Goku wandered around the house listlessly. His tail wove from side to side lazily as he wandered the halls of the cabin he shared with his mate. The thought of his mate made his tail bush up slightly and he grinned at the thought of the coming night's activities. Tonight was Vegeta's Moon Game. Just that morning Vegeta had pinned him to the bed that morning and growled...."Tonight we play, payback is a bitch"

Then he had proceeded to stalk from the room, his tail swishing violently behind him. Goku had grinned and said nothing. That was the only time he had seen Vegeta the whole day. He wondered where his "Little Ouji" had gone. He grinned at the nickname and continued on with his restless walking. Suddenly he was hit from behind knocking him into a wall. His last thought before passing out was "Shimatta".

Goku woke up groaning, he came awake suddenly to a low chuckle. He peered around with one eye trying to find the source of the low laughter. To his frustration he found he was in a dark room. To further his frustration he discovered he had been restrained in some fashion, his arms and feet having been secured to what felt like cold metal.

"V...Vegeta?" he called out softly.

His only response was the same soft laugh, an undertone of danger making him shiver slightly. He heard soft footsteps approaching and felt something attach around each of his wrists...feeling slightly like metal arm cuffs. Suddenly his ki power dropped. Beginning to get very worried he struggled slightly against his bindings and said, "Vegeta...this isn't funny anymore...let me out now!"

The only answer he got was a hand grasping his tail and caressing it lightly. He inhaled sharply and called out once more, "G...G...Geta?"

Suddenly lights turned on momentarily blinding him. He squinted in the bright glare trying to see. Finally his eyes adjusted and he saw Vegeta standing watching him with an evil smirk on his face. He pouted and glared at his mate. He held up his wrists and peered at the metal cuffs encircling his arms. He looked at Vegeta. "Take them off...now." he growled.

"Now don't pout" Vegeta said lightly mocking him.

Goku's eyes narrowed as he watched Vegeta. Vegeta smiled and walked closer. "I told you payback was a bitch" he whispered in Goku's ear before lightly nibbling it.

Goku shut his eyes briefly then re-opened them to peer at Vegeta once more. Now something more was glinting in his eyes, a hint of mischievisness glinting in the dark deapths. "I didn't know you were so into bondage Geta" he said mockingly.

Vegeta returned the smirk and said, "I'm not....I much more prefer hunting my prey than tying them down." While he said so he released Goku's restraints and led him to a door. When he opened it he revealed a huge surprise.

Goku stared at what appeared to be huge labyrinth composed of steel covered in vines. "What is this Vegeta?"

"One of Bulma's inventions....sort of a inter-dimension game she made one day when she was bored....I go here to think some times" Vegeta said while looking over the huge maze.

"This is the game?" Goku asked looking wide eyed at the maze.

"Yes" Vegeta. Without another word he grabbed Goku's arm and they lifted up.

"Hey Geta...you know...I do know how to fly myself" Goku said tugging on Vegeta's grip.

"Actually...you can't...the bracelets are inhibiting your ability. Also no ki blasts, no instant transmission etc" Vegeta said smirking at Goku's look.

"Isn't that horribly unfair?" Goku asked tightening his grip on Vegeta slightly.

"Yes....but this is MY game" Vegeta said laughing.

"Hn...." Goku said tempted to stick out his tongue.

Finally they landed and Goku saw they were at the opening to the maze. Vegeta set him down and looked at him for a moment. "Alright Goku...I'll give you....ohh.....10 minutes to get started before I come after you..." Vegeta said smiling.

"10 minutes?" Goku asked.

"Oh yes....you see if you reach the center of the maze before I can find you then you win and can choose your prize...but if I find you...." Vegeta ended the sentence with a devilish smirk.

"I see" Goku said he then began jogging towards the maze.

"Oh...and Goku..." Vegeta said. Goku turned to him questioningly.

"Be careful of the booby traps ne?" Vegeta said smiling.

"Oi Kami" Goku murmured and began jogging again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10 minutes elapse~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Vegeta stood up briefly stretching out his legs before walking towards the entrance of the maze, his tail whipping from side to side in anticipation of the hunt. He rubbed his hands together briefly chuckling, sniffed the air once or twice and set off.

