Whipped cream

Okay, this story is a PWP (Plot?What Plot? *Blinks*). But if you want a
reason why Chi Chi and Bulma aren't in this story, they're DEAD!!! *Evil
laughter* No, don't get me wrong I like them just not for this story...
Sorry *Chibi Duo grin* And it's a Lemon, I think... Maybe not... oh, Hell,
call it what you want! Enjoy

Disclaimer: Had to add, just ignore... I have no money so I sure as Hell
don't own DBZ Sadly... but I wouldn't mind owning Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo,
and/or Veggie-chan.
Vegeta: Don't call me that woman!
Duo-chan: Don't call me that or I'll stick you in a lemon with... PICCOLO!
Veggie-chan: *Cowers in corner*
Trunksy-chan: Hay I never came up with that idea... (my muse)
Duo-chan: I know... Anyway enjoy the story! Even if it does suck...

"Dad! Daddy! Where are you?" Gohan called.
He knocked on his Fathers bedroom door. No answer came so he pressed his
ear up against the door. He heard doft moaning noises, sighings, and a small
sushing sound. (shhhhhhh)
Gohan moved away from the door. "Um, Dad?" Where are you? Oh, nevermind,
I'll find someone else."
He walked away from the door and sighed. "Dad and Vegeta have bben going
at it for a few days now. I don't think they're buying me playing dumb. I
wish they would come out so I wouldn't have to but food to replace what they
take at night."
Gohan walked out he front door and was greeted by Trunks who had just
landed in his front yard.
"Hay, Gohan! I'm looking for my Dad! I haven't seen him for..." Trunks
held up his fingers, counting them. "One, two, three, four, five days! Do
you know where he is?"
"Um, well, he's with my Dad and, um, they're busy." Gohan mumbled as he
"Doing what? Training?" Trunks questioned.
"Um, no. They're haveing sex."
"Again? Didn't they do that last week?"
"Yes, but they're at it again. I was hoping they would be done by now
because I wanted to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Hay! We could
train together!"
"Good idea. I wanted to train anyway. Lets go!"
Gohan and Trunks took off into the air. A few minutes later they landed
outside of Dende's place. "Hay, Dende! We're going to use the Hyperbloic
Time Chamber! Thanx!" Gohan shouted and then dragged Trunks inside.
"Gohan! He might not have wanted us in here!"
"Too late! I'm hungary, lets eat!" Gohan walked to the little "house"
and found the frige. "Hay, ice cream! Trunks, there's ice cream and whip
cream. Want some?"
"Sure." Trunks said as he stood in the doorway.
Gohan scooped the frozen cream into two bowls.
"Here. It's good. Mr. Popo sure knows how to pick ice cream. Hang on,
you have ice cream on your chin."
Gohan reached up and licked the sticky substance off of Trunks' chin.
"Yummy. You taste good, Trunks."
"Do I? I'd think you would taste better."
Trunks leaned down and kissed Gohan in the lips. "Yep. Just as I
thought, sweet with a little spice."
They contunued to kiss as clothes went flying out the window, down the
halls, and even into the cubards.
"Gohan, why don't we go into the bedroom?"
"No, Trunks, I want it here. NOW!"
Trunks smiled. He kissed Gohan's neck and moved lower to his chest.
"Mmmm, nipple." (AN: Sorry I had to say that! My friend who wanted me to
write this doesn't like the word nipple he, he,he...)
Gohan giggled. "Are they good?"
"I think we need whip cream. What so you think?"
Gohan nodded and watched Trunks' behind sway back and forth as he looked
for the whip cream. "Gohan, where is it? I can't find it!"
"It's in the back of the second shelf."
"Found it!"
Trunks held up his prize proudly with the V is for victory sign. He
walked over to Gohan and plopped (*PLOP!*) a good handfull of the whipped
cream onto his lover's chest.
"Trunks! That's cold!" he bellowed at the top of his his lungs.
Trunks smirked and smeared the cool substance around. "I know. Whip
cream's best that way." Trunks winked.
Gohan layed on the table as Trunks leaned over him with a smile. The
lavender haired man slowly licked up the oler man's chest. Gohan moaned at
the pleasure. "That's nice... don't stop...ohhh!"
Trunks licked all the yummy (AN:* licks lips*) whip cream off. He
reached for more, putting it on his fingers. "Gohan, this will be cold but
trust me, you'll like the end results." Trunks winked again.
"Sure, I trust you."
Trunks kissed Gohan in the lips softly as he moved his fingers to
Gohan's opening. He slowly moved them inside so as not to hurt his lover.
"Trunks, please, it feels so good! Don't stop! Now, please, Trunks!"
"Shhh, love, soon, I promise."
Trunks continued to move his fingers in and out as he move lower and
took Gohan's manhood into his warm mouth.
Gohan groaned as the heat enclosed him."NOW TRUNKS! PLEASE!"
Trunks moved back up the older man's body and smiled. He slowly entered
his dark haired lover. THey both groaned aloud at the pleasure of the
intamate contact.
Trunks moved to his own tempo and Gohan quickly picked it up. They
cluched at each others sweatly bodies.
"Oh, Trunks, I'm so close, now please! I need it now!"
Trunks' pace speed up as both men came closer to their peak. Gohan
reached heaven first and screamed out his pleasure. His passon seeped onto
his stomach and smeared onto Trunks. Gohan's peack sent Trunks over the top,
right behind his love.
"Gohan!" Trunks moaned.
He collapsed on top of Gohan, breathing heavily.
"Wow! Better than I ever thought. I've wanted you for a long time,
Trunks. I just never thought you'd want me back..."
"I know what you mean. I was so worried you would hate me if you found
out...I'm so happy this happend!"
"Yes, Trunks? I wnat you to know that I love you."
"Gohan." Trunks had tears in his eyes. He reached around the other man
and hugged him. " I think I love you, too."
"What do you think our parents are going to say?"
"Nothing, they're to busy with each other." Both laughted.
"well, we have a whole year to enjoy each other and train, what do you
want to do now?" Gohan questioned.
"Let's enjoy each other." Trunks wiggled his eyebrows.
"Well, let's go to it!" Gohan said as he wrapped his leges around
They kept busy the whole "Day/year" they were there.

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