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Wadonda Consult (WACO) is a partnership of consultants in economic and social research. WACO is an independent consulting firm established in 1996 and is registered under the Business Names Registration Act. We provide consultancy services to government departments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer excellent consultancy services and to conduct high quality research in supporting the economic and social development in Malawi and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) within an international context.

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Corporate Objectives

The overall corporate objectives are to conduct economic and social research and offer consultancy services with the aim of informing decision-makers in public and private institutions in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their programmes or activities. Specific objectives include to:

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Research Activities and Competence

Our research and consultancy services are in the following areas:

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Principal Consultants

Ephraim Wadonda Chirwa
BSoc.Sc (Econ), MPhil (Econ), Ph.D (Econ)
Consultant in Economic Studies

Peter Mathias Mvula
BSoc.Sc, MPA, Ph.D
Consultant in Social Studies

Evious Kingswell Zgovu
BSoc.Sc (Econ), MA (Econ), Ph.D
Consultant in Economic Studies
Lucy Horea (Mrs)
BSoc.Sc (Sociology), MA (Development Studies)
Consultant in Social Studies and Gender Issues

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Working Papers

PDF files marked with Acrobat 2.1 can best be viewed using Acrobat Reader 2.1 to view all symbols in equations and tables.

Number/YearAuthor(s) Title of Paper
WC/04/01 Ephraim W. ChirwaFood Pricing Reforms and Price Transmission in Malawi: Implications for Food Policy and Food Security (February) [ PDF File]
WC/03/01 Ephraim W. Chirwa and Evious K. Zgovu Does the Return to Schooling Depend on the Type of Employment? Evidence from the Rural Labour Market in Malawi (February) [ PDF File]
WC/02/01 Ephraim W. ChirwaIndustry and Firm Effects of Privatization in Malawian Oligopolistic Manufacturing (February)[ PDF File ]
WC/01/01 Ephraim W. Chirwa, Evious K. Zgovu and Peter M. Mvula Participation and Impact of Poverty-Oriented Public Works Projects in Rural Malawi (January) [ PDF File]
WC/03/00 Ephraim W. ChirwaPrivatization and Technical Efficiency: Evidence from Malawi Manufacturing (November) [ PDF File]
WC/02/00 Ephraim W. ChirwaThe Promise of Privatization: Financial and Operating Efficiency in Malawi Manufacturing (October) [ PDF File]
WC/01/00 Ephraim W. ChirwaAverage Earnings and Minimum Wages in Malawi: Cointegration and Causality (January) [ PDF File]
WC/08/99 Ephraim W. ChirwaDeterminants of Commercial Banks'Profitability in Malawi: A Cointegration Approach (July) [ PDF File]
WC/07/99 Ephraim W. Chirwa
James Milner
Impact of Household Food Security and Nutrition Intervention Programmes in Malawi (July) [ PDF File]
WC/06/99 Ephraim W. ChirwaStructural Adjustment Programs and the Labour Market in Malawi (June) [ PDF File]
WC/05/99 Ephraim W. Chirwa Food Marketing Reforms and Integration of Maize and Rice Markets in Malawi (February) [ PDF File (Acrobat 2.1)]
WC/04/99 Ephraim W. ChirwaMixed Enterprises, Soft Budget Constraints and Privatization in Oligopolistic Industries (February) [ PDF File]
WC/03/99 Ephraim W. Chirwa Financial Sector Reforms in Malawi: Are Days of Financial Repression' Gone? ( April) [Published in Savings and Development, 1999, 23(3): 327-351]
WC/02/99Ephraim W. Chirwa, Peter M. Mvula, Lucy Namata, Evious K. ZgovuCapacity Constraints, Management and Effectiveness of Poverty-Oriented Microfinance Institutions in Malawi (January) [Published in African Review of Money Finance and Banking, 1999: 21-47]
WC/01/99Ephraim W. Chirwa
Structural Adjustment Programs and Efficiency in the Malawian Manufacturing Sector (January)[Published in African Development Review, 2000, 12(1): 98-113]
WC/06/98Ephraim W. ChirwaMarket Structure and Performance of Commercial Banks in the Malawian Banking Industry (November) [Published in African Journal of Economic Policy, 1997, 4(2)]
WC/05/98Ephraim W. ChirwaTechnical Efficiency in Manufacturing Industries in Malawi using Deterministic Production Frontier (September) [ PDF File]
WC/04/98Ephraim W. Chirwa
Welbon M.K. Mwafongo
Stochastic Production Functions and Technical Efficiency of Farmers in Southern Malawi (September) [ PDF File]
WC/03/98Ephraim W. ChirwaManagement and Delivery of Financial Services for the Poor: Lessons from FINCA's Village Bank Approach in Southern Malawi (August) [Published in Savings and Development, 1999, 23(1)]
WC/02/98Ephraim W. Chirwa Market Structure and the Export Performance of Manufacturing Industries in Malawi (April) [ PDF File]
WC/01/98Ephraim W. ChirwaThe Development of Rural Finance Institutions for the Poor: The Case of Malawi Mudzi Fund (January) [ PDF File]
WC/02/97Ephraim W. ChirwaFostering Private Food Marketing and Food Policies After Liberalisation: The Case of Malawi (August)
WC/01/97Ephraim W. ChirwaState Divestiture and Private Sector Development in Malawi: Lessons from Admarc's Divestiture Programme (June)
WC/02/96Ephraim W. ChirwaSeparation of Ownership from Control: Empirical Evidence from the Malawian Manufacturing Industry (October)
WC/02/96Ephraim W. ChirwaAn Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Agricultural Credit Repayment in Malawi (March) [Published in African Review of Money, Finance and Banking, 1997 (1-2)]
WC/01/96Ephraim W. ChirwaThe Behaviour of Stock Prices at Nairobi Stock Exchange(January)