Goku meanwhile was racing through the maze as quietly as he could trying to remember each turn he was taking by breaking limbs but to his frustration after a few turns he would end up at another spot where he had broken the branches only a few turns earlier.

"K'so" this is hopeless....I am never going to reach the center before he finds me" Goku mumbled sliding to rest a moment on his haunches while rubbing his forehead. "I hate being this powerless..." he said trailing off when he heard a branch snap. He stiffened and began trying to figure out from which direction the sound had come from. His eyes darted all over while he began pushing himself towards the wall, trying to flatten himself to it as much as possible.

His eyes widened when he heard a low chuckle very near to where he was. "Let's see...if I was a Saiyan who had suddenly lost a good chunk of my energy and was wandering around in a maze with no clue where I was...what would I do?" It was Vegeta and the voice was no more than 20 feet away. Actually it sounded as if he was on the other side of the wall Goku was leaning against, holding his breath. He heard a last low chuckle and then footsteps began fading away.

It was about 2 minutes before Goku dared to move or breathe. He looked around cautiously. He carefully stood and looked around. He listened for a moment longer then let out a sigh which ended in a gasp then a long drawn out wail when suddenly he was hurtling down through a tunnel. He reached his arms out to stop his fall. His hands simply ran over steel as he tumbled down the darkened tunnel. He grunted loudly in pain when he landed in a plain steel lined room. He stood up rubbing his buttocks and grunted in pain.

Vegeta stopped suddenly and whirled in his tracks when suddenly he heard a long wail that quickly diminished in intensity. He grinned widely. "Kami I love those booby traps" he said and laughed to himself as he walked quickly in the other direction.

Goku looked around then he looked up. He began debating with himself, try climbing back up or taking the one door in the room. He shrugged...might as well take the door...he couldn't fly at the time and if he slipped he was going to be damned if his was going to land on his ass on the steel floor again. He walked to the door and proceeded through cautiously. Unfortunately...not cautious enough as he fell into another tunnel and began sliding once again...wailing once more...."Nnnnnnnnnooooootttttttt   aaaaaaagggggaaaaaaiiiiinnnn!!!!!"

Vegeta had to stop and rest against the wall holding his sides when he heard Goku's second wail. "Oh lord he is never going to forgive me for this" he murmured to himself before proceeding to the opening of the first tunnel. He slow began floating down. He reached the room and headed towards the opening of the other. He stood for a moment listening appreciatively to the muffled curses below. "Wow...didn't know some of those myself" he murmured before beginning his own silent descent.

Goku lay at the bottom of the tunnel cursing quietly while trying to decide whether it was safe to actually try to move or not. Finally he sat up and looked around cautiosly trying to see anymore booby traps around him. He stood slowly...groaning and rubbing his backside once more. He slowly began to walk carefully testing his steps praying he didn't hit another tunnel...he might actually try to kill something if he did. Finally he loosened up and began walking quicker unaware of the shadow trailing him.

Vegeta watched Goku as he slowly made his way through the lower tunnels. Finally Goku sat down and rested for a moment. "Oi...I wonder what Vegeta's currently doing?"

"Following you" came the unsuspected reply.

Goku head shot up and looked around trying to find the owner of the voice. His eyes widened when all of the lights suddenly dimmed. Suddenly he heard Vegeta's laughter, and it began to grow and seemed to surround him. He looked around and tried to make out anything. He stood and began inching along the wall. Suddenly the lights began flickering on and off....much like a disco effect but what it ended up doing was giving an odd effect as Vegeta began walking towards him so it was almost like watching him approach in slow motion.

Suddenly Goku felt himself pressed up to the wall and lights settle down and suddenly Vegeta was pressing their lips together. He gasped in surprise and stiffened and suddenly Vegeta deepened the kiss, his tongue thrusting into Goku's mouth savagely.

Goku began to melt into the kiss when suddenly he felt himself hoisted into the air and it took a few moments before he realised Vegeta had hoisted him over his shoulder. "Geta...what the hell?" he asked confused.

"Shut up...I'm claiming my prize" Vegeta answered and suggestively smacked his ass.

Goku stiffened slightly but before he could make a retort, Vegeta lifted off and quickly began flying through the underground mazes until finally they surfaced. Vegeta set him down on the ground and quickly covered his lips with his own. He thrust his tongue into Goku's mouth relentlessly. Goku moaned and thrust his tongue forward to meet his mate's.

