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High Elf

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The unsuccessful raid on Kaesora.

Najena raid

Another unsuccessful raid on Mistmore.

MM Raid.jpg (38244 bytes)

And you wonder why we have our rule?

Alear's corpse

Now where is my corpse again?

Naked_Alear.jpg (14886 bytes)


This is what happens when we listen to Alear!

Dead Arkadya

Arkadya_Corpse.jpg (10766 bytes)

Kyarax looting her corpse.

Kyarax_corpse.jpg (24450 bytes)

Guild members who die in funny positions:

Alex_Corpse.jpg (24033 bytes)Planted.jpg (12101 bytes)

Lyrazil's corpse

Lyrazil_corpse.jpg (23907 bytes)

More unsuccessfull Mistmore adventures

MM_Raid2.jpg (34118 bytes)

Ediar's Corpse

Ediar_corpse.jpg (8869 bytes)

Shiffter's Corpse

Shiffter_corpse.jpg (8991 bytes)

Ebbi's Corpse

Ebbi_Corpse.jpg (20580 bytes)

Esrah's Corpse

Esrah_corpse.jpg (21713 bytes)

Paladus and Firstar

Paladus_and_Firstar_corpse.jpg (30664 bytes)


Malchek_corspe.jpg (31901 bytes)

Queyne's corpses

Queyne_corpse.jpg (50207 bytes)

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