesome it is that modern knowledge tells us exactly what the bible has shown and told us for thousands of years.  Alcohol use is responsible for both BETTER health and happiness and WORSE health and depression.  It's responsible for both longer life and for premature death.  It all depends on the proper usage of the substance.  It's also true that those who use cannabis moderately live longer (two years average) than those who don't use it, IF those people do not smoke tobacco and are not alcohol abusers (Vera Ruben during her research from 1968-74 in Jamaica and Costa Rica).  

Even with my support of responsible alcohol use, I support cannabis far more, and I am angered by the liquor industry's use of funds to spread false information about this most useful plant.  (The Latin name Cannabis sativa literally means "cultivated fragrant cane," as sativa means "sown" or "cultivated.")

**The criminal "justice" system in the United States is not just in the least.  Let's see....

Every day my husband and I read through the news, and almost all we see is BAD news.  We see stories of children being brutally beaten and/or raped, sexually molested in every way imaginable.  Often these children are abused by their own parents.  We see stories of women being brutally beaten and/or raped.  We see the government bailing out super-rich criminals and waging war for petroleum and forced democracy (see my article on democracy) of other nations.  We see the sorcery companies releasing "studies" trying to cover themselves after REAL studies come out showing how dangerous their latest batches are.  We see them announcing the release of new batches of dangerous chemicals and statements of how it's "important" that such and such person ought to be taking those drugs.  We see more and more brutal murders.  We see news all the time of police officers abusing their power by attacking innocent citizens--tasering them, beating them, etc.  We see homeosexual "marriage" being legalized in one state after another.  (It's still not legal by the law that matters--our Creator's.)  We're even reading of more women killing their husbands.  The other day we read of a woman (in her late sixties) in our area who shot and killed her husband.  The reason, according to her?  She was tired of him bothering her, because he apparently wanted sex.  Didn't she know when she married him that he was going to want sex and probably a lot of it? 

The murders, rapes, kidnappings, and homeosexuality I speak of are not punished appropriately.  Life in prison?  Quite frankly, I don't think tax paying citizens should have to pay for the upkeep of cold-blooded murderers.  I'd  like to be able to use more of that money to take care of my family and properly rear my children not to be murderers when they grow up.  You know, it seems that as long as we keep these deeply wicked people alive and pay for their upkeep, then we'll continue to have the mothers of America work outside the home who wish they didn't have to and would rather be raising their children, so that their children don't grow up to be one of those deeply wicked people.  And also, while I'm at it, I think we also need to put a leash on these radical feminist women whose husbands make more than enough money so that they do not have to work and could stay at home with their children, but they don't, because they love money more than their children and hate self-sacrifice.  Whenever men and women in society stop self-sacrificing, society turns to child sacrifice.  This is the world in which we live now.  Murderers are to be put to death.  That's the appropriate thing, if he's an undisputed murderer.  That's defined as undeniable proof--two or three witnesses.  If someone on trial for murder can be PROVEN a murderer, put the person to death.  Do justice.  If there's no remorse in the person, then there's no reason to even consider keeping him alive.  A rapist.  Put the person to death.  The person is damned to die.  That's just the truth of the matter.  Do justice.  If there is no remorse, the person is to die.  Kidnapper.  Inexcusable.  Death penalty.  With remorse?  Maybe sell the person to another government as a servant or something.  But, if the person is evil and doesn't regret at all doing what he just did by kidnapping, then put the person to death!  WHY are we having to pay for this garbage?  Why are we having to pay to take care of unremorseful prisoners?  They should be condemned to die.  (I've done several things in my past that deserved the death penalty under God's law, and I understand that I am under grace because of my repentance. If I'd have not repented, there'd be no reason to keep me around, either.  And so it is with many others who have turned away from their wickedness.)

Oh...but THEN.  We have the other side of the coin.  Oh, yes, for sure we have many guilty people going unpunished, but there's also another side.  The INNOCENT are PUNISHED.  There are many who go to prison who are innocent of what they've done.  Sometimes the crime for which they've been convicted is truly a sin, but they didn't do it.  There are people in our prisons who went there WITHOUT witnesses.  AND there are some FALSE WITNESSES.   Of course, in our current day of advanced technology, we have MORE than just "eyewitnesses" and "character witnesses."  We have DNA evidence.  We have artificial eyes (cameras).  And so on.  We now have a serious problem.  Let me quote the following:

The advent of DNA testing, false eyewitness accounts of crimes, and coerced confessions

has awakened people to the reality that there are serious miscarriages of justice in the criminal

courts of America. False confessions in the Central Park jogger case … scandals in the Los

Angeles Police Department … the Illinois Supreme Court’s concluding in 1993 that within the

Chicago Police Department Commander Joe Burge and his men had carried out years of

“systematic torture” … the numerous cases of innocent people being freed from death row—one

would have to have lived in a vacuum not to be aware of problems in the American criminal

justice system. Still, with television shows such as CSI showing people the near-infallible ways

in which police determine who is guilty—and innumerable movies and television shows telling

us too many offenders get off on “technicalities”—most students continue to believe that the

system favors offenders over victims and miscarriages of justice are rare (Steve Bogira, Courtroom 302: A Year Behind the Scenes in an American Criminal Courthouse; bold emphasis mine).

If this isn't disturbing to you, then you probably need to go back and read that again and pay attention.  I do believe there is serious injustice in this nation.  The wicked are not being put to justice.  And the innocent are not being treated justly.  I live by my faith on a daily basis, because I live my life vastly differently than the general populous, which can sometimes get me in trouble.  I keep "strange" holy days, have "strange" health beliefs, do different daily activities than most, do not own many of the technological gadgets that others have, don't know anything about the television shows others watch (except that they're filth), have "strange" dietary practices, have differing educational practices for my children, differing healing practices, etc.  The fact of the matter is, though, truth isn't based on the numbers.  The majority is almost always wrong.  I'm not doing things strangely at all.  The majority is.  When majority rules, and if you're not in the majority, you're an endangered species.  (And this nation was NOT established as a democracy, yet people ignorantly think that we are one.) That's how I sometimes feel--like an endangered species.  So, indeed I live by my faith on a daily basis.  It's all I have in order not to slip to the majority's side due to fear of being wrongly punished in some way.  And it happens.  And I've had lots of trials to test my faith.  People are ignorant of the facts, though, so the majority always thinks the minority is wrong (and many minorities are).  It's simply not true.  It's just that the majority does not have all the facts, nor do they care to bother getting the facts.  Most people in our nation [and other nations] don't study anything.  Why, most don't ever even read any books!  They just go buy things, have sex, watch filth on tv, drink, smoke, eat, have non-edifying conversations, and play games.  That's what the majority of Americans [and other nations] do. 

