HI HI! Welcome to my web site!

on here and my accounts..you will find a lot of cartoons, art, games and posts about my daily life! MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT.........MY TUMBLR.....CUTE CATS....MY YOUTUBE


Name: Toon, furby, goo, ruby, etc ^_^


if it wasnt obvious, I LOVE CARTOONS..ANIMATION IN GENERAL LIKE ANIME TOO!!!! i also love anything nostalgic and tech / vietual pets / animatronics / robots..other things i like include..

my OC's/self insert universe, CN CITY ERA, bumpers & titlecards, screenbugs, crossovers, WOLFIES, adverts, collecting (i love vintage stuff especially), video games, digital buddies, internet archives, marine biology, travel, sparta remixes, nature, history, software, cooking shows, mascots, defuncts, alt subcultures, lost content and concepts, pilots, abandoned stuff, amusement/theme parks, horror, paranormal, food, and music!!! i do a lot of photography too, and have a passion for singing, though i dont do anything with that..i have a whole ton of interests but i'd like to talk to people for them to find them all out :D but i mostly enjoy almost any cartoon and obscure stuff.

THINGS I DON'T LIKE (not hate) !!!!!!!

people who hate animals, SCHOOL, forced convo, overly PDA stuff, people who comment "i remember this" or "this was my childhood", random comments from strangers, being called a fan account, gross out humor, people who r rude for no reason, drama, animesexual hate, people who judge harmless things, lagging, ppl who call shows/games/meme dead, not being able to watch cartoons, among us sus jokes (i like the game), ppl nsfw in public, leaving the store, mary sou haters, people mean to robots, emo haters, people who call goth emo, people who complain about modern cartoons, ppl who think scene is dead

GOTH In preschool, the only crayon I used was black Whenever I walk into a room, all the lights go out. I wear sunglasses when I open the refrigerator. I don't paint my nails black--I bash them with a hammer. I died and didn't notice. Whenever I knock on somebody's door they give me candy. When I stop pouting, people ask, "What are YOU so happy about?" When I go outside, the sun sets. I don't use fabric softener, because I like pain. I set off airport metal detectors from ten feet away with all my jewelry. It takes me an hour and a half to get dressed. It takes me longer to get undressed. I think electrical tape is a fashion accessory. In preschool, all my drawings were titled, "DEATH." In high school, all my papers were titled, "DEATH." I wore corsets in preschool. Little kids are mesmerized by my appearance. Parents leg their kids when they see them mesmerized by my appearance. Nobody understands me, especially when I say, "the boom boom like shockalocka!!! flibbaflobba!!!" I like them better that way. When I smile people ask me what's wrong. 
Little old ladies in walkers cross the street to insult me. I keep getting hit on by necrophiliacs! I practice my blank stare in the mirror. Whenever I walk into a room, you hear "Toccata and fugue in D minor." I have actually seriously uttered the phrase, "the darkest dark of the dark darkness." I tried to use Cheer . . . it cried. Goth #1: when I'm sleeping people come and check my pulse. Goth #2: I don't have a pulse. The people at the suicide hotline have asked me to stop calling. Tan lines are a sin. I was adopted by the Addams family. People keep asking me if I feel okay. The dark is scared of ME. I know how to spell Siouxsie & The Banshees correctly. I want to die die die my hair black. I sleep UNDER my bed. When I was a toddler, I didn't cry over spilled milk, I mourned it. My skin would catch on fire if it were ever exposed to sunlight. I make Happy Meals cry. I spend hours deciding what shade of black to wear. My grandmother is so goth she uses gothballs. I shower with bleach instead of soap. I have a fishnet umbrella. I always complain because my blacks don't match. That bats hang little plastic me's from their ceiling. If I go out in the sunlight with bare skin showing, people have to put on shades because of the reflection off my pale skin. I have to wear sunglasses and sunscreen to look on the bright side. I say things like "eternally yours in darkness" and "love and darkness" and "may the eternal 
darkness of the abyss enrapture and enshroud you 
in its infernal sickly sweet embrace." I'm catholic. I've been banned. I'm dead.