The Bruffey Family

Margera Sophine Bruffey and Montia T Cady

Margera Sophine Bruffey was born 24 November 1871 in Fish Creek, Jefferson Co., MT. and died 15 October 1961 in Livingston, Park Co. MT. She married Montia T Cady 09 May 1894 in Livingston, Park Co. MT. son of Charles Cady and Orril Stiles. He was born 22 June 1869 in Sauk Center, Stearns Co, MN. and died 13 September 1944 in Missoula, Missoula Co. MT.

More About Margera Sophine Bruffey:
Burial: 17 October 1961, Missoula, Missoula Co. MT.

More About Montia T Cady:
Burial: 17 September 1944, Missoula, Missoula Co. MT.

Children of Margera Bruffey and Montia Cady are:

Beatrice Vivian Cady and Charles Bernard

Beatrice Vivian Cady She married Charles Bernard.

Children of Beatrice Cady and Charles Bernard are:

Marjorie J Bernard

Marjorie J Bernard. No other information.

Joanne Bernard

Joanne Bernard. No other information.

William Charles Bernard

William Charles Bernard. No other information.

Eva Josephine Cady and Henry J Rongstad

Eva Josephine Cady was born in Livingston, MT. and died 22 March 1993. She married Henry J Rongstad.

More About Eva Josephine Cady:
Burial: Livingston, Park Co, MT.

Children of Eva Cady and Henry Rongstad are:

Richard Henry Rongstad

Richard Henry Rongstad. No other information.

Dianna Rongstad

Dianna Rongstad. No other information.

Kathy Rongstad

Kathy Rongstad. No other information.

Orilla Virginia Cady and Herbert Thompson

Orilla Virginia Cady She married Herbert Thompson.

Children of Orilla Cady and Herbert Thompson are:

Jane Ann Thompson

Jane Ann Thompson. No other information.

James Thompson

James Thompson. No other information.

Raymond Leslie Cady and Evelyn Kuhrke

Raymond Leslie Cady He married Evelyn Kuhrke.

Child of Raymond Cady and Evelyn Kuhrke is:

James R Cady

James R Cady. No other information.

Bertha Sophine Cady and John Benjamin Gould

Bertha Sophine Cady was born 31 January 1895 in Livingston, Park Co, MT. USA. She married John Benjamin Gould 05 April 1916, son of A Gould and Ellen Matherly. He was born 01 January 1888 in North Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co, NC.

Children of Bertha Cady and John Gould are:

Alberta Luella Gould and Horace O Titus

Alberta Luella Gould. She married Horace O Titus 17 October 1941.

Daniel Cady Gould and Mary Josephine Lamb

Daniel Cady Gould was born 30 June 1921 in Livingston, Park, Mt. He married (1) Mary Josephine Lamb. He married (2) Bonnie Willhight Wilson 1958. He married (3) Phyllis Monta Cady 17 March 1966.

Children of Daniel Gould and Mary Lamb are:

Maureen Bertha Gould

Maureen Bertha Gould. No other information.

Colleen Jeanette Gould and John G Carpenter

Colleen Jeanette Gould. She married John G Carpenter.

Robert Daniel Fredrick Gould and Jean Kimberling

Robert Daniel Fredrick Gould. He married Jean Kimberling.

Rosemary Cady Gould

Rosemary Cady Gould. No other information.

Donna Marie Gould

Donna Marie Gould. No other information.

Viola Elizabeth Gould and Ernest I Stenseth

Viola Elizabeth Gould She married Ernest I Stenseth 09 November 1941.

Children of Viola Gould and Ernest Stenseth are:

Roger Douglas Stenseth

Roger Douglas Stenseth. No other information.

Monte Lou Stenseth and Duligan Price Munrs

Monte Lou Stenseth. He married Duligan Price Munrs.

Sheri Lynn Stenseth

Sheri Lynn Stenseth. No other information.

