Goku yawned and snuggled closer to the warm body next to him. He grinned sleepily as a tail wound its way around his thigh. He rolled over to look at his mate and gasped. Vegeta was watching him sleepily but the thing he immediately noticed was there was a golden ring around both of Vegeta?s eyes and he wasn?t powered up at all.

?G?G?Geta??  he asked hesitantly.

?Hmm??? Vegeta asked lazily stretching.

?What?s up with your eyes?? Goku asked nervously.

?Same thing that is wrong with yours? Vegeta said handing Goku a mirror. Goku looked and saw he also had golden rings around his pupils.

?What does this mean?? Goku asked pointing at his eyes.

?You know what today is right?? Vegeta asked patiently.

?Yeah full moon?.but our eyes never did this before? Goku said sounding a trifle frustrated.

?Not just a full moon. Tonight is a golden moon? Vegeta said smiling lazily his tail tightening briefly around Goku?s thigh.

?What does that mean?? Goku asked slightly exasperated at his mate?s obvious lack of concern.

?Meaning during a golden moon there is a special change in pure blooded Saiyans and the night time is when it really takes effect.? Vegeta answered blinking sleepily.

?Meaning!? Goku demanded.

?Oh you?ll see? Vegeta said smiling lazily. He then rolled over and passionately kissed Goku. Slowly the taller saiyan relaxed leaning into it. Finally Vegeta rolled back over and smiled at his mate. ?I think you should get some rest. Tonight is going to be rough. There hasn?t been a Golden Moon in 50 years and this is going to exciting? so saying he rolled over his tail briefly brushing Goku?s thigh before curling around his waist.

Goku shrugged deciding his mate knew what he was talking about and laid back down on the bed and closed his eyes drifting off once more his tail briefly brushing Vegeta before it copied Vegeta?s and curled around his waist.

A few hours later Vegeta woke him up and the two went down to the kitchen for some food. Goku noticed that Vegeta kept puffing his tail out and looking around then going back to his food. Suddenly he felt like he was being watched. His tail fluffed and he glanced all around trying to detect any ki other than Vegeta?s. He couldn?t so he went back to eating. He saw Vegeta had noticed his little episode and grinned. ?Gomen, I felt someone watching me?. He shrugged.
Vegeta grinned. ?Don?t worry, this is just one of the effects of the moon. Don?t try to control anything today or tonight. Whatever happens will and there really isn?t anything pure Saiyans can do about it.?

Goku nodded understandingly. ?I understand Vegeta?

The two went back to eating and soon they finished. Then Goku looked at Vegeta. ?Now what?? he asked.

?I would suggest we start heading out to an unpopulated place.? Vegeta said. "We don't want to harm anyone else when we can't control it"

Goku nodded a trifle confused and the two left the house and set flight flying side by side neither speaking but neither felt any need to either. Quickly they flew, finally landing on a deserted island covered in foliage and winding brooks. Somewhere in the distance Goku heard a waterfall.

They looked around. ?Is this going to be good enough Geta?? Goku asked.

?Hai? Vegeta said grinning. He then led Goku through the trees and as they traveled they could hear the waterfall getting louder and louder. Finally they burst through some trees and suddenly froze staring at the scene presented to them.

There was a waterfall as well as crystal clear lake surrounded by ferns and lined with boulders smooth from hundreds of years of water flowing over them. Goku yelled with delight and quickly shed his clothing jumped into the water from the cliff they were standing on yelling all the way down uninhibited.

Vegeta grinned and shook his head at the splash Goku made as he hit the water. Then he too quickly shed his clothing and dove in making a much more graceful picture. He landed with a small splash. He surfaced gasping slightly at the feeling of the cool water flowing over him. Then he looked around and laughed when he saw Goku levitating in the waterfall moving his arms and legs as if he were swimming up the water. Finally he exited the pouring water and shook himself to rid himself of the extra water. His tail fluffed when it finished shaking. He grinned rakishly at Vegeta and allowed hiself to drop into the water.

Vegeta watched waiting for him to surface. He realized what Goku was going to do too late when two hands latched onto his legs from behind pulling him quickly down. He was swiftly turned around under water to face Goku who pulled Vegeta quickly closer and brought their mouths together in a fierce kiss. Vegeta quickly recovered from his surprise and wrapped his arms around Goku while they continued to kiss underwater, both being able to go for up to 5 minutes without air. He began rubbing his leg up Goku's making the taller Saiyan shiver slightly.

Finally they broke apart reluctantly to get air. They broke the surface of the water both inhaling deeply. They looked into each other's eyes and laughed lightly. "C'mere you!" Vegeta said quickly swimming to Goku and dunking him. He laughed lightly and swum away from the sputtering Saiyan.

