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Working emulators:
Virtual Aquarius, an emulator for the Radofin Electronics Aquarius Home Computer System
Download version 0.72a August 2008
Virtual MC-10, an emulator for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Microcolor Computer MC-10 and Ordinateur Alice
Download version 0.73c May 2008
James's VZ200, an emulator for the VZ200 computer Download version 0.21 May 11 2005
James the Animal Tamer (me)
Mostly working emulators:
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Virtual NEC Trek, an emulator for the NEC Trek (aka NEC PC-6001A)
Download version 0.4a March 23, 2006
[email protected]
My First Alice32 Emulator, an emulator for the Matra & Hachette Alice 32 Computer
Download version 0.040 January 28,2006 Click here to Read about Emulation
Somewhat working emulators:
Virtual Panasonic JR-200U
An emulator for the Panasonic Personal Computer
Download version 0.12 March 25, 2002
Emulators which don't work at all (but try them anyway):
Virtual APF, an emulator for the APF Imagination Machine
Download version 0.1 August 8, 2000
Windows Sorcerer, an emulator for the Exidy Sorcerer
Download version 0.01 April 8, 2002
Virtual Interact, an emulator for the Interact Family Computer
Download version 0.01 Feb 6, 2003
Patch, Test, Special Request:
None at this time
Sites of Interest in no particular order
Panasonic JR-200U Purgatory
Lots of info on The Computer That Time Forgot.
Home of AqEmu, the other Aquarius Emulator for Windows.  Good stuff there includes a ROM Disassembly, instuctions for making a cable to connect your Aquarius to your PC serial port.  My emulator uses his character set.
The Juggernaut of Aquarius Web Pages.  This man has an enormous collection of Aquarius computers, paraphernalia, and prototypes;  there're lots and lots of pictures there.  It is just Too Cool For Words.
Page of Aquarius
Simon's MC-10 page
Lots of technical info and links for the MC-10 Microcolor Computer
A fine monument to the APF Imagination Machine.  Go to his home page to see some other funky old computers.
Larry's APF Imagination Machine Page
Some information and good pictures of old computers, and lots of links to computer emulator home sites.  Many European home computers.
Ozzy's Computer Emulation Page
MC-10 Emulation Project
Camennie's MC-10 page.  Find a disassembly of the MC-10 ROM here, and other info.  My 6847 emulators use his character set.
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