People go to prison on rape charges and murder charges, when they are innocent.  False witnesses run rampant, including DNA evidence as a witness.  DNA doesn't always prove the person did something.  Anyone with sense should agree with this. Usually, the person who reports a murder is the first suspect!  And, it's a dangerous no-no to touch the person or the murder weapon, or you may be blamed! 

Then....there are times people are locked up or put to death for their innocence.  True, they may have broken some set of laws made up by man, BUT if those laws are not valid under God's law, then the lawbreaker is NOT guilty.  This very thing happened to our Savior.  He was labeled as a lawbreaker--a blasphemer, a glutton, a drunk, a sabbath breaker, an ally with demons, a rebel.  Some of these things were flat-out FALSE, and some of them were true ONLY according to man-made laws.  What matters is whether something is legal under God's law.  We as Christians are FREE and under God's authority only.  BUT, we are also not to resist man's governing authorities.  What this means is that we may be imprisoned or even killed for things we believe and do that contradict man's laws.  

Cannabis use is no different than anything else.  By far, most of the people convicted of possessing "marijuana" are delinquents, which is why they were such easy targets.  However, there are still many decent citizens who follow the nation's laws that are in line with God's.  They don't fight or kill anyone and don't steal.  Many of them don't commit sexually deviant acts.  As a matter of fact, of those I personally know who use cannabis and are decent people (I know several) and of those I know who do not use it and are decent people, for the most part, those who use it are much nicer, more peaceful, more easy-going, more joyful, and more intellectual.  Interestingly enough, these people are also much less likely to use any pharmaceutical drugs.  Some of them eat only organic or mostly organic food.  They are more caring and compassionate toward others.  They are more gentle, kinder, and more patient with young children.  Most of them [not all] tend to be more frugal with money and are more likely to reuse, recycle, and conserve things.  I have made these observations over time.  Oddly enough, some of these characteristics are fruits of the spirit--what children of God should possess:  gentleness, kindness, goodness, patience, peace, and joy.  And the biggest irony of it all is that the bible says, "Against such there is no law" (Gal. 5:23).  Something that promotes these attributes should not have such a law against it then.  The Drug Enforcement Administration's own top judge Francis L. Young ruled (1988) that, "Marijuana in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."  But, it's obvious Young's ruling has gone unheeded.

I've never heard about cannabis causing anyone to be violent.  It's true that someone can become angry while under the influence.  It doesn't take away one's emotions, but any anger tends to be much more controlled and slower coming.  And it's true that there are idiots who use it and do become violent, but that doesn't mean cannabis was responsible for their actions.  Alcohol, on the other hand, is well-known to cause violence in some people.   Yet, it's legal [as it should be] in the united States right now (it was illegal, too, for a short time in the past).  The Marijuana Tax Act was passed with the help of false claims that "marijuana" caused violence.  Yet, hypocritically, in the 1950s when they were trying to make it completely illegal (which they did successfully), the claim was exactly the opposite!!  They then started saying that "marijuana" caused people to be too peaceful.  All that peacemaking talk was a real problem for them, since they started shipping people off to Vietnam in a war.  Those who promoted peace and protested the war were made out to be the bad guys.  In 1961 the United Nations made it an international law to not legalize cannabis (or "marijuana" as they insist on calling it).  There's something that deeply bothers me about that.  Why would anyone internationally prohibit what is probably God's most useful plant on the face of the earth?  If it was up to me, cannabis would be planted all over the globe....but it's not up to me.

Let's look at some (a rather short list, really) facts.  A list of sources will be given at the end of the list:


**All archaeologists agree that cannabis was among the first crops that people deliberately cultivated "at least 6,000 years ago" and that it's the oldest cultivated fiber plant. 

**George Washington (1st US president) and Thomas Jefferson (3rd US president) both grew cannabis.  Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence on paper made from hemp.  The US Constitution was penned on hemp fiber.  Just about all paper back then was hemp paper, including all the bibles.   Benjamin Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper.  

**Hemp was used most often for sails.  It lasted much longer and better than flax sails.  MANY things on ships were made of hemp in addition to the sails and rope.  Research it.  You'll be amazed.  

**Henry Ford (1914) built a [biodegradable] plastic car made of fiber from hemp and wheat straw.  

**Hemp oil was the number one oil used for lamps until the 1800s, when it fell to second place after whale oil.  


**People have used cannabis as a recreational stimulant throughout history.  It has been a great help to writers and musicians (both good and bad).  Several great classic books have been written with the help of cannabis.  

**Until the late 1800s at least three fourths and possibly 90 percent of all paper in the world (books, bibles, maps, money, newspapers, etc.) was made from hemp.

**For at least 3,000 years prior to the mid-1800s cannabis was the most common REAL medicine in the world for the majority of mankind's illnesses.  It has also been used successfully for animals.

**From 70 to 90 percent of all rope, twine, and cordage was made fro hemp until 1937.  

**In the early American colonies, it was illegal for farmers NOT to plant cannabis.  Is it not ironic that people were legally bound to grow it back in a time where our nation exhibited great morality but in our modern grossly debased nation helicopters fly all over to hunt down cannabis so that they can eradicate it and hunt down those who planted it to lock them up and make them out to be evil?


**One acre of hemp can produce as much usable fiber as four acres of trees or two acres of cotton.

**It takes fifty to several hundred years for trees to mature to be cut down for paper.  Hemp can be cultivated in 100 to 120 days AND can still yield four times more paper over a period of 20 years.

