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End Time Church of God Articles
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Kingdom of God

Good News!!

How to Have Eternal Life in God's Family

Heirs of the Kingdom

Nominees and Elections

Family of God/Christian Living

A Father and His Firstborn

Grace, Obedience, Punishment, and Rewards

Firstborn Intercession: Persuade Parent(s) to Punish or Forgive

Grow in Grace and Knowledge: What This Means

Names of God

Law and Grace

God Does Know Our Hearts

Motivated to Obey

What is True Liberty/Freedom?

"Stop Trampling On My Grace!"

Mark of the Beast: What's the Biblical Answer?

Familial and National Curses

Go Not to the Right Nor the Left

Moral Absolutes or No: Why Both Extreme Views are Erroneous

Carnal Covenant--Old Covenant Physical Ordinances

To the Paul Rejectors: Jesus and Paul Were at One

Lovers and Haters, the Good and the Evil

United States Law: Its Failure and Errors


Heathen Doctrines Squashed

Blessed Trinity? Is God Triune?

Spiritual Abortion--Once Saved, Always Saved?

Immortal Soul/Spirit? The Bible Rejects This False Heathen Doctrine

The Son of God or the Sun of God: Which Christ Do You Worship?

Tree of Life: Symbolic Representation or Object of Worship?

The Truths of Heathenism and How Satan Uses These to Deceive


God's Feasts and Holy Days

Which Day is the Christian Sabbath?

Have the Feasts Been Done Away? A Rebuttal Proving that the Feasts of God Have Not Been Done Away

Naughty or Nice? Someone is Coming to Town? Christ or Santa? Christmas or Feast of Trumpets?

How God's Feasts Outline the Plan of Salvation

Three Main Event Anniversaries: Birth, Marriage, and Death

Child Sacrifice and Abuse

What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?

The Link Between Christmas and Abortion They Go Hand-in-Hand

Science and Technology of God and Man


False Prophet Alerts

Is The Way Home or Face the Fire the "Little Book" John Wrote About in Revelation 10?

Christ's Return in 2017?

Is The Davidic Covenant Genetic Code to Immortality the "Little Book" of Revelation 10?

Environmental Issues

Our Relationship with the Earth

The Truth About a Much-Hated Plant

A Rebuttal to Someone Who Denies Climate Change

Setting the Record Straight on "Global Warming" (Climate Change)

Creation or Evolution

Is Man Evolving?