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Please E-Mail questions or comments to:
[email protected] or [email protected]

Colorado State Director:
Wayne Peterson

Club Officers:
President: Clyde Smith
Vice President:
Curt Mitchell
Secretary: Joe Willis
Treasurer: Pete Benedict
Claims Committee Chairmen: Joe Malogrino
                                                        Ivan Brown
                                                        T.R. Tanner
                                                        David Maxwell
                                                        Darwin Richardson
                                                        Rhonda Martin

The Durango Diggers Meet every second Wednesday of the month at the VFW hall in Durango, CO at 6:30 PM. All people interested in gold prospecting and related outdoor activities are welcome. GPAA membership is not required to be a member of the club.

The club has recently acquired a prosperous gold claim in Naturita, CO. Members wishing to use the claim must participate in at least two club sponsored events excluding outings to gain private access to the claim. Anyone with claim info or hot spots they are willing to share, e-mail me. Site Best viewed in 1024 X 768 or higher resolution.
Directions to club meeting places below.
Contact Info:
Name: Dan Sledzinski (Webmaster)
Email: [email protected]
Last Update: 07-11-2009
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2009 Schedule of Events:

At this time all meetings will be held at the Durango VFW hall at 6:30 PM. Location changes will be posted on this website.

Meeting and Event Dates:
Metting Descriptions and Locations TBA Pending Finalization of Schedule.

Click here for 2009 meeting schedule.

Other Outings and Events TBA.

Participation Incentives!
By attending meetings, going on outings or helping at shows you can win prizes!

1). Drawing will be held four times a year (every quarter).You can increase your chances of winning by
2). Each member attending meetings will have their name put into the attendance drawing.
3). Each day spent helping to put on membership shows will get your name in the drawing.
4). All outings attended will get your name into the drawing.
5). You must be present to win!! Outings are to be set up by members at monthly meetings.
6). In December all 4 quarters will be put into the end of the year drawing and you must be present to win! We will have monthly door prizes, panning contests, and many surprises!

Naturita Claim Usage:

All Members of the Durango Diggers Club are authorized to use this claim during club outings. Any other usage requires permission. To be eligible to use the claim you must help at two club sponsored events during the year.

Anyone with outing or show pictures, please e-mail them to me at the Durango Diggers address.
Thank You,

Real Colorado Gold!!!
Dredging in Naturita, CO
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