Plastival 50

Stereo Microscope Projector - Carl Zeiss Jena

Stereo microscope projector is used to enlarge images of small components and then project them on a precision ground frosted glass and thus enable their inspection. Carl Zeiss Plastival 50
Microscope projector showing a watch wheel magnified 32 times, lighted from above and from below.

This Stereo Microscope Projector is capable of 8x, 12.5x, 20x, 32x and 50x magnification, projecting images onto a frosted screen 160 mm in diameter and 120 mm high. 

Carl Zeiss Plastival 50
Damaged Grana fourth wheel, with one tooth broken, is  shown next to the watch gauge showing its real size. Enlarged image of the wheel
The same wheel, magnified 32x and projected onto the frosted screen of the microscope projector.

Image is used to compare the tooth geometry to the milling cutter during its making. That cutter will be used in machining a new wheel, with teeth exactly matching the old one in order to replace it. 
Enlarged image of the wheel
Here we can see the optical diagram of the unit showing light source 3 and collector lens 2.

The two objectives 11, and the two pairs of Galilean telescopes, set in a rotating drum 10. 

The image projecting system arrangement located on the top of the unit with the frosted glass screen 9. 


The  two objective lenses, on diagram marked "6", used to form stereoscopic image, are also used to project one, or two, beams of light for reflected light illumination.


The accessory base 29 used to provide transmitted light illumination using two fibre optic cables 27 which transmit light from the illuminator collector 26 to the condenser located in the base. 



The accessory base with the top removed showing the fibre optic cables 35 and condenser arrangement.