Gerda Steinhoff


Born 29.01.1922 in Danzig-Wrzeszcz, Weiligebruneweg 11.
She was "Volksdeutsche" (german)  , a tall , red-haired woman
1939  she had a job as servant  in Tygenhagen, then she worked in a bakery  in Danzig,
Until 1944 she was tramway conductor , married on 25 . January  and had one child

1944  she joined the  SS und  was occupied in KZ Stutthoff :
 Until 31.10.1944  she was SS-Guard in Stutthof  SK III und had 400 prisoners under her control
 31.10.1944 – 1.12.1944  " SS-Oberaufseherin"   (chief-guard) in KZ Danzig-Holm
(an annex to Stutthof )
 1.12.1944 – 18.01.1945  "SS- Oberaufseherin" inKZ Bydgoszcz  (another annex)
On  25.1.1945 she received the "Eisernes Kreuz"  (Iron Cross)  for "merits" while doing her job as KZ-Guard

She was arrested  on 25. May 1945 and spent over one year in a Danzig prison

During the trial
She was a brutal murderess and selected numerous people for the gaschambers

On 31. May1946 she was sentenced to death by hanging and was publicly hanged at Biskupia Gorka near Danzig  on 4th July 1946



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