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Converting incandescent-lamp illuminator to a power LED
Преобразование осветителя ОИ-32, из лампового в светодиодное
Power LED Driver
Measuring microscope objective NA
Measuring immersion objective NA - UC
Measuring condenser NA
Abbe's Test of Objective Aplanatism
LOMO OI-14 condenser repair
CZJ Nf stand LED conversion
Reichert Dark Field Condenser
DF Cardioid Condenser for Leitz Laborlux-Pol 'scope
Zeiss Abbe Refractometer repair Part 1
Zeiss Abbe Refractometer repair Part 2
Zeiss Winkel GFL Repair-LED Conversion
Zeiss West KF2 Repair-LED Conversion
DIY Phase Contrast
LOMO MBI-3 LED Illuminator 
Srb-a-�tys - Czech, pre WWII, measuring microscope 
CZJ Plastival 50 - Mikrostereoprojektor 
Rotary Microtome - Sartorius, G�ttingen
CZJ Nf stand - Research microscope 
CZJ Nf Stand - Trinocular Attachment
CZJ Polmi A - POL microscope
OIP Gand Microscope - Belgium
LZOS MBS-10 Stereoscope
LOMO Biolam 70P2 Routine microscope 
LOMO Biolam 70D2 Field microscope
LOMO АУ-12, Binocular head
LOMO Anoptral Phase Contrast - MFA-2
LOMO MOB-1-15x Filar Micrometer
CZJ Abbe Refractometer type G - UC
Leitz - MIKAS-M
Leitz Laborlux-Pol Microscope - UC


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