Eleonore Weil


Eleonore Weil 

Madrid, Spain

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Eleonore Weil in the studio of Denis Long, Madrid



2001  - 2002    Workshop in Graphic Art with renowned artists of Spain

1973 – 1978    Facultad de Bellas Artes  de la Real Academia de San Fernando, Madrid, Spain   Masters of Fine Arts

1955 – 1958    Hertie, Berlin, Germany Interior Design, Gewerkschaftsbrief der Handelskammmer



1982               Research Scholarship, Spanish Ministry of Culture

1999               Work Selected for the Etching Collection of the Spanish National Library


Selected Exhibitions


One Woman Shows

2004     Represented in the USA by Cohen-Rese Gallery, San Francisco, California

2001     Art Centre, Las Rosas

1999     Galeria Torculo, Madrid

1996     Post Nostalgia Gallery, London

1994     Galería Seiquer, Madrid

1986     "40 portraits of 'La Movida", Galería Ovidio, Madrid

1984     Galería Ynguanzo, Madrid

1982     Galería Montenegro, Madrid


Collective Shows

"German Painters in Spain," Centro Colon, Madrid

"Madrid-Madrid", Centro Colon, Madrid

"Paisaje, Flora y Fauna" Galería Seiquer, Madrid

"Homenaje a Fefa Seiquer" Cultural Center, Las Rosas, Madrid

ARCO (Madrid Art Fair) Galeria Seiquer, Madrid

Bienal of Albacete, Albacete, Spain

Galería Clave, Murcia, Spain 

Casa de Velázquez, Madrid


Various Reviews including


El Pais


Guia de Ocio



Work in the collections of:

Banco de Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria,

Baron Von Bieberkopf, Director Goethe Institute, Madrid

Gloria Kirby, former Director of Galeria Vandres, Madrid

Dennis M. Smith, M.D., Carmel Valley, California


Teaching Experience

1980-1990 Art Instructor, Colegio Aleman de Madrid


Additional Educational Experiences

2001 – Escuela Musical Creativa (EMCR), Madrid Student of Percussion

2001  First and Second Degree Reiki


International Experiences

Native of Berlin

Resided in London, Paris and Barcelona

Resides currently in Madrid

Travel to Africa and India

Eleonore Weil has recently  created the cover art for

"The Advanced Manifestation Program" by Rick Jarow PH.D.

"Sounds True" Collection


Eleonore Weil was born in Berlin, Germany. From an early age, she painted portraits of family and friends. The inspiration to become a professional painter, however, did not develop until Eleonore lived for several years in Madrid. The influence of the light of Madrid and contemplation of the paintings in the Prado rekindled the desire to create in that environment. While exploring painting in classes under the tutelage of a Master Painter, Eleonore’s natural talent was recognized. This instructor encouraged her to pursue a degree at the Facultad de Belles Artes, allowing her to follow in the footsteps of Dali, Picasso, Juan Gris, and other great Masters of Spanish Art who had studied at that university.

Following an education grounded in the traditional explorations and expressions of art, Eleonore’s first art was in the field of abstract painting. In more recent years, however, she has returned to the styles in which she was grounded; the freedom of expression her paintings now demonstrate is a result of the ten years of painting with an abstract expression, balanced now with the foundation of art she had received at Facultad de Belles Artes. Although her current style is figurative, Eleonore has explored the use of different media, never fully abandoning the inventiveness that abstract art encourages.

Study of symbolism and alchemy proved critical in providing inspiration for this present stage of creation. Just as the blending of disparate forms might one day produce gold, the blending of the abstract and traditional forms of art have brought forth works that allow one to feel the organic nature of Eleonore’s paintings. She attributes this sense to the depth that is achieved from the numerous layerings applied during the process of creating one piece, all of which work together to make the works come to life. As an admirer of Paul Klee, Eleonore’s desire has been to use her art to "make the invisible world visible."


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