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So - this is it! My Family Tree Page, and although I had MANY more pictures I would have liked to add, I thought I'd go with some favourites and leave it at that for now.

To keep it short and sweet, I love History, and I love genealogy.  So take a look at some of the links I've added to help you along with YOUR searches, and hey, we might even have a connection or two ourselves!
Directly above: my Mom (far right) and 6 siblings...though their would be 10 kids all together in this Collier family (circa 1961)

Right: "Four Freds" My brother, Dad, Grampy and Pup Tanner (circa 1980)

Below: My brother and I on the first day of school, in Dartmouth (c. 1981)
Right: My brother and I again over Christmas of 2004

Below: One of my favourites of my Mom and Dad, taken at my Grampy's in Prospect Bay (summer 1974)
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Headstones from
Holy Cross Cemetery in Shad Bay, NS

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Below Left: My brother, Dad and I (circa 1980)

Below Right: My brother, Mom and I (circa 1978)

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