‘His Deeds Follow Him’


AT 8:50 a.m. on Thursday, July 28, 1994, George D. Gangas finished his earthly course. He was 98 years old. One of the anointed, George Gangas had been a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses since October 15, 1971.


All who were personally acquainted with Brother Gangas knew of his love of righteousness and hatred of wickedness. They well remember the way he repeatedly described Satan as a gross, monstrous, wicked, base, and despicable liar. In contrast, he spoke of Jehovah as a loving, kind, compassionate, tender, and caring Father. Many also remember his love of asking Bible questions. In any conversation, he would unfailingly pose questions—some of them simple, some of them more mind stretching. Indeed, he loved Bible truth.


Brother Gangas was baptized on July 15, 1921. He began his career in the full-time preaching ministry (pioneering) in March 1928. Hence, he was in the full-time service a total of 66 years. He became a member of the Brooklyn headquarters staff of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society on October 31, 1928.


His life story appeared in the October 15, 1966, issue of The Watchtower. It describes a truly spiritual man of God. In that article, he made the following heartwarming expression: “I love life and I want my brothers to gain life. I consider, along with the apostle Paul, that all other things are ‘loss on account of the excelling value of the knowledge of Christ Jesus.’”—Philippians 3:8.


Brother Gangas showed by his actions that he indeed loved life, and he eagerly shared his “knowledge of Christ Jesus” with others. He will be missed, but how we rejoice that he has now received his heavenly reward! Now, ‘he will rest from his labor, for his deeds follow him.’—Revelation 14:13, New International Version.



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