I'm Eddie Gamble and this is my story,
and I'm stickin' to it!

After an early musical background that included High School Marching Band, Orchestra, Dance Band and Choir, as well as a stint with the US Army Band at Fort Bragg, NC, I went on to study music at William Paterson University of NJ. My first professional appearances were with a doo wop vocal group called "The Essentials", under contract to United Artists for three years, and an East Coast tour with Chubby Checker with studio guitarist Hughie McKracken.

I then moved into the local club scene many years ago in Paterson, NJ,  playing bass and singing with a
stand-up drummer named
Johnny Gerard and his multi-faceted bands.
Eventually we began  playing the clubs that lined the shores of Greenwood Lake, New York, mainly the
Long Pond Inn,
where we played opposite a group called
John Rehill and the Rockin' Royals, featuring Lou Caddy on bass, and also at Mothers
and Mountain Lakes Inn
, summer home of recording stars Bob D'Andrea (Andre and Cirelle) and the Knockouts
At  the
Long Pond Inn, Wednesday nights were "celebrity night" and when Little Richard came in with his entourage to share a dressing room with us, we became fast friends with his lead guitarist, a young guy named Jimi Hendrix.
Soon Greenwood Lake became home for me, playing bass and singing with all the different  Johnny Gerard bands and later with my partner, Basil Kaddick and our own band, Kaddick and Gamble, for many years house band at Big Daddy's on the East shore, with our famous matinees on the beach, and later further up the lake at the Sterling, for another three years.  Originally, Tommy Zinis was our keyboardist and Alan Scheuber was our drummer. When Tommy left the band we replaced him with guitarist Tom Przybylinski. We played all different types of music from top 40 to Sinatra, but our specialty was the music of the Allman Brothers and Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.
Kaddick and Gamble recorded at, and were under contract with,
Musicor records.
Pie In The Sky ~ Early 70's, Eddie, Alan & Erik
I worked with Jimmy Hendrix a second time at the Lighthouse, on 82nd St. in New York, when he was with Curtis Knight and I was with Joey Seton.  He remembered me from his Little Richard days.
After the decline of Kaddick and Gamble, I put together a 4-piece cover
band called "
Pie in the Sky".
We soon became a keyboard trio when our guitarist,
Chris Saulpaugh,
left to go back to his old band, the
High Street Band, formerly Atlantis, out of Newburgh, NY.
  I played bass,
Erik Wayne played Keyboards, and Kaddick & Gamble drummer
Alan Scheuber was our drummer.
The band broke up when we lost everything in a fire at the
Down Under in Garfield, NJ.
After that, for a period of a few years I went on the road, traveling across the USA and Canada with different bands, playing in major cities and on military bases,
Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, DC, New Orleans, Montreal, Ottawa, Gander- Newfoundland, Halifax- Nova Scotia, The hotels of the Catskills in New York and  more..... with such bands as  Lenny Wayne and the Cuff Link Revue, (A lounge band with two female vocalists) Chubby Checker,  (Oldies revival)  Jimmy Jones and the Checkmates, (A high energy R&B horn band in which I played trumpet and trombone) The Joey Seton Four, (A Louis Prima style lounge band) and many others.
Then I joined an established band called
Pegasus, out of Bergen County, New Jersey.  This 5-piece band featured polished vocal harmonies covering songs by
Eagles, CSN&Y, Poco, Buffalo Springfield, Loggins & Messina,
Seals and Crofts
and other vocal harmony oriented groups.
Pegasus lineup was Dave Deluca on lead vocals and guitar,
Susan Hegeman on vocals, Blake Levinson on Keys, Bill Markham on drums and vocals,
and myself playing bass and singing. Our home club was
Brass Bell in Hackensack, NJ.
A band I was in once auditioned Eddie Brigati and turned him down.
He then went on to sing lead for the Young Rascals
This was my woodstock look!
Would you believe I once did sound for Twisted Sister for a year?
Around the dawn of the Disco era, I found myself in a rock band called Warlock, based out of Hackensack, NJ.  When rock began taking a back seat to funk, we regrouped, learned all new songs, bought three piece suits and got haircuts, and changed our name to STREETDANCER.
