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A new literary journal 

published out of

SOAS University of London  

 Issue No. 2 


ἕωθεν  from the east ]

Sunset at Benfleet, by Neil, 2022 


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A Preface – PDF


Section 1 :: Line on body-map


İlhan Sami Çomak – This morning  PDF 

Aydın Mehmet Ali  Dances with identity  PDF

Maya Shams – Monologue  PDF

Jakub Bieniasz  Five stories from the border  PDF

Amal Al-Jubouri – Smart love  PDF

Ben Oppedijk  Bad date  PDF

Amy Dawn – Note on İlhan / Folk Song of Hope  PDF

Parwana Amiri  My homeland  PDF

İlhan Sami Çomak  The first cherry tree   PDF

Section 2 :: Crossing over



A.W. Kinglake – On Travelling  PDF 

Maya Shams – Thoughts on a wire  PDF 

Aydın Mehmet Ali  provocateurs suspended…  PDF 

Anna Gretton  Eye of Horus  PDF

Shahd Abusalama – Art tribute: Remembering Bobby Sands and

freedom fighters from Palestine to Ireland  PDF

İlhan Sami Çomak – What good is reading poetry?  PDF 

Amy Dawn – Hope in a nutshell  PDF 


Section 3 :: I came to you


Cedric Escoffier – A pebble / Time  PDF

İlhan Sami Çomak – I came to you, Life  PDF

Ed Emery – In search of song: Dunkerque 2016 and

Suleimaniyah 2019  PDF

Maya Shams – What a Strike!  PDF

Peta Jones  The joys of spring in the time of climate change  PDF

Prajna Chowta – Elephants’ child / Enfant d’éléphants / 

A letter from a mother to her daughter  PDF

İlhan Sami Çomak – Life does not lie  PDF

Ed Emery and Ilan Rammel – Malaka  PDF

İlhan Sami Çomak – Let us not speak  PDF




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