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07/28/2020 - More Updates
I updated the base code to the website, added some new CSS coding, and I am beginning to create actual content for the site. I will admit, this has become a fun little side hobby, that I intend to continue, along with my obsession with LaunchBox.

I also recently finish a year and a half long RetroPie project, so I'm proud of myself for that!
07/21/2020 - Website Updates Ramblings
I have added the About Me section of this site, it says a little about myself, though I may update it at a later time. I have been thinking of uploading stuff that I find cool for others to download and enjoy, and post reviews and documentation on retro computing and gaming. I'm presently working on setting up a spare laptop I have to run Arch Linux to dedicate to the programming of this website. Maybe I should add a Linux section too... review systems? The future will tell I suppose!
07/14/2020 - New Website!
It's been a while since I coded a site, and I am excited to code, and share my knowledge and reviews on things that interest me! I love technology, music and video games, so expect a lot of my content to be based around these topics. The page is presently under construction, so please standby as I design the layout and squash the bugs of this site!