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24 de Agosto de 2002

Irma Grese
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Irma Grese

Irma Grese was one of the most notorious women in the party Nazi, those criminals of war. She was one of, a relatively small number of women that they had worked in the concentration camps that were rejected and tribunals for the crimes of war for the Allies.
Returned the youngest woman that executed under the British jurisdiction in the century 20 and it was also the youngest in the guards of the concentration camp.
Their First Days.
She wanted to be made nurse but the Exchange of Labour sent him so that she/he worked in the Field of Extermination in Ravensbrück.Como many other young people, she was conquered by the oratorical of Hitler. She/he united to a group of youths that they adopted the dictator's ideas.
To the 19 year-old age she had become  supervisora of Ravensbrook that was used as a camp of training for many SS women. In marzode  1943 it was transferred Auschwitz. Irma ascended to the position of Oberaufseherin (bigger SS-supervisor) in the autumn of 1943, she had around to the control to the of 30,000 prisoners all women, mainly Polish and Hungarian Jews.

Their crimes and trial
Belsen was liberated thanks to the Britons and Irma together with the commandant of the camp, Joseph Kramer, and other guards were all arrested. Irma was defended by more L.S.W. Cranfield. Of the guilty opposing defendants, eight men and three women were sentenced at the death and 19 to several imprisonment terms.
Many of the survivors of Belsen testified against Irma. (see picture to their rehearsal that takes their number.) They spoke of the beatings and the arbitrary shooting of prisoners, the selection of prisoners for her for the cameras of gas and it stops their sexual pleasure to these acts of cruelty. She habitually took heavy boots, it took a whip and a gun.
She was condemned to have used physical and emotional methods to torture the prisoners of the camp and she/he seemed to enjoy shooting prisoners in cold blood. It was this that she hit some of the women until the death and it whipped other relentlessly using a whip of folded cellophane. The survivors informed that she seemed to enjoy a great sexual pleasure of these acts of sadism.
She said in their defense that Himmler is responsible for what all have happened but I suppose that I have as much blame as the other ones on me."
"No. 6 Bormann, 7, Volkenrath, 9, Grese. The sentence of this court is that you will die being hung". She showed una´pequeña emosión along its road and when the death penalty was translated in German for her as the Tode durch den Strang", literally the death for the rope.
They can be more details of their trial in:
Her, Elisabeth Volkenrath, Juana Bormann and the eight masculine prisoners were transferred Hameln (Hamelin) to the jail in Wesfalia to wait their execution. The Real Engineers of the British Army built a scaffold there and the eleven convicts hurtled together with other men that had been condemned by the Commission of Crimes of War.
 Se has revealed recently that some of the prisoners were given injections of chloroform to stop its hearts that they hit and to obviate the necessity to leave them suspended during one hour that was practical normal in England. It is not known if this was made to the women although Irma's body could be removed of the rope after 20 minutes. As the youngest in the three women she decided that Irma would be the first one in dying.
In the biography of Pierrepoint he describes the events that take to Irma's execution and the own hanging like it continues": She left their cell and wine toward us laughing. It seemed like a beautiful girl that anyone has wanted toparce in the life. She answered the questions of O'Neil, but when he asked their age she/he made a pause and she smiled. I gave myself centa that we were laughing together with her, as if we understood the conventional confusion of a woman that she/he reveals their age. She said ' twenty-one, ' what we knew to be correct. ' Schnell! ' she said - in German for quick."


Bronze, D P. The Beautiful Beast: The Life and Crimes of SS-Aufseherin Irma Grese. 1996
Phillips, Rehearsal of R. of Josef Kramer and Forty four Others. 1949

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