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Ferry Antoni
Ferry Antoni graduated from the  Institute of Teacher Training and Education (IKIP) at Bandung (now UPI/ Indonesia University of  Education) and  currently work  as an academic supervisor at LBPP-LIA Bandung. He is also  contract-based  (as he prefers)  English  lecturer  at the  English  Department of UPI, Bandung, where he is taking  his  graduate  program.  He has  been a  presenter  at some seminars and conferences on topics related to English language teaching. Antoni translates documents and reports written in Indonesian into English and he also provides  translation  services for whoever needs to have their research/paper abstracts translated into English. In addition, he is a private English tutor who has reached a TOEFL score of 640 (June 2002).  
Antoni, F. (2005, March). Enhancing learners' critical thinking skills through argumentative essay writing. Paper
     presented at LIA International Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Gunawan, M. H., & Antoni, F. (2004, December).
Cross-cultural activities: Voices from EFL classrooms. Paper
     presented at the 52nd TEFLIN International Conference, Palembang, Indonesia.

Antoni, F., & Gunawan, M. H. (2004, April).
Argumentative essay writing: A process approach to writing        
instruction LIA Bandung. Paper presented at the 39th RELC International Seminar, Singapore.
Antoni, F. (2003, October). Teaching grammar and topics integratedly revisited: An alternative for tomorrow's
ELT in Indonesia. Paper presented at the 51st TEFLIN International Conference, Bandung.
Antoni, F. (2003, October).
What roles should an English teacher assume? A case study of a LIA teacher. Paper
     presented at the 51st TEFLIN International conference, Bandung.
Antoni, F. (2002, March). Empowering English conversation clubs towards establishing an English-speaking
     community in compensation for the lack of a second-language context. Paper presented at the ITB Bandung
     Fourth National Conference, Bandung.

Antoni, F. (2002, March). Peer-mentoring as a means of making teachers autonomous: An account of a teacher
     so autonomously rescourceful (that) he becomes a counselor for his fellow teachers. Paper presented at the
     ITB Bandung Fourth National Conference, Bandung.
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