For more information and comments on working papers e-mail to echirwa
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Consultancy Reports

AuthorsCommisioning (funding) AgencyTitle of Study/Report
Mvula, P. M., Zgovu, E. K., Chirwa, E. W., Kadzamira, E. Malawi Social Action Fund (funded by The World Bank)Third Beneficiary Assessment of the Public Works Programme (PWP)
Zgovu, E. K National Economic Council and REPC (funded by USAID) The Dynamics of the Rural Labour Market in Malawi
Mvula, P. M.
Chirwa, E. W
Kadzamira, E
Ministry of Health and Population (funded by The World Bank) Evaluation of the Women in Development (WID) Component under the Population, Health and Nutrition (PHN) Program in Malawi
Zgovu, E.K
Mvula, P. M
Malawi Social Action Fund (funded by The World Bank) MASAF Safety Net Baseline Study
Zgovu, E.K.
Mvula, P. M.
Kunkwezu, E.
Potani, M.
Malawi Social Action Fund (funded by The World Bank) A Review and Evaluation of the Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF) Safety Net Programme
Chirwa, E. W
Milner, J. A
National Economic Council, Food Security and Nutrition Unit Evaluation of Food Security and Nutrition Intervention Projects in Malawi
Zgovu, E. National Economic Council, Food Security and Nutrition Unit Nutritional Needs Assessment Study in Malawi
Chirwa, E.
Mvula, P.
Namata, L.
Zgovu, E.
Malawi Government - Ministry of Economic Planning and Development (funded by ODA - UK) Review of Credit Operations under Social Dimensions of Adjustment (SDA) Project and other Programmes

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Contact Address

Wadonda Consult
Room 309/317 MPC Building P.O. Box 669
Tel/Fax: (265) 0 1527 399
Tel: (265) 0 1527 736
Cell: (265) 08 839 296 (Ephraim Chirwa)
Cell: (265) 08 827 933 (Peter Mvula)
[email protected]
Contact Persons:

Peter M. Mvula [email protected]
Ephraim W. Chirwa [email protected]
Evious K. Zgovu [email protected]
Lucy Horea (Mrs) [email protected]

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