Priding ourselves in the funky R&B sounds of
Earth, Wind and Fire, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Parliament Funkadelic and The Ohio Players, we also covered all the hot disco favorites of the time - Teddy Pendergast, Tavares, Ojays, Spinners, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, Barry White, The Trammps, and all the one-hit-wonders that made the disco charts.
The original lineup of
Streetdancer was Jimmy Carrion-lead vocals, Fred Confessore-guitar,
Chuck Paci-keyboards, Bill Markham-Drums, and myself on bass.  Everybody in the band sang.
Later replacements included
Mark Palmerini on Keyboards, Alan Scheuber on drums, and a new lead vocalist, James JT Taylor from a band
Filet Of Soul..
After a few years and a few substitutions, the lineup ended up like this, taken at a Halloween party in The Squire Lounge in Newburgh, NY.  Left to Right:  Fred-guitar, Kevin- drums, James Taylor-lead vocals, Mark Palmerini-keyboards, and myself on bass.
James, (JT Taylor) later went on to sing lead with Kool & the Gang on all their great hits!
After a few years, Streetdancer went the way of all bands, everybody got a day job except James,
who went to sing with
Kool & the Gang........... and me.........I became a sound engineer for awhile, 
first doing sound for a cover quartet called
Triad, and then later for a cover band called Spyce.
My next musical job was as sound man for a band called
Sioux, which featured Lenny Molinari,
the lead guitarist from
Salvation. Sioux later went on to become Yasgur's Farm
For a short time, I played bass and sang with a heavy rock cover band called
Ghengis Kat,
Styx and Van Halen, Rainbow and Starship.
This was soon followed by a spot playing bass and singing with a band called
Gabriel was a hot cover band in the 80's, doing a Who show and a Kiss show.  Leader and Keyboardist was
former Pie In The Sky member
Erik Wayne, ex- Pie In The Sky and Kaddick and Gamble Drummer Alan Scheuber,
and ex-
Harlow guitarist/vocalist Ned Thompson, and myself on bass and vocals. 
The last edition of
Gabriel was exclusively classic rock, covering
The Doors, Jethro Tull, The Who, The Stones and all the big hit-makers of that era.
In 1979 I had gone with the BIG EDSEL BAND for the first time. At that time they were a predominantly 50's greaser act with choreography and Sha Na Na ideas.
I did the greaser thing and stayed with them for a year, spending that summer
Wildwood, NJ, at all the hot rock and oldies clubs of that area. 
5 Years later I came back to join them again and found them all living in
with long hair and not a hint of grease.  Some personnel had changed but the basic musical
body was still there, and I jumped right back into my old spot on the stage and in the music. 
I stayed with the
BIG EDSEL BAND for 10 years that time, working everywhere from the
Washington DC Hilton Racquetball Club to the Marblehead Yacht Club, in Mass.
to The Franklin Mint, Atlantic City ~ Harrah's, Tropicana,
with the Drifters,
Tiny Tim, Greaseband
, and many other name artists and cool places! 
Edsel lineup was Billy Dee on lead vocals, Art Ebert on guitar and vocals,
Allan Wallace on guitar and vocals, Tom Seeselberg on drums, and myself on bass and vocals.
When I left THE BIG EDSEL BAND it was to do my single, my solo act.  I had bought a couple of Roland sequencers and a Korg tone generator, and a new Roland keyboard and began programming songs.  When I thought I had enough to play a gig, I went out into the world all by myself and managed to keep working and making a living at it.
Somewhere along the way, I ran into this guy from
Asbury Park, NJ, and played a couple of duo jobs with him. He turned out to be a really nice guy and a very good friend, and a real pleasure to work with. We've been doing the duo off and on now for 15 years.
His name is
Leon Trent. Leon was the lead singer of an 8-piece high energy R&B band
Waterfront for 30 years. They were veterans of the Headliner in Neptune, NJ
Art Stock's Playpens all over NJ. Now my musical endeavors include gigs with Leon as well as single solo performances by myself.
Summer 2002
Leon Does a Ray Charles Parody
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