Hi Samantha 

Re: Account: A-3B56D1F5

The question is, why am I being charged twice for the same period???
This is from the bill I received in the email:

These are the payments I have made dating back a couple of years. They're all about 3-4 months apart.

The last amount $783.30 was due on Nov 7 and was paid on that date, although it didn't appear on your records until Nov 8.

So can you please explain why you have sent me another invoice for another $852, due on Nov 17???
Surely that would be due somewhere around January?
Is it because you are now charging closer to the end of the billing period date, instead of a couple months later, as you used to do.  If so, you haven't explained it.

I've been an Origin customer for nearly 25 years.
If you don't have a good explanation for this, I guarantee you I won't be much longer.

Keith Walters

On Fri, 10 Nov 2023, 3:39 pm Origin, <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Keith,

Feedback: You appear to have charged be twice for the last billing period.
All my payments have been made this year, and I just paid the last bill (About $750) yesterday. But now you've sent me another bill starting on the same date as the last one, but going a bit longer, for over $800. For the time period shown, the $800+ amount is probably correct, but it looks like the amount I just paid should be deducted from that.
The woman I spoke to just gave me nonsensical answers.

Account: A-3B56D1F5

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

We want you to feel comfortable sharing good or bad news and i'm sorry that your experience fell short of expectations.

I can see you spoke with Menchu on the 7th Nov 2023 and you have received 2 bills together which is why it does seem higher then normal.

The break down of your account is as follows:

      31st Jan 2023 invoice issued for the period 21st Oct 2022 - 26th Jan 2023 in the amount of $772.33.

      17th Feb 2023 payment received in the amount of $772.33. Bringing the balance down to $0.00.

      8th Jun 2023 invoice issued for the period 27th Jan 2023 - 27th Apr 2023 for the amount of $756.71.

      29th Jun 2023 payment received in the amount of $756.71 Bringing the balance down to $0.00.

      18th Oct 2023 invoice issued for the period 28th Apr 2023 - 27th Jul 2023 for the amount of $783.30

      30th Oct 2023 invoice issued for the period 28th Jul 2023 - 27th Oct 2023 for the amount of $851.13.

      With both invoices issued the total balance owing is $1,634.43.

      I can confirm $783.30 is due on the 7th Nov 2023 and $851.13 is due on the 17th Nov 2023.

I definitely understand how inconvenient 2 invoices being sent so close together can be, due to this I have put a deferral on your account until the 1st Dec 2023.

If you need a payment plan, longer extension or to hear about our government assistance. Please let me know before the above mentioned due date, and I will be more then happy to assist.

Please accept my sincere apologises due to the delayed invoice.

Kind regards,


Customer Operations Lead