I owned the id Anthology. I swear. I paid $300 for it sealed around 15 years ago. Even THAT was steep. Whoever stole it is a bastard, but luckily I had a second "book of id" which came inside the huge box. As you can see below, the shit ain't cheap anymore!

I'm still including it on this page, as well as other things I don't own anymore or have never owned, to try and attempt to keep the classic memorabilia visible to those interested in perusing net shops to find things for their favorite old school shooter.

Alas, the original floppies. I myself owned Ultimate Doom on PC-CDROM so it doesn't count unless you count CDs loaded with shareware from '93/'94 that I owned back in the day. These are also not too cheap anymore because it's not like id software is ever going to reproduce floppy disks. Why anyone would want them and less seem to covet the CD-ROMS I'll never know. I found double copies so far of Ultimate Doom and Doom II on CD-ROM for $2.99 at Goodwill so far.

To sidetrack from the collectables for a minute, though a lot of this stuff counts, I'm just going to flat out share the insides of my doom disc binder. Old and new stuff, mod cd-roms from the 90's, self-burned CD-Rs of the same, etc... If you want to see the interior pages, click here.

DOOM The Board Game: Second Edition.