**Hemp paper lasts longer and is stronger than wood paper.  It's also acid- and chlorine-free.  While wood paper can be recycled four times, hemp paper can be recycled seven times.  If the hemp paper process reported in 1916 in the U.S. were made legal now, it would replace at least 70 percent of all the wood paper products.  

**Particle board made from hemp is up to 2 times stronger than that made from wood, and it holds nails better.

**Hemp is softer, warmer, more water absorbent, three times stronger, and usually more durable than cotton. 

**Petroleum is made into around 6,000 products.  Hemp can replace all of them, and it can be used for nearly anything cotton and trees can.  There are more than 25,000 known uses for this plant.  It alone is more versatile than petroleum, cotton, and the Douglas fir [construction and most common christmas tree] combined.  So what if it can't be used for hanging decorative sexual symbols and lights each year at the heathen December 25 festival?  GOOD!  (The early colonies outlawed christmas observance and heavily encouraged hemp growing!  Boy, we've really changed.)  It can do everything else the three aforementioned things can, except better.  

**It makes great carpet without all the toxic chemicals that synthetic carpet has.  Hemp is also resistant to rot, mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

**The PVC pipes in our homes can be replaced using hemp cellulose.

**True canvas, which holds up longer and better for tarp, paintings, etc. is cannabis hemp.  Oil paintings on hemp and/or flax have remained in top condition for centuries.  Hemp holds up to heat, resists mildew and insects, and is not damaged by light.  Canvas is the Dutch word for cannabis.

**Hemp can be made into fire-resistant, thermal insulating, acoustic construction materials that could replace dry wall (yay!) and wood paneling. 

**An acre of hemp produces six to ten tons of bast fiber, which makes canvas, rope, linen, and ultra-thin papers for things like herbal rolling papers and bibles.  This amount of fiber is four times what an average forest yields (and remember, the trees take many, many years to grow). 

**An acre of hemp produces twenty-five tons of hemp hurd fiber, used to make paper, building materials, animal bedding, and more.

**Fabric made of at least one half hemp block the sun's UV rays much better than other fabrics.

Fuel, Asphalt, Plastic, Etc.

**It is THE PLANT that should be used for biomass.  It produces from four to 100 times the cellulose found in corn, kenaf, and sugar cane, which are the earth's plants with next-highest cellulose yields.  I've lost count how many articles I've seen written dismissing biomass fuels, but it's all based on corn!!  Why doesn't anyone care about using hemp?  Did God create and give us this plant that can do so much and has for thousands of years, just so that we can eradicate it as if it's the evil of the world?  Six percent of the continental U.S. planted with biomass crops would provide all of America's energy needs.  Hemp is the number one biomass crop and is capable of producing ten tons per acre in four months.   And if we were to adopt God's agricultural policy, we would get a much bigger yield per acre (not only for hemp but for anything planted).

**Hemp seed produces three times more oil per acre than the next most productive seed oil crops (over 300 gallons), leaving a byproduct of three tons of food (high protein hemp powder).  

**Hemp fuel burns cleanly and does not cause acid rain like petroleum-based fuels do.

**Hemp does not contribute to global warming, and quite the contrary, it can greatly help STOP it.

**Cannabis biomass production would still produce greenhouse gases, but the carbon dioxide would be absorbed by growing hemp, which are very effective absorbers, thriving at very high levels of CO2.  Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming, and at least 66 percent of these gases are caused by burning fossil fuel, deforestation, and fertilizers (petroleum-based snythetic).  

**One acre of hemp produces 1,000 gallons of methanol.   

**In addition hemp can be processed to make asphalt, pyrolitic oil, and tar pitch.  These would be less expensive than petroleum-based products, and they'd be earth- and people-friendly.  Hemp can also be processed to make biodegradable plastic.  Right now I use corn-based biodegradable trash bags.  One of the things I hate most is petroleum-based plastic.  It's just toxic junk!  It breaks and then gets thrown away where it does not decay anytime in the next century or several centuries (depending on the item). 

**Hemp oil used to be used to lubricate machinery, and it's reportedly the best.  

**Paints, varnishes, etc. used to be made out of hemp and flax oils.  Oh, if only they all were today! guess it...most are petroleum-based.

**It could produce energy while reducing air pollution by around eighty percent.


**An acre of hemp yields 8,000 pounds of hemp seeds.  These can be eaten, or they can be cold-pressed, which gives 300 gallons of hemp seed oil and 6,000 pounds of hemp flour.

**"Hemp seed was the world's number one wild and domestic bird seed until the 1937 Marijuana prohibition law.  For million pounds of hemp seed for songbirds were sold at retail in the U.S. in 1937.  Birds will pick hemp seeds out and eat the first from a pile of mixed seed.  Birds in the wild live longer and breed more with hemp seed in their diet, using the oil for the feathers and their overall health" (The Emperor).  I have had several people tell me that they notice wildlife--not only birds, but mammals--LOVE cannabis.  They eat it up like it's going out of style.  (Oh, yeah...that's because it has gone out of style.  How sad!)

**Hemp oil is high in gamma linoleic acid (GLA), which is a very rare nutrient that is also found in a woman's breast milk.  

**Quoting from my book Genetic Heavy Metal Toxicity:  "...lo and behold, it's God's miracle plant [cannabis] that is the single best source of EFAs [essential fatty acids] known to mankind.  It has the absolute highest EFA content, and though flax has slightly more Omega-3, hemp has the perfect ratio of the two EFAs" (pp. 166; emphasis added).

** "Hemp also contains ALL essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.  It's the only [known] plant that makes a complete protein in such an easily digestible form.  It's second only to soy in protein content, but soy is difficult to digest...not to mention most of it is genetically engineered and contains high amounts of estrogen.  I recommend avoiding soy in large amounts, and eat only organic sources" (ibid). 