They played in the water for a few more hours, casually caresing each other, both instictively knowing that it was not yet time to move beyond touching. Finally the sun began to set. Both got an excited feeling as if their blood suddenly began boiling in their veins and exited the water. They quickly donned their pants and began following their instinct. They slowly climbed the rocks until they reached the top of the waterfall. Then something compelled them to stare at the moon.

It hung high in the sky, and it was a dark golden color. Not the usual bright white of a full moon, this moon was completly golden. Suddenly both stiffened and their eyes flashed quickly as their pupils turned completely gold. They slowly bent over curling at the waist growling softly. Their tails began to fade to a more golden color and slowly the fur of their tails turned the same dark gold of the moon. Suddenly both snapped up as if a string was run down their spines and they had been snapped up by some spring action.

Then they stared at the moon a few moments more growling softly. Then suddenly they became aware of the other. They slowly turned seeing their mate. They growled low in recognition almost a croon. Then they lunged at each other.

They began rolling around on the ground fighting for control over the other. Kicking, biting, scratching, and growling fiercly they rolled all over the ground. Finally Goku managed an uppercut to Vegeta's chin effectively stunning the shorter Saiyan long enough for Goku to force both his hands back behind his back. He then swiftly bent down and bit into his mate's neck grinning madly at the surprise in his mate's eyes when he realized what had happened. Goku latched onto the wound sucking and lapping at the wound. Then he bodily flipped Vegeta over onto his stomach the smaller Saiyan growling all the while instinctively knowing what was happening.

Goku ripped off his gi pants and the rest of Vegeta's gi pants and quickly positioned himself. Briefly a moment of sanity flashed through his consciousness but he growled low and soft and quickly thrust into his mate. He paused momentarily allowing his mate the small cutesy to adjust. Then he began hammering into Vegeta at an insane rate using him hard. Both Saiyans growling at the pleasure of the moment.

Suddenly Goku wrapped an arm around Vegeta's chest and hauled him up so they were in a squat position and continued thrusting fast and furious. Vegeta just growled softly, almost a croon and leaned into his mate grinding himself down onto Goku's need. They used each other hard finally climaxing both looking up and howling as they came.

They then collapsed to the ground panting. They lay on the ground for maybe an hour then suddenly they both got up and faced each other again growling. They again began to fight. This time they flew quickly behind, between, and around trees dodging and zagging all around the island. Finally after maybe 20 minutes of fighting Vegeta got frustrated and cried out using his Big Bang Attack. Needless to say it stunned Goku enough for the smaller Saiyan to tackle him to the ground and bite into his neck before hi could stop it.

Goku growled then arched his back purring when Vegeta ran his hand down Goku's tail. Suddenly he found himself on his hands and knees. Before he knew what was going on his back arched and he cried out as Vegeta thrust into him with no warning. Vegeta allowed him the same curtesy of a moment to adjust before quickly thrust in and out reveling in the hot tight warmth of Goku's body.

Goku writhed under Vegeta raising his backside more to accomodate Vegeta's thrusting more. Suddenly Vegeta paused and hauled them both to their feet without removing himself from Goku's body. Then he kicked Goku's legs apart slightly and began thrusting in again at an even quicker pace. They too grunted and cried out from the sensations they were feeling. Finally Vegeta came, his pleasure triggering Goku's. They once more collapsed to the ground panting.

This pattern continued the rest of the night. They would fight until one or the other managed to latch onto the other's neck then proceeded to have his way with his mate. This lasted until they finally passed out from the exertion.

They woke up the next morning groaning. Goku rolled over slowly grunting with the exertion of movement. He finally flopped over and saw Vegeta in much the same condition as he was. "Geta?" he asked mentally still too tired to speak.

"Hai?" came Vegeta's mental reply and Goku had to admit it sounded pretty satisfied and a little smug.

"What the hell was that?" Goku sighed in his mate's mind.

"That was the beauty of th golden moon. It allows us to be completely uninhibited and I must say I liked it" Vegeta said.

"Thank god that doesn't happen every full moon" Goku sighed rolling onto his back to stare at the sky.

"Hai...it does seem a bit excessive...I never knew you could be such an animal Goku" Vegeta said.

Goku blushed then he grinned "Hai but you certainly didn't sound like you minded from all the crooning I could hear" he answered.

"Hush" Vegeta said smiling slightly. The two slowly scooted closer to the other and fell asleep again in each other's arms. Both wound their tails around the other and after a slow lick acrost the wounds on each other's necks they collapsed and fell asleep.
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