LOMO Binocular Head - АУ-12
By Dushan Grujich, on April 30th. 2014



LOMO Inclined Binocular Head with magnification factor 1.5x - АУ-12 upper side view


LOMO Inclined Binocular Head with magnification factor 1.5x - АУ-12 under side view


Binocular Head in its box - wood, or cardboard in more recent years, as normally supplied by LOMO


LOMO logo with the АУ-12 markings and serial number, the N943445, the first two digits signifying the year it was produced in, the 1994



LOMO АУ-12 paired oculars 7x and 10x


Ocular type



and marking

Linear field of view [mm] dia.

Focal length


Huyghens (matched pair)



18 36.0
Huyghens (matched pair)


10x 15 25.0
Compensating (matched pair)


K7x 18 35.0
Compensating (matched pair)


 K10x 13 25.0

Table above gives designations and basic data of ocular pairs, either Huyghens or Compensating, as normally supplied with the АУ-12


 LOMO АУ-12 Binocular attachment optical diagram shown as part of Biolam 70 microscope


LOMO binocular head was designed primarily for the Biolam 70 series of microscopes following Siedentopf design. Mechanical TL of 160 mm and optical TL of 147 mm. Interpupillary distance can be adjusted from 55-75 mm. Bino comes equipped with two matched pairs of oculars with magnification of 7x and 10x, either Hyugens or Compensating, depending on the objectives supplied with the microscope in question. Magnification factor of the binocular attachment is 1.5. 

It is safe to use it at normal indoors temperatures, as well as outdoors during short periods at temperatures from 10 C to 40 C. The left hand tube is equipped with dioptric adjustment mechanism used to compensate for observer's eye differences within the range of +/- 5 diopters.


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