** "Cannabis has anti-spasmodic, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, glucose-stabilizing, muscle relaxing, vasodilating, and slightly anti-hypertensive effects.  It also has pain-relieving, appetite-stimulating, and broncho-dilating effects, among others.  It's been used to help those with with Tourette's, autism, diabetes, Alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, depression, cancer, anorexia and bulimia, sleep apnea, and [more]...Instead [of using preventative measures and the healing of herbs] , Americans are consuming deadly toxic drugs.  People should be ashamed of drugging American children with dangerous "ADHD" and autism drugs and dangerous violence-causing anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.  Doctors should be ashamed of "treating" cancer patients with weapons of warfare--radiation and chemotherapy (mustard gas).  Shame on America" (ibid, 164).  I'd like to know how these hypocrites can sleep at night when they teach school children to "Say no to drugs," all while pushing dangerous drugs like Ritalin, Prozac, and Haldol on them.  Yet, an herb that promotes peace, creativity, and has never triggered violence or caused one single death over the last 6,000 years or so is evil?????  (What makes it evil is leaving it in the hands of criminal drug lords to sell.  Making it illegal to use or grow it has CAUSED evils.)

**Cannabis has been used for so many ills, too many to list here.  For a list of many of the medicinal uses, please visit

Sources:  The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer;;;;;; Genetic Heavy Metal Toxicity by Tara Lang Chapman

Cannabis in the Bible

During a deep investigation about cannabis last year, I discovered that it was one of the ingredients in the holy anointing oil (Exodus 30) and that it was mentioned a few other times in the OT, including the Song of Solomon.  Many translations, including the KJV record the translation of the Hebrew qaneh besm* as "sweet calamus."  Some translators chose a wiser translation and simply translated it as the exact meaning:  fragrant cane.  The exact meaning of cannabis is also "fragrant cane."  Is it a mere coincidence that qaneh besm not only looks and sounds etymologically like cannabis but also means the exact same thing?  I don't think so.  Traditional Hebrew has also referred to it as kanneh and kannabos.  

*Sometimes found written as qaneh bosm or kaneh bosm.  My Strong's dictionary has #7070 as qaneh and #1314 as besm. 

In the 1930s, Polish etymologist Sula Benet showed that cannabis had an origin in early Semitic languages like Hebrew.  It had been thought before that it had Scythian origin. Of course, those of us in the Church know that the Scythians' ancestors were the Israelites, so Benet's research is compatible with this.  

Those who have been brainwashed into having strong feelings against cannabis (due to miseducation) tend to ignore what seems to me like obvious etymological evidence.  But, there are some who would still insist strongly that qaneh besm is sweet calamus.  Well, I must say that I like to cover all ends, so I also investigated sweet calamus last year. What I found out was indeed quite a surprise!  I'd like to share it here.  Sweet calamus is a marsh plant.  It contains an active ingredient called aserone.  This metabolizes in a person's liver as trimethoxyamphetamine. The manufactured (synthetic) version (aka pharmaceutical copy) of aserone is ecstasy.  That's right--the "date rape" drug!  It's highly hallucinogenic and is extremely toxic in high doses.  Sweet calamus essential oil is banned from being sold in some countries (which doesn't make it right), and the Food and Drug Administration in the US considers sweet calamus "not safe for consumption."  

New Directions Aromatics, a seller of essential oils has this to say on their website:  

According to Ayurvedic tradition, Vacha is a 'sattvic' herb, which feeds and transmutes the sexual 'kundalini' energy. Calamus has been called called 'the closest thing to a sex stimulant that nature has to offer. Acorus calamus root was also used by the ancient Greeks and included in the traditional remedies of many other European cultures.

Cautions: Caution is advised on the use of this essential oil, since large doses can cause mild hallucinations. The essential oil in the roots of this plant contains the compound asarone. This has tranquillizing and antibiotic activity, but is also potentially toxic. Use well diluted and avoid during pregnancy (

I'm sure if you were alone with your spouse and wanted to use sweet calamus oil in a small diluted amount, by the sounds of it, you'd be all set to go!  But, strong undiluted amounts can cause serious hallucinations and even kidney failure and death.  In case you're wondering, God's instructions were to use over 7.6 pounds of qaneh besm in just under a gallon of olive oil.  (See a unit converter, such as  Shekel to pounds and hin to gallons.)  That much cannabis would have given the priests not only a nice smell (along with the myrrh, cinnamon, and cassia, too), but they would have had quite a spiritual high going.  I'm not sure what that much calamus would do, but after reading about safe dosages (and some say there is no safe dosage of calamus), my hypothesis is that it would be extremely detrimental.  Hallucinations, kidney failure, and death aside, we're talking about an oil for the tabernacle and the priests, not an oil for heathen temple prostitutes!  (My purpose here is not to debate whether it's okay to use calamus in its natural form at a safe level and for the right circumstances but to point out what calamus is and what drug is manufactured in synthetic form modeled after its active ingredient, as well as to point out the insanity of thinking the Levitical priesthood was doused in a high concentration of calamus.)

There is strong evidence to suggest that the Levitical priests were working around high voltage and radiation.  It is not the scope of this article to go into detail about that, but the priests were instructed to behave in the same manner people do in our modern day of advanced technology when they are working around radiation as to prevent contamination, including cancerous tumors and radiation sickness.  And the bible specifically talks of people getting tumors (emerods) when mishandling the ark of the covenant.  Now, just a few months after learning about all that, I just this week came across something very exciting about cannabis.  

I quote the following, with all emphasis mine:

"Whether or not seeds continue to be available through mail-order, Americans will be needing more pot than ever. Aside from its potent stress relief qualities, and the possibility that being high can help you perceive past the lies coming out of your TV set, a goodly stash of marijuana should also be a top priority for anyone creating their Armageddon Survival Kit. The medicinal benefits of cannabis include protection against nerve gas, radiation sickness, and cancerous tumors. Cannabis is even a common folk remedy for anthrax!

Anthrax is an infectious disease caused by the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax is also known as "woolsorters' disease" because most anthrax infections occur from having a cut on the skin while handling contaminated wool.

