Elite Surveillance Group is Australia’s preeminent private investigation and surveillance investigation company

Elite Surveillance Group functions primarily from its national headquarters in Sydney, Australia, where we coordinate covert surveillance investigations throughout the nation.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality results to our clients whilst adhering to the strict national and state laws.

We are an established company with a team of professional operatives who have years of valuable investigative experience.

Elite Surveillance Group assist you in gathering evidence. This could be required for litigation or it may be simply for your peace of mind.

Confidentiality is the foremost thing that we focus on when we take on any matter. We make sure that your personal details are safeguarded and protected.

While confidentiality is the basis for our contract, communication becomes the nucleus of the project that we undertake.

No investigation will succeed without a clear channel of communication.

Companies and law firms that have engaged our services in the past have given testimonials on the quality of the work we deliver.

We work with our clients to understand the objective and goal of the investigation before constructing a unique strategic approach to deliver the best possible outcome whilst maintaining a regular channel of communication.

Are you seeking a female private investigator for your surveillance needs?  You may feel more comfortable meeting with a female Private Investigator.

We cater to all clients’ needs including the engagement of female operatives.

Our operatives come from various backgrounds of life which equip these women with a valuable set of skills that will ensure that your job is carried out in a professional, discreet and highly effective manner.