A hero's actions are timeless and universal echoes - resonating through history, by bestowing meaning upon life.
The authentic hero is concerned with the dignity and significance of man in confrontation with mortal fate -
he challenges life to yield newer, forever higher, possibilities.

Heroes inspire life; they are by their example a spur and catalyst for the living.

Anonymous 323 B.C.

Having enhanced mental and/or physical abilities,or perhaps just greater social prominance, they also have greater responsibilities. A true hero is defined by how he/she uses these talents.

Heroes serve a basic need in the human psyche. We need to believe as much as need to take in air, consume food, and procreate. A hero inspires. A hero motivates.

We all need to be inspired.

Who becomes a legend? Some legends are saints, but most are merely human. A legend makes a difference.

1997: Albanian-born Mother Theresa, 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner, known world-wide for her selfless work with India's destitute, and all but abandoned masses, died of a heart attack. Diana, whose life was a dizzying mix of highs and lows, of success and failure, died brutally. She was a victim of the type of rabid press frenzy she had helped create.

Bruce Lee ... He became a legend after his untimely departure. He had started to garner accolades during his short life, and shorter film career. A mythology has arose around him and his life, and death

More to come.

A legendary romance sixty years in the making.

There are a multitude of American legends. From founding father George Washington, to frontiersman Daniel Boone, to Native American freedom fighters Cochise and Geronimo, to WW2 hero Audie Murphy and on to the Mercury Astronauts; American legends have inspired the world.

I'll post links to Canadian peacekeepers, and to Canadian scientists and inventors soon.
I'll also provide information and links for Sara Lee, Issac Brock, Joseph Brant, and a bit of RCMP history.
Canada also has a proud military heritage.
Here is a living tribute to history and service.

A link to regiments and historical information.


At least Rick and Ilsa spent some time in Paris.

Before four color comics there were the black and whites. Some began as newspaper strips, and others as weekly collections. One of the stalwarts of this medium, and later of others, was The Phantom.
The Ghost Who Walks was the creation of the late Lee Falk.
My first glimpse of the mysterious Mr Walker come sometime near my seventh birthday. My aunt Anna had decided to let me buy a comic book. She had visions of Scamp and Donald Duck. She was properly mortified when I chose a comic with a bit more zip.
A purple-clad adventurer was squaring off with the largest eagle I'd ever seen.
Well heck, forget Scamp. Image copyright Ed Rhoades/Phantom 1998 KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, INC. THE HEARST CORPORATION.

Movie Legends

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