Cannabis has been used as a traditional remedy for anthrax in Africa and other regions. In the mid-1800's, Dr William O'Shaughnessy helped introduce marijuana medicines to western culture. He used cannabis extracts to successfully treat anthrax, as well as palsy, blood poisoning, parasites, and numerous other conditions.

These references are likely to using cannabis externally, as a poultice or ointment placed over infected skin. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of cannabis are well documented, so that it has been used to treat anthrax should come as no surprise.

Whether direct application of cannabinoids to the lungs by smoking a joint can help with the more severe effects of inhaled Bacillus anthracis has not been studied, but having a steady amount of THC flowing through your system at all times can also provide a measure of protection against brain damage from nerve gas and chemical attacks.  (Which is what would occur if anointed with oil containing cannabis resin.  ~Tara)

US military tests have shown that rats given synthetic cannabinoids were about 70% less likely to suffer brain damage after being exposed to a variety of nerve gases, including sarin. The cannabinoids worked both as a preventative measure and as an antidote, so keep a few phatties ready for emergencies! Other research shows the efficacy of synthetic cannabinoids against brain damage from head injury and strokes.  (How much better would the real deal [non-synthetic] be?  ~Tara)

In these trying times some worry about radiation exposure, perhaps from a nuclear weapon or terrorist attack against a nuclear power plant. Exposure to high levels of radiation causes symptoms including nausea and cancerous tumours. Cannabis' effect on reducing severe nausea is well-known, lesser known is the ability of cannabinoids to destroy cancerous tumours.

In 1974, the US National Institute of Health commissioned researchers at the Medical College of Virginia to find evidence that marijuana harms the immune system. Instead they found that THC slowed the growth of lung and breast cancers, and of a virus-induced leukemia. Their results were hushed up by the US government, and no further research was allowed. However, the March 2000 issue of Nature Medicine contained a study from researchers in Madrid, who had destroyed previously incurable brain cancer tumors in rats by injecting them with THC. 

The healing powers of cannabis are not limited to humans. This miraculous plant also has the potential to help clean the earth from toxins. Fields of cannabis are being grown in radioactive soil around Chernobyl by the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in partnership with a US company called Phytotech.

Phytotech specializes in using plants to clean up polluted sites, a process called phytoremediation. Cannabis is excellent at breaking down organic pollutants and removing metal and radioactive contaminants from the soil. Phytotech representatives have said that 'hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find.'

The amazing healing powers of cannabis are needed on this Earth more than ever before. If world governments were serious about protecting the health and safety of their citizens, they would encourage all people to have a sizable garden of high-potency pot growing for its multitude of beneficial uses. Perhaps the US government's World War II plea for farmers to "grow hemp for victory" could be changed to a modern call to "grow pot for peace." (Dana Larsen, "Marijuana and the New World Order; 

 Note:  The Marijuana Tax Act was passed in 1937, but Germany didn't declare war on the U.S. until 1941.  During that time, the US started a campaign "Grow Hemp for Victory" and showed farmers an educational video about hemp to highly encourage them to grow as much as possible for the war, since they had such a shortage (what should have been a classic "Oops, maybe we shouldn't have made it illegal. Let's repent of this evil we have done," but unfortunately they just grew hemp during the years of the war).  ~Tara~

"Wow" is all I can say.  IF the priests were indeed working around highly radioactive materials, then they would have been protected, because they would have had a "steady amount of THC flowing through [their] system[s]."  

The priests were to "bear the iniquity" of the tabernacle.  The bible records several instances of people dying from tumors, a description of what sounds like radiation sickness, and possibly high-voltage electrocution when mishandling things, such as the ark of the covenant.  

Folks, do you ever wonder what being around all these radio waves, electricity, and other strange high-technology things is doing to us?  There is evidence that cellular phones, microwaves, radio waves, electricity, etc. is not doing us any good and is even causing cancers in people.  I don't think our physical bodies are made to handle these kinds of things, so as an aside, I'd suggest limiting being around these things and doing some research on things you can do to protect your bodies from these things.   Mortals and highly-advanced technology don't jive well.

The protection cannabis gives against radiation also may explain why tobacco smokers who use cannabis have lower incidences of lung cancer than tobacco users who do not use cannabis, as I stated previously.  A person who smokes a pack and a half of tobacco cigarettes a day is getting the same dose of radioactive mrem (8,000) that 300 chest x-rays deliver (Winters, T.H., Franza, J.R. "Radioactivity in Cigarette Smoke," NEJM. 306(6): 364-365. 1982.)  Another study found that it came out to twice that at 16,000 mrem of radiation. (NCRP Report #95. "Radiation Exposure of the U.S. population from consumer products and miscellaneous sources," National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement; Dec 30, 1987.)  Tobacco has radioactive tar, but cannabis does not.  Cannabis instead protects against radiation.  I think those who are smoking cigarettes that have additives are gambling even more.

Cannabis has been burned/smoked as a religious and recreational incense all throughout history.  So it may be that it was used in the prayer life of God's faithful in biblical times.  The holy incense did not contain cannabis, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't used by others.  The exact recipes of both the holy anointing oil and the incense are not to be made by anyone else or used by anyone else, and the penalty for transgression is the death penalty.  One of the ingredients of the holy incense, as well as the most popular named incense in the scriptures was a different psychoactive substance:  frankincense.  Whereas cannabis resin comes from the mature buds of cannabis sativa, frankincense is resin from the boswellia plant.  

