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(Note: The screen captures (see link below) are only on the screen captures pages, so you'll find pictures of some characters/actors there, that you won't see on the other pages (for example, Emily screen captures are not on the "Pictures of Emily" page too, Teddy screen captures are not on the "Other Members of the Cast and Guest Stars" page, etc.)

Pictures of Emily

Pictures of Emily with Elizabeth, Laura or Jimmy

Pictures of Aunt Laura, Aunt Elizabeth, Cousin Jimmy, Malcolm, and Isabel

Pictures of Emily With Ilse

Other Members of the Cast and Guest Stars

Cast Pictures - Various Group Pictures

Pictures from Magazine Articles

Newspaper, TV Guide Advertisement Pictures

Pictures from the Video Covers

Pictures of the Cast as Themselves
Updated November 11th.

Autographed Pictures of the Cast
Updated November 11th.

Pictures of the Actors in Other Movies, TV Shows, or Plays

Pictures of the Emily Set (including a few of various PEI scenery)

Pictures From the Books
Updated November 11th.

Avatars / Icons for Message Boards/Instant Messengers
(Over 125, some animated, various cast and some from the books)

Updated November 11th.

Other Miscellaneous Pictures (Emily bookmark, collages, press kit, wallpaper, etc...)

Screen Captures (some from the series...some of the actors in other shows)

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