Monocular Biological Microscope

OIP Gand - Belgium


By Dushan Grujich, on September 16th. 2013

This monocular microscope is branded O.I.P. Gand i.e. Optique et Instruments de Précision, Ghent, Belgium. 

It was almost impossible for me to find any details about the 'scope, at least not in English language, although there may have been some data available in French or perhaps in Flemish. 

Nevertheless this microscope was built solidly, its main parts are cast in brass and then machined to close tolerances to such an extent that it is still working nicely and smoothly as it did when it came out of factory.

The optics it came with are of excellent quality, in line with those made by Leitz of Wetzlar. The tubus mechanical length also follows the same Leitz standard of 170 mm. The nosepiece can accept three achromatic objectives.


Objectives as supplied with the 'scope:

Achromatic Achromatic


11/0.28 40/0.65 100/1.25 OI 

Plus the set of oculars:

Huygens Huygens Huygens
5X  10X  15X 
Microscope by itself stands 330 mm tall (13") and weighs about 6 kg (~13lb) on its own and about 8 kg (~18lb) inside of the wooden box with all of its basic accessories neatly packed inside.

As can be seen on the image the 'scope is of the classical design, with a horseshoe base, with pivoted "C" shaped arm, separate coarse and fine focus knobs, three objective nosepiece, and with condenser and iris diaphragm mounted under the stage focusable by rack and pinion mechanism.

Illumination by double sided mirror, flat and concave.

Condenser is a usual two element Abbe design NA 1.2, 37.0 mm standard mount.

The OIP Gand brand 

Nosepiece with objectives mounted.

One of the oculars in its place.
The condenser with iris diaphragm and mirror just below it. 
To hold glass slide one can use either the stage clips or the mechanical stage. 

Both are parts of the basic accessories and are included. 



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