The mainstream news has come out with many articles this year (2008) discussing a study(ies) about how incense is linked to a risk in lung cancer.  I think there have been more than one study.  I haven't actually looked at the actual studies, but I do know one of the studies concerned--at least as part of the group--children who were altar boys (I think that's what they call them) at Catholic churches who were around a lot of incense.   I'm not sure what other studies were done, but adults are in a different category than children, and perhaps it's not good for children to be around as much smoke as adults.  Their lungs are not fully developed.  People don't typically give alcohol to children for recreational use.  Some may give them small amounts medicinally,  usually in tinctures.  But, for every day, regular, or even occasional drinking for recreational use (like with meals or social get-togethers--as in family/friends sitting around talking and laughing or "making merry" as the bible puts it).  There are a lot of things children do not do that adults do.  For example, they don't drink alcohol recreationally, they don't have sex, and perhaps they ought not to do spiritual or social smoking (burning and inhaling incense), either.  Now, there may have been some other studies concerned adults getting cancer from incense, too.  I haven't looked deeply into this issue.  But, one thing of which I'm sure, because I trust what the bible says, is that these people having a higher risk of cancer are doing something wrong.  It may be that they're smoking/burning too much.  That can be compared to a person drinking too much alcohol on a daily basis--not necessarily getting smashing drunk, but just a chronic long-term abuser.  Chronic over-drinkers have higher risk of problems, such as liver problems.  Chronic overs-smokers may naturally have a higher risk of lung cancer.   This shouldn't take a genius to figure out.  People just need to be sensible about things.  It could be that the people studied were inhaling synthetic incense.  I don't believe synthetics should be ingested--whether by lungs, skin, mouth, or whatever else.  This is very difficult to achieve in the current age in which we live.  It's very horrid.  But, a person should make every effort to avoid ingesting synthetics. 

God was our Designer.  He made us to be compatible with the things HE created (He was the artificer and scientist).  Man is a lot like God.  He was made in God's image.  Man is also an artificer and scientist.  But, man is currently changing the chemical structure of things and then expecting us all to eat, drink, breathe, smoke, and massage these things into our bodies.  I have to repeat that.  Man is changing the chemical structure of things, and he's isolating and mixing substances--adulterating things--and making synthetic copies, and he expects these things to be compatible with our bodies and that of the earth!  They are NOT compatible.  This is carrying over into many different branches of science. For example genetics is being toyed with heavily.  People are crossing things that ought not to be crossed, inserting genes that shouldn't be inserted, cloning things in labs that ought not to be, and so on.   Men are choosing the wrong fruit from all these branches of knowledge.  Man has continued to make the choice of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil....and then after obtaining the knowledge, he chooses the evil option.  It's not the KNOWLEDGE itself that is bad, but it's EATING the bad fruit after obtaining the knowledge.  

Quoting Francis Collins, director of Natural Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institute of Health: "Science provides knowledge.  Knowledge doesn't have moral value, it's not good or evil, it's just information. It's what you decide to do with it that carries benefits or harms. Scientists are extremely excited right now about the ability to push this envelope faster than we ever have. But society has to get engaged as well, to figure out what are the right balances here between benefits and risks so that ultimately we do the most good" (emphasis mine). 

I used this quote, because it's true what he says, but I just quoted a fellow that is NOT making the right--the good--decisions with the knowledge he's obtaining.  Now, maybe he honestly thinks he is (or maybe not, I do not know), but he's greatly deceived and is deceiving others.  Collins studies genetics, and quite frankly, I don't agree with his ideas of what is good.  

What we should be doing is trusting God, and whatever He says is a law, we'd be wise and child-like if we just TRUSTED and OBEYED.  But, people eat the bad fruit from these branches of knowledge (fields of science).  IF the whole world would suddenly start keeping God's law and trusting in His grace, then we wouldn't need to study a lot of the things we are!   My POINT is there's no need to do all these "studies."  If it's not based on the TRUTH, then the results of the study are useless.  And, I would be willing to wager that all or nearly all of the people studied were not keeping God's law.  SO, there may be no telling why they have a higher risk of lung cancer.

But, for some reason, incense such as frankincense, is being linked to higher rates of lung cancer.  Ironically, though, frankincense is apparently good medicinally for a number of things, including killing cancer!!  Would you believe that researchers are tickled pink, because with this information, pharmaceutical companies are now talking about producing a synthetic chemical based on the active ingredient(s) in frankincense so that they can market it to people and increase their wealth all the more?!

According to Dr. Avraham Shemesh, of the Ariel University Center of Samaria, frankincense is meant to have a psychological effect (Ran Shapira, "Incense on the Brain,"  

Frankincense was often put in wine to give to convicts before their executions--the wine to drunken them and the frankincense to take away their worry (ibid.)

The head of the research team, Prof. Esther Fride of Ariel University Center, says that when research began, it was known that frankincense has some anti-inflammatory qualities. Under the guidance of Prof. Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University, Moussaieff had already identified the ` biochemical mechanism responsible for this activity.

Fride and her colleagues attempted to back up the hypothesis regarding the substance's (incensole acetate) anti-inflammatory qualities in animals. When incensole acetate was given to mice, it did have an anti-inflammatory effect; at the same time, it also significantly improved their mood. "We saw that the frankincense gave the mice a high," says Fride, whose lab also researches the therapeutic use of cannabis.

After discovering frankincense's impact on mice, the researchers began looking into whether it acts as an anti-depressant or anxiety-suppressant in mice. It was indeed found to act in such a manner, but it works using a mechanism that was unknown until now. "There are many plants that contain ingredients with a psychoactive effect," Fride says. "There are opiate plants and there are plants that affect dopamine, serotonin and similar substances that regulate the brain's activity. The substances in these plants work using special receptors. It turns out that the active component in frankincense acts via a receptor that is hardly known in brain science. What is known is that this receptor, known as TRPV3, is found in nerves located beneath the skin and responds to a sensation of warmth" (ibid.)

"Frankincense is a botanical oil distillate made from fermented plants that contains boswellic acid, a component known to have anti-neoplastic properties.

During a recent presentation before a regional meeting of the American Cancer Society in Roanoke, Va., Robertson -- director of the college's Center for Comparative Oncology -- said he's found the oil has fairly selective anti-tumor activity and doesn't appear to disrupt normal cells" ("Study: Frankincense May Fight Some Cancers,"

People have enjoyed burning incense and inhaling the smoke all through history.  God enjoys it, too.  Incense has been offered to God, just as other things have been offered to him.  Heathen religions have also burnt incense for their false gods and for recreation and for their prayer life.  Today, there are numerous ways herbs can be burned and inhaled.  There are incense burners, incense sticks, pipes, rolling papers, and more.  There are also many different herbs available for burning.  They all have their unique psychoactive properties.  Some people grow and pick their own herbs.  Some people buy from others.  Some risk persecution from their governments to use the herbs of their choice for teas, tinctures, oils/ointments, vapors and incense.  God does not prohibit smoking/incense burning any more than he prohibits drinking alcoholic beverages or eating psychoactive substances (like cacao, one of my favorites).  It's the WAY they're used.  It's about using safe options and using them in moderation.  He doesn't prohibit eating meat, either, but did you know that meat-eating is linked to cancer?  Some people eat too much meat.  Some people eat prohibited meats.  Some people even die from drinking too much water!  (This is known as polydipsia.)

