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This collection of links will showcase some of the individuals and groups involved in experimental iron smelting. They are presented in no particular order, and can be expected to be revised only occasionally.
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'Little Princess'- by Sauder & Williams
"..Drawing on this experience, we have designed and operated a simple clay-built bloomery with spectacular results, and have arrived at a selection of materials, construction techniques, and operating parameters that we feel are optimal..."
iron.wlu.edu/reports/Little%20Princess.htm A preliminary report only. This is an ideal model for those interested in Early Medieval method.  
'Coated Tyle' Furnace - by Sauder & Williams
"This little iron smelting bloomery was inspired by ... the Pre-Industrial Iron Symposium, Farmer's Museum Cooperstown NY in October 2004."
iron.wlu.edu/Bloomery_Iron.htm This is a full description of the construction and firing of the 'Flue Tyle' furnace designed as a teaching tool for Early Iron II.  
A Teeny Tiny Bloomery - by Skip Williams
"..A while back,.., Curiosity pulled me into the side yard and demanded that I try to build a tiny bloomery out of clay and fiber. By 'tiny' I mean a bloomery with less than a foot of stack above the tuyere and a charcoal burn rate of only 4 lbs. per hour."
iron.wlu.edu/reports/Teenytiny.htm A short report on what Skip christened 'the Occorania'.  
The Medium is the Root of the Art -  by Walfrid Huber
"..To the question, whether one could reproduce some of the splendid forms of the past, we commonly hear the answer, "Can't be done with today iron". Did the wizardry inhere in the materials of the past or is it that we've lost all vestiges of the mythos?.."
www.artmetal.com/project/News/Hephaist/MedArt.html A discussion of the general historic processes of smelting iron -Translated from German (?)  
Sturka Experimental Iron Smelting www.kolumbus.fi/jouni.jappinen/Iron.html In Swedish - but good photographic record.by this group from Finland in 2005  
Ancient Metallurgy Research Group - the University of Bradford (UK)
"..The AMRG encourages investigations into all areas of ancient and historical metallurgy, including mining, primary metal production, artefact manufacturing, slag and residue studies, cultural aspects of metallurgy and metals, geophysical survey of production sites, and archaeomagnetic dating of high-temperature features. "
www.brad.ac.uk/acad/archsci/depart/resgrp/amrg/amrginfo.htm Started in 1992, the site includes research papers and field notes from a number of smelts since early 2000.  

Note: The following is merely a place holder until the descriptions and images from the individual sites can be gathered (taken from Darrell' s bookmarks)


The Rockbridge Bloomery - Lee Sauder & Skip Williams
Peters Valley Craft School - NJ
Eindhoven Smelt Report - Williams
Teeny-tiny Bloomery - Williams
The Wareham Forge - Darrell Markewitz


BELLOWS - Stronger Than a Hundred Men:
Archives of [email protected]


Geochemistry in Archaeometallurgy
virtual teacher / LAM & bog iron
Stelco Inc. - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Virginia Materials Distributors - Canada
USGS Report - Bog Iron Ore
The Historical Metallurgy Society
charcoal in Horsham, West Sussex


DARC - Viking Age Iron Smelting Experiments



Wordsmith - smelter movie
TEMPL: Making of weapons - welded steel
Stuka Iron (Finland)


Smelting at Rievaulx Abbey - U of Bradford
Whitehall Farm Roman Smelt
Wealden Iron Research Group Home Page
GeoArch / Tim Young
Medieval Technology and American History
Heltborg Museum, Denmark - Jens Jogen
Iron Smelting (Ribe Denmark) - Michael Nissen
Ironbridge Gorge Museum - Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron
Ancient Metallurgy Research Group: University of Bradford
Alexander's Archaeology Site

INAGINA, the last house of iron
HEPHAISTOS / Ancient blooms
African Furnace Construction

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