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Epione Center: Pioneering Pain Relief for Low Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Hip Pain

Epione Center for Pain Relief and Beyond, located in Hyderabad, India, stands out as a leading institution in pain management. With a team comprising neurologists, orthopedicians, psychologists, physiotherapists, and rehab experts, Epione has successfully guided over 5000 patients toward a pain-free life. The center's commitment to providing world-class, multidisciplinary pain management services under one roof sets it apart.

Understanding the Pain Spectrum

Epione's expertise extends to low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain, unraveling the complexities associated with conditions such as herniated discs, facet joint arthropathy, and osteoarthritis.

  1. Low Back Pain Treatment: Low back pain can result from various factors, including herniated discs and muscle tears. Epione's specialists conduct thorough assessments, tailoring the best low back pain treatment plans that encompass physical therapy, medications, and, if necessary, surgical interventions.
  2. Neck Pain Treatment: Neck pain, stemming from cervical vertebral fractures to fibromyalgia, demands precise diagnosis and tailored interventions. Epione's comprehensive approach integrates medical expertise and cutting-edge therapies to alleviate the best neck pain treatment and enhance overall well-being.
  3. Shoulder Pain Treatment: The complexities of the shoulder joint require a specialized approach to pain management. Whether rooted in impingement, instability, or soft tissue damage, Epione crafts best shoulder pain treatment individualized care plans that may include physical therapy, medications, and minimally invasive procedures.
  4. Hip Pain Treatment: Osteoarthritis, a common cause of hip pain, is meticulously addressed at Epione. From medication-based hip pain treatment to targeted joint injections, the center tailors treatments based on the severity of osteoarthritis, ensuring personalized and effective solutions.

Holistic Treatment Strategies

Epione champions a holistic approach to pain management, recognizing each patient's uniqueness. For hip osteoarthritis, the center employs graded interventions, reserving major surgeries like total hip replacements for advanced cases. Pain relief strategies encompass medications, physiotherapy, and precisely administered injections, all supported by expert guidance on lifestyle modifications.

Dr. Minal Chandra is a well-known Pain Management Specialist at Epione Pain Management Center, Hyderabad. With over a decade of experience, she heads a skilled team at Epione that provides excellent therapy for complex pain concerns. Dr. Minal Chandra has expertise in medication management and interventional pain management. She regularly encourages aspiring doctors while arranging workshops to help them improve their knowledge & abilities. Her multidimensional approach to pain management, unwavering commitment to medical education & research makes her a leading visionary in the healthcare sector.

Epione Pain management unlocks a pain free and active Life 

Epione Pain Management in Bengaluru  &  Epione Pain Management in Hyderabad


Epione Center for Pain Relief and Beyond not only provides cutting-edge treatments but also embraces a compassionate and holistic ethos. With a commitment to understanding the individualized needs of each patient, Epione continues to set the standard for comprehensive and effective pain relief solutions, making it a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenges of low back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain.

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