Tiny, cute little Eevee!
Chibi Espeon.. so cute!
How adorable!  I love Flareon!
Aww..  So kawaii!
Eevee's eon
Eevee's cute and eeevil counterpart!
I just love all of Eevee's evolutions!
Aww.. Poor eevee was left all alone.
Give her some water, she's thirsty.
I'll start off this page by saying that Eevee is the best Pokemon there is!  The cutest, most adorable and unique one of all 251!  Although I'm completely obsessed with dragons, and most people that know me would think my favorite Pokemon would be Dratini,  Dragonair or Dragonite, I can't help but love Eevee's cute round eyes, or the adorable fox tail...  I wish I had an Eevee of my own!
Aww.. Eevee's cute in 3d as well!
Every time I go through the games (I have red, silver, gold and crystal) I think that I'll be able to go through it with all new Pokemon, so that I can slowly build up the 251 of them.  But it never happens.  As soon as I get the Eevee in Celadon/ from Bill, I just can't leave it in my Pokebox on the PC!  It's just too cute to leave all alone! ^-^
Eevee's fuzzy, warm and adorable fire evolution!
Whenever I have two Eevees, or if I'm just trying to get a second form of Eevee, the first one I always choose is Flareon.  Next to Eevee, Flareon is the most adorable Pokemon!  I love the beautiful furcoat, and just look at that face.  How could you not just love a face as cute as that?!  Think of how useful a Pokemon like this could be!  If you were stranded somewhere overnight, she could keep you warm, or, even better, if someone pissed you off, you could simply get her to flame them in the backside!
Needless to say after all that, Flareon is my second favorite Pokemon.  I also love drawing her.  She's so easy to draw, and she always looks cute!  In the game, since the Fire stones are so hard to come by (especially in silver and gold) I usually trade them from Red, or cheat and use my Game Shark.  I don't care if anyone has something against them, I need my Eeveelution fix!
I couldn't find a 3D pic of Espeon. Any ideas where I could?
Couldn't find and Umbreon either...
Espeon, one of the two newest evolutions of Eevee, is also my third favourite evolution.  It's easier to get either Espeon or Umbreon in the silver, gold and crystal than any of the other three because of the lack of the evolutionary stones.  But that's no problem, because Espeon is just so kawaii!!  Also, this Pokemon happens to be the strongest Psychic Pokemon (next to Mew and Mewtwo of course!)  What an honour for little Eevee!
Just like Espeon, Umbreon is the strongest Pokemon in it's type category, but on top of that, it's also the only true dark Pokemon!  I just love how in Pokemon Stadiun 2, Umbreon's yellow markings turn from yellow to purple.  It looks so cool!  I also really like this evolution for the fact that it is pure Evil!  Much like myself.  You gotta love the evilness of her.  I wish that Pokemon were real, because then I would use her as my mascot!
Aww.. I love all of these Pokemon SOOO much!
And last but not least...
Move over, Pikachu!  Here comes the best electric Pokemon ever!  (In my opinion anyway..) That would be Jolteon, Eevee's electrifying evolution.  One of the original three, Jolteon is my fourth favorite Eeveelution.  Isn't she just adorable?!  Bright, yellow and spikey!  One of the fastest Pokemon in the game, she's just so cute!  Not many Pokemon can take down my Jolteon!
And last but not least, the water Eeveelution, Vaporeon!  Out of the bunch, I think Vaporeon looks the least like Eevee, which is probably why I like her last.  But that doesn't mean I don't like her!!  She's my sixth favourite Pokemon, how could I?!  She's just as kawaii as all the others.  I love her tail too!  It's so cool looking, and really classy.  She's not really the playful-looking type, she's more dignified and beautiful.
Awww.. Cute!!
Eevee's picture gallery
So, that's it!  For more Eevee and the Eons (geez, that sounds like a band name!) Go to the Eon picture gallery!  There you will find every Eon picture I have so far.  It may take a while to load, because I don't feel like making a thumbnail gallery.  It's definetly worth it though, if you really like Eevee and the others as much as I do!  Now, lets see... I was going to say something else..  Oh crap. I forgot.  Oh well, anyway, uhh..  Well, continue on!
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