LOMO MOB-1-15x - Filar Micrometer  
By Dushan Grujich, on January 11th. 2015



LOMO MOB-1-15x Filar Micrometer in its wooden box


Image of the Filar Micrometer with the additional tube 30.40 mm shorter than the standard tube used on Biolam 70 monocular 

A cross section diagram showing the internal construction of MOB-1-15

1 -

 Fixed scale 0 - 8 mm
2 -  Movable scale with crosshair and index
3 -  Micrometer screw indexed 0-100, each division representing 1/100 mm
MOB-1-15x Filar Micrometer is constructed using a standard compensating ocular AM-27, magnification of 15x with the two scales placed at the intermediate image plane.  

Graphic representation of the two scales, both superimposed onto the intermediate image plane



The actual view of both scales looking down the ocular, normally they are superimposed with the image of the observed object




Using filar micrometer in combination with an object micrometer, such as shown above, one can do very accurate measurements




 The short tube is intended for use with Biolam-M, the metallographic microscope which has 190 mm TL, and is used to replace standard tube of the monocular when using MOB-1-15x with objectives for 160 mm TL


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