Ross Ernest Stenseth

Ross Ernest Stenseth. No other information.

Fern Lucile Gould


Fern Lucile Gould was born 28 May 1924 in Livingston, Park Co, MT. USA. She married Robert Newton Crawford 20 December 1944.

Children of Fern Gould and Robert Crawford are:

Bert John Crawford

Bert John Crawford. No other information.

Jim Newton Crawford

Jim Newton Crawford. No other information.

Susan Irene Crawford

Susan Irene Crawford. No other information.

John Andrew Gould and Berglind Christina Doettl

John Andrew Gould He married Berglind Christina Doettl.

Children of John Gould and Berglind Doettl are:

Thomas Karl Gould

Thomas Karl Gould. No other information.

Tina Marie Gould

Tina Marie Gould. No other information.

Christi Elaine Gould

Christi Elaine Gould. No other information.

Cora Lee Gould

Cora Lee Gould. No other information.

Janice Ellen Gould

Janice Ellen Gould. No other information.

Catherine Ann Gould

Catherine Ann Gould. No other information.

Janice Ellen Gould and Rupert Frederick Nesbitt

Janice Ellen Gould She married (1) Arthur E Johnson. She married (2) Rupert Frederick Nesbitt 05 September 1954.

Children of Janice Gould and Rupert Nesbitt are:

Robert Kim Nesbitt

Robert Kim Nesbitt. No other information.

Nancy Jan Nesbitt

Nancy Jan Nesbitt. No other information.

Catherine Ann Gould and Raymond Kenneth Maier

Catherine Ann Gould. She married Raymond Kenneth Maier.

Children of Catherine Gould and Raymond Maier are:

Raymond Joseph Maier

Raymond Joseph Maier. No other information.

Ann Delotia Maier

Ann Delotia Maier. No other information.

Florence Margera Cady

Florence Margera Cady, born 03 July 1896 in Livingston, Park Co. MT. and died 29 November 1990 in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Leonard Charles Cady and Olga Kennedy

Leonard Charles Cady was born 27 February 1899 in Livingston, Park Co. MT. USA, and died 04 September 1971 in Livingston, Park Co. MT. USA. He married Olga Kennedy.

Child of Leonard Cady and Olga Kennedy is:

Lewis Archer Cady

Lewis Archer Cady. No other information.

Mildred Lucile Cady and Lyle Devine

Mildred Lucile Cady was born 27 April 1900 in Livingston, Park Co. MT. USA. She married Lyle Devine.

Children of Mildred Cady and Lyle Devine are:

Burton Devine

Burton Devine. No other information.

Berdena Jaqueline Devine

Berdena Jaqueline Devine. No other information.

Donald Ross Devine

Donald Ross Devine. No other information.


Virgil Montia Cady and Grace Burt

Virgil Montia Cady was born 07 April 1903 in Livingston, Park Co. MT. and died 15 December 1961 in San Diego, San Diego Co. CA. He married (1) Grace Burt. He married (2) Gertrude Pritchard.

More About Virgil Montia Cady:
Burial: 12 September 1961, San Diego, San Diego Co. CA.

Children of Virgil Cady and Grace Burt are:

Philis Mae Cady

Philis Mae Cady. No other information.

Monte Burt Cady and Barbara Sawey

Monte Burt Cady He married Barbara Ann Sawey.

Children of Monte Cady and Barbara Sawey are:

Christine Elizabeth Cady

Christine Elizabeth Cady. No other information.

Charles Francis Cady

Charles Francis Cady. No other information.

Judith Lynn Cady

Judith Lynn Cady. No other information.

Margaret Ann Cady

Margaret Ann Cady. No other information.

Rebecca Lou Cady

Rebecca Lou Cady. No other information.

Monte Burt Cady II

Monte Burt Cady II No other information.

Mary Lou Cady

Mary Lou Cady. No other information.

Douglas Cady

Douglas Cady. No other information.

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