It's clear to me that God does not prohibit burning herbs and inhaling the smoke to enjoy both the wonderful fragrance and the psychoactive properties, just like some people enjoy the psychoactive properties of alcohol.  Herbs can also be eaten or the resins taken into oil to put on the body.  Different methods of ingestion have slightly differing results (due to being metabolized differently--anointing and eating causes things to be metabolized by the liver, whereas breathing vapor or smoke through the lungs does not).   

If we investigated the carcinogenic ingredients in everything and avoided them all, we'd probably starve and suffocate!  Just because things have carcinogenic ingredients doesn't mean we're going to get cancer.  God has other ingredients to offset the carcinogenic ingredients.  For example, roasted coffee has 800 unstable chemicals.  Only 21 of these have been tested on rodents, and of those, 16 were carcinogenic.  But, we've never considered coffee to be a great cancer risk, have we?  If a person doesn't abuse coffee (and many do), then there's nothing wrong with the effects of coffee, and there are actually health benefits if used in moderation (personally, I do not like coffee, but there's nothing wrong with it for those who do like it).  (Ames, B.N., Gold, L.S. "Too many rodent carcinogens: Mitogenesis increases mutagenesis," Science. Vol 149. Pg. 971. 1990)

"[Archaeologists' diggings at the primeval Hebrew civilization sites also prove that they used marijuana as a therapy during childbirth long before the birth of Jesus Christ" (

What about hemp?  Is hemp fabric mentioned in the bible?

Quoting from John Hutton Balfour's book The Plants of the Bible:

"Thy raiment was of fine linen." — Ezra. xvi. 13.  Hebrew word shesh or sheshi, translated "fine linen," occurs, according to Royle, twenty-

eight times in Exodus, once in Genesis, once in Proverbs, and three times in Ezekiel. This fine linen was spun by women, as mentioned in

Exodus xxxv. 25, where it is said, " All the women that were wise hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, and of fine linen." Ezekiel says of Tyrus, "Fine linen with broidered work from Egypt was that which thou spreadest forth to be thy sail " (Ezek. xxvii.7). The material of which this fine linen was wrought is considered by many to have been the produce of the hemp plant. This is rendered probable also by the similarity between shesh and the Arabic word haschesch, which is applied to hemp....

...It seems likely that the hemp plant was cultivated in Egypt in ancient times as well as the flax plant ; but accurate information on  the subject is still wanting. The Hebrew word bad is also translated " linen." Thus it occurs in Exodus xxxix. 28, where it is said that they made for Aaron and his sons " a mitre of fine linen, and goodly bonnets of fine linen, and linen breeches of fine twined linen."The Hebrew word butz or buz is also translated " fine linen" and "white linen," as in 1 Chronicles iv. 21;Esther i. 6 ; Ezekiel xxvii. 16, etc. In the New Testament the Greek word byssus is translated "fine linen,"as in Luke xvi. 19 ; Rev. xviii 12, 16, and xix. 8, 14 (pp 162-64)

Linen usually refers to flax, which is why flax seeds are also known as linseeds.  But, hemp and jute have also been referred to as linen throughout history.  There are several Hebrew words which have been translated to the English "linen."  I find the word shesh interesting, because as Balfour stated, it bears a close resemblance to the Arabic word for hemp--haschesch.  This is seen today in English as hashish when referring to cannabis resin.  

More About Cannabis

I've heard and read so many times that "hemp and marijuana are cousins" or "hemp and marijuana aren't the same, but they're related" and similar comments.  This is a very common belief that is NOT true, and it's based on people's ignorance.  I once thought the same thing, until I did adequate research on my own and stopped taking people's word for it.  

Cannabis sativa is a very interesting plant.  While most plants are monoecious, cannabis falls into a category which includes only four percent of all the plants in the world.  Cannabis is dioecious, which means the male and female parts of the plant are not on the same plant.  Cannabis has a male plant and a female plant.  In order for a female to be fertilized and produce seed, a male must be nearby.  Other plants like this include date palms, Indian olives, desert olives, and hops.  Hops is what is used to flavor beer and is the only other genus in the Cannabaceae family with cannabis.  

What's more interesting to me is that it's the male cannabis plant that produces the best hemp, which is used to build things, clothe people, and provide paper for written knowledge to instruct people.  These are all characteristics that a man should have.  A man provides for his family and instructs his children.  The female cannabis plant provides the healing flowers and leaves and provides the nutritious seeds. These are characteristics a woman should have.  A woman nourishes and nurses/nurtures (heals).  

Cannabis sativa is a beautiful and hearty plant.  It is hard to kill.  It really is amazing.  Cannabis sativa is divided in subspecies with the two most common being named Cannabis sativa sativa and Cannabis sativa indica.  Cannabis usually has seven leaves (sometimes five, sometimes nine, rarely more).  

The roots are very deep and grow very quickly.  They draw up sub-soil nutrients, and when the leaves fall to the ground, they return these nutrients to the top soil for the next crop.  How awesome!  I just love this fantastic plant that God gave to us!

There is so much more I'd love to share about this plant, but my object is not to write a book on it.  Do the research yourself.  