They stood there for a moment kissing finally Vegeta broke the kiss to Goku's disappointment. "No" he murmured as Vegeta moved away. Then he realized Vegeta was moving to remove his clothing. He quickly helped him, and then made a move to remove Vegeta's clothes but Vegeta moved his hands to his chest and suddenly he forgot what he was thinking. Slowly Vegeta trailed his fingers down to a nipple and began to pinch and squeeze gently, kneeding it between his fingertips.

Goku moaned as Vegeta teased his nipple. His back arched slightly and Vegeta's hand slowly trailed to the other nipple. His back arched further when Vegeta's mouth closed over one brown nub, teasing it further with his tongue and teeth. Goku's breathing was speeding up more and more and finally he grasped Vegeta hair, twining his fingers through the wild strand and pulled Vegeta back up for another kiss.

They kissed once more, mouths joined in a hungry pursuit of forcing the other to give in. Finally Vegeta made a sudden grab for Goku's tail and began rubbing it lightly. Goku's knees quickly began to collapse and he would have fallen except Vegeta wrapped an arm around him suddenly pulling their bodies together forcefully. Goku moaned at the sudden stimulation.

Vegeta continued to kiss Goku while stroking his tail and began grinding his hips against Goku's. Goku shivered and moaned louder as Vegeta forcefully ground their hips together. Slowly he began shivering more and more. Until finaly he gasped, "Geta....please..."

"Please? Please what? Please you? I thought that's what I was doing but if you don't want me to..." Vegeta said halting his motions smirking. Goku, unable to speak just shook his head and leaned into Vegeta furthering their contact. Finally Vegeta took some pity on Goku and lowered them to the ground. "Lay on your stomach" he said. Goku obediently rolled over and looked back at Vegeta waiting for him to make the next move.

Vegeta slowly began taking of his clothing carefully laying them to the side, giving him enough time to cool off before proceeding. He had to remain in control of himself. Finally he moved to cover Goku. He sat down on his rump and began tracing designs over his back with his fingers and tongue causing Goku to moan and shut his eyes again.

Finally Vegeta wound an arm around Goku's chest and leaned back so they were in a kneeling position. While one hand worked his nipples he held two fingers to Goku's mouth. "Open up" he whispered in Goku's ear nibbling lightly. Goku shivered slightly and opened his lips allowing Vegeta's fingers entrance. He awirled his tongue around the digits sensuously sucking and licking mimicking what he could be doing. Vegeta grinned slightly and removed his fingers slowly from his lips.

Using his knee, he spread Goku's legs slightly giving him more room. He slowly began inching one finger in then following it by a second scissoring his fingers to help loosen the ring of muscle. Goku moaned, "Geta....hn...harder" while squirming in his arms trying to get more friction. Vegeta chuckled and continued to slwoly pump his fingers in and out. Finally Goku's hips were thrusting withthe movement of his fingers. He slowly withdrew them and positioned himself.

Slowly he began pushing in moaning at the tight fit. Goku moaned as well arching his back when Vegeta hit his sweet spot on the first thrust. Slowly Vegeta pulled out then slammed back in. Goku cried out from the feelings. Slowly Vegeta began increasing the intensity and speed until they were both crying out from the pleasure. He encircled Goku's length pumping in rhythm to his thrusts. Finally Goku felt himself building up and stiffened crying out his pleasure as he came. Shortly after Vegeta crested muffling his own cry of pleasure by biting down onto Goku's neck.

The two collapsed to the ground panting in rasping breaths. Vegeta finally pulled out and rolled over to his side still panting. Goku rolled over and began nuzzling Vegeta's neck nibbling lightly then he sunk his teeth in. He lapped at the wound until the blood stopped flowing. Then he collapsed laying his head on Vegeta's chest.

"Geta?" He panted lightly.

"Hmm..?" Vegeta mumbled.

"I think you need to take these off now." Goku said holding out his wrists.

"Why right now?" Vegeta asked eyes closing.

"Because I might pass out otherwi...." Goku mumbled but didn't quite finish before falling asleep.

"Oops" Vegeta said smiling lightly. "Guess he was too tired to stay awake with a low ki" he smirked.

~~~~What is Goku's revenge going to be?~~~~
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