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Ian Abrams: Co-Creator for Early Edition

DWP:  Program Director

Mr. Abrams was our first guest speaker and entertained us for almost two hours with how Early Edition came to be.

Ian met Vik Rubenfeld and Pat Page at RJ's in Los Angeles to discuss this idea that Vik and Pat had about a guy who gets tomorrow's newspaper today.

Before dessert, Ian called Lillah McCarthy. He didn't even ask for them to pay for the phone call. "That's how enthusiastic I was."

Vik and Pat met with Lillah who liked the idea and asked Ian if he would front the project for them. Then they went about trying to convince Tristar to take a chance on the show.

In developing this show they decided on a few rules.

1. The paper never comes when you are watching.

2. The paper is always accompanied by the mysterious cat.

3. We don't know where the paper comes from.

They go into pitch season and try to get the network to pick up the show.

Ian had a mock newspaper made up with the headline " Let's just let it end. OJ Simpson confesses he is guilty of homicide."

The day of the meeting was Thursday August 24, 1995. The date on the paper was Friday August 25, 1995.

He lays the paper on the table in front of him. Conversation ensues , till somebody says "WHAT'S THAT?" (The politically correct version )

Everyone gathered around to read the paper. Then it finally dawned on someone that the date was wrong on the paper. And he had them. And the rest is history.
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