Personally, I have a long history with this plant.  I've both loved it and hated it, but the only times I've hated it was when I was misinformed and brainwashed.  The first time I used cannabis was at the age of 15 and 16, and I only used it a handful of times then, It was nearly a decade before I used it medicinally or recreationally again (though I started using the seeds and other food items a year or two before that).  I could never figure out what was so bad about it.  It just put me in a good mood.  I used it a few times before going to school, and boy did that ever make the day better.  I was always an honor student, with nearly all As throughout school.  Cannabis didn't negatively affect me at all.  The reason, I believe, that the statistics show that "most teens" who smoke "marijuana" are depressed and/or do poorly in school is that firstly, they were that way before they ever smoked it.  This has even been demonstrated by studies.  In addition, cannabis is illegal by the US government, so the lawless type are going to be more likely to break their laws, regardless of whether it's a valid law.  I was never the trouble-maker type, and as I said I was an honor student and graduated high school that way with academic scholarships.  I also know of others who were also not trouble-makers and who made good grades who burned cannabis either occasionally or daily.  Though I've always loved learning, I hated going to school.  Public schools (and even the private school that I attended for a short time) were not fun at all.  They're more like prisons.  It's not a healthful system at all.  The days I smoked cannabis before going were the brightest mornings.  Some people claim that cannabis makes people stupid, but more often than not it will increase a person's creativity and innovative ability.  Using it during prayer and bible study only has the tendency of enhancing and clarifying things.  It gives a person a spiritual high.  For the life of me, I don't understand how people have sat by and let this plant be kept illegal.  I guess it happened in the same way people have allowed abominations like abortion, homeosexuality, and rampant adultery. And another thing, it doesn't take but a couple of drinks of beer or wine for me to feel as if my motor skills are not all there, but the times I've had a lot of cannabis, I can still do everything just as well as if I hadn't had anything!  Some people do things much better than if they were not under the influence!  I can say it 100 times:  It does not make sense to me that alcohol is fine and dandy but cannabis isn't!

I use hemp in many ways every day of my life.  Some of the things I own and use in my home:  clothes, purse, grocery bags, produce bags, hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp bread, paper, hemp milk, and more.  I used to use hemp shampoo.  I use a lot of hemp seeds in food.  I love my comfortable clothes.  And the grocery bags are GREAT!  They can hold so much weight without even threatening to give.  I went into Wal-mart one day to buy a few reams of computer paper and some other things.  I had only taken one bag in, and I held it open for the clerk, and she looked at me and said she didn't think that one bag was going to hold everything and that maybe it would break.  (I was thinking, "Oh, yeah, well watch this.")  I packed it full, and the load was heavy.  I lifted it, and it didn't even sag.  It came up and lifted everything effortlessly.  The lady just stared with her mouth open.  She said, "Where did you get that?"  (I got it at my natural foods co-op.)  I'm very thankful to have my bags.  And I don't just use them just for groceries.

I strongly urge anyone who reads this to make your best effort to boycott petroleum-derived products and poisoned, genetically engineered cotton.  Buy hemp foods and fibers.  You can't go wrong.  I don't encourage anyone to break a man-made law by using cannabis flowers, but nor do I discourage it.  That risk is up to each individual.  However, nothing is stopping anyone from using their money to buy hemp-derived products rather than petroleum-derived.  The oil companies are rich, and the planet is being destroyed, because we give them our money.  Choose LIFE.  Petroleum=death.  Hemp=life.  And lastly, there are plenty of herbs that are legal to use as incense, and nothing is stopping you from using those. It's obvious to me why people have commonly burned psycoactive resinous herbs and bark resins, such as cannabis and frankincense during prayer and meditation.  I've experienced it myself. Why do more modern Israelites not do this?  Is it because we live in such an anti-smoking society, where only tobacco is prevalent (except cannabis is, but in secret) and everyone knows tobacco is toxic?  You don't have to risk arrest.  So far, frankincense and other incense are readily available.  You can usually find some at a natural food store and always on the Internet.  (Another thing that makes me terribly angry is that there are herbs that are legal in the U.S. and really ought not to be used, and yet cannabis is banned.  WHAT is the deal?  By now, you should see that it's all about protecting the profits of the ultra-rich destroyers of the earth and nothing else.)

In closing, a quote from another:

"Prohibiting the cultivation of this ancient plant, the most productive source of fiber, oil, and protein on our planet, is evil.  In its place we have industries that give us processes and products that have led to unprecedented ecological crisis and worldwide destruction of the biological heritage that we should bequeath to our children, grandchildren, and future generations...Restore hemp!...The most resourceful crop on earth, cannabis yields industrial hemp for canvas, oil, fiber, and paper among other things; a harmless medicine for gravely ill individuals; and a source of recreation for millions of people around the world" (; emphasis mine).

A list of just some of the things hemp can make with pictures included:

A very moving song by a talented young man singing and playing his guitar:

(Note:  I do NOT endorse the fellow's beliefs concerning false gods, statues and other images.  But, the man's heart means well, and I pray that God may open his eyes to the truth.  I love his passion, and other than the aforementioned part, I love his song.)

Yes, indeed, it's no wonder why some people nickname cannabis as the "tree of life."  On a physical level, it is a tree of life.

His comment on his wanting to leave his children a better world than his ancestors left him reminds me of the scripture in the bible prophesying that the Gentiles would say, "Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit."  We in Israel (US) have also inherited lies, and one of them happens to be that Cannabis sativa is somehow an evil plant. 

I had to set the record straight, as it has become clearer every day that no other child of God is doing so.  Maybe it's because no one else realizes it.  But, now I've done it.  I've done my job, because I know and I've seen.  I've now reported.  I've warned people of the truth on this subject so that there's now no excuse to be ignorant of these things any longer.  We shouldn't be supporting the rulers of this earth and their destruction of it and its people, but instead FREE ourselves of it and support life and sustainability GOD'S WAY, BY HIS LAWS, including the SPIRIT of the law for the Children of God and not just the letter.  WE need to ASK OURSELVES whether we are living the BEST way we possibly can in HARMONY with things and in PEACE with the earth and all the inhabitants thereof, ACCORDING TO GOD'S LAW.

God's law is EVIDENCED in the earth and its inhabitants.  It's EVIDENCED.  Just study it, and compare it to the teachings in the bible.  

Peace to you.


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