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This contains the archived articles of endtimecog.net.  Due to overwhelming evidence, I am now an atheist.  I do not know whether there is a god, but if there is one it/he/she does not care, or rather god is a pantheistic existence.  I do not believe in a personal god.  Since the several months I came out publicly of my apostasy, which occurred two months after in-depth several-hours-a-day research and meditation, everything is just the same as always, with my second voice still functioning quite nicely in my mind.  I realize it was never any god in heaven but my second voice that all persons have as they work things out in their minds.  Also numerous things have occurred that I would have thought before was God leading me, and now I know that's just the way it is for everyone.  It only seems to people to be more than coincidence happening.  These archives and my book on the Ten Commandments, as well as my Growing in Grace and Knowledge blog serve as evidence that I truly was a Christian who believed in all those things.  And if people could further see my years of prayer journal entries, they'd surely also know how deep and true my prayer life was.  It's common for people to say of former Christians, "Well, he was never really a true Christian," because of their faulty belief that people would never turn away for any reason.

I'm the same person I always was, and my morality was never derived from the bible.  I realize now more than ever that my morality always exceeded the bible and certainly exceeds that of the god of Abraham.  It was very eye-opening to find out who my true friends were upon my coming out, those people who were never truly good in their hearts, who wasted my time all these years pretending to love me, but really they were friends with me only due to my belief in a specific god, something I'd never use as my main (much less sole) basis for forming friendships.  Indeed, many "Christians" are hateful at heart, whereas many other people in this world are good and loving.  There were some friends who cut me off without being openly hateful, but the two who were hateful had shown signs of their true nature over the years.  The ones (except for one) who were always the kindest at heart are still my friends and love me the exact same way they always have and still consider me their sister in humanity.  One friend even cared enough to research and meditate on things herself rather than prejudge, and she subsequently also broke away from the bible god.  The one who disappointed me and broke my heart enormously told me she didn't intend on researching but then cut me off, anyway.  I'm hoping I'll eventually heal over that, because it hurts worse than the two hateful individuals.  I loved her deeply.

I had to admit I was part of a cult.  That's the only reason that the better-hearted ones who cut me off did so, because they are enslaved to a cult mindset.  The way I was treated only further confirms, that not only is the bible not the word of God, but it is also the source of some very evil fruit.  The bible christ prayed to his god that all who followed him would be one so that the world would know they were one and that God had sent him.  Either that god did not answer that prayer, or that god doesn't even exist.  After the treatment I received, I'd be sure never to be a part of that system again, even if it did turn out true despite all the evidence to the contrary.  I always constructed God as a God of love and peace and harmony, but that is not the way it truly is.  I had always believed in a different god than the others had, it's now apparent.  I do not want any part of that wicked religion, and the biggest irony of it all is that they believe they're going to help the Messiah reign on earth in a kingdom of peace, but they do not even know how to bring the world together as one.  They failed to even treat a good-hearted person whom they knew with peace, love, and harmony.  Good luck convincing others.  

If you want to know my story, stay tuned for my upcoming book.  You can also follow me on my new blog at truthsearching.com.

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