Vegeta walked through the cabin his tail waving gently in the air behind him. He was rumbling low in his chest, a mix of a purr and a growl. Tonight was his and Kakarrott's first Moon Game. "Goku" he mentally corrected himself. He was trying harder to call Goku by his Earth name.

He closed his eyes remembering the first time he had called Goku by that name...

~~~"Geta?" Goku whispered wide-eyed.
"Not now Goku" Vegeta said softly covering his mouth again before any protests could be uttered.
Goku barely registered Vegeta had called him by his other name before Vegeta began tugging on his clothes slowly pulling them off. He pulled back momentarily to aid him and they both quickly stripped and pressed their bodies back together. Both inhaled sharply at the new sensation of bare skin. They began exploring each other's bodies. Vegeta stood and pushed Goku back to a tree and made him stand as he began exploring.~~~

He felt himself starting to get affected by the vivid memories of their first coupling. He smiled ferally and began searching again. He knew Goku was a little nervous. It was neither's first time for sex, or even sex with each other. But Moon Games were more than sex. It was a time for bonding, to get closer to one's mate and the first time for a moon game between mates was when a bond was truly opened. For bonding is only truly completed on a full moon. The bond may open partially but it is only opened completely opened during the moon games played during a full moon.

Goku was in his room meditating in mid air. He sensed Vegeta coming nearer. His tail twitched briefly before he resumed meditating. He closed his eyes, clearing his mind. He heard Vegeta enter the room and watch him for a moment. His concentration waivered for a moment before recovering. He heard Vegeta slowly walk to him, the light swish of boots on the wood floor was the only clue he had as to how close Vegeta was. He smiled inwardly and refused to give.

He stopped though, his eyes opening as Vegeta's fingers began moving gently through the fur on his tail. He purred low in his chest, his head lolling back. He moaned as Vegeta expetly teased him. He shuddered when Vegeta ran his fingers all the way dow his tail.

"Ah.....Geta....Hn..." Goku gasped as Vegeta began to massage him through his pants while simultaneously playing with his tail.

Vegeta stopped though before Goku was too far into it. The sight of Goku helpless to his touch made him eager to begin the night's festivities. He grabbed Goku's tail gently and pulled him to the ground.
Goku looked him in the eyes and smiled, Vegeta noticed a little nervousness still lingering in his eyes. Impulsively he pulled Goku to him for a small hug. Goku grunted slightly at the speed of the hug and hugged Vegeta back. They stood that way for a moment before pulling backwards.

"So what's the game?" Goku asked his tail twitching behind him, betraying his excitement.

Vegeta grinned and explained the game. "It's called Trust" he said and went on to explain the game. Essentially "Trust" wasn't really a game. It was in all actually a set of ritualized motions that completed the bonding process. It had to be done on a full moon, and both participants needed their tails.
For Saiyans the bonding process was generally done between same sex participants. The only coupling done between opposite sex partner was to continue the race. Bonding was done to enhance the emotions of a permanent couple and to draw them into the closest conscioness achievable by the two.

Vegeta and Goku had used the brute ray years ago to restore their tails permanently. Vegeta led Goku outside and they began walking deeper into the surrounding woods. Neither was wearing contacts against the full moon. They had conditioned themselves long ago to be able to resist the force of the moon to the point where they would only change when they desired. They continued walking farther into the woods, their blood starting to rage from the moon. Although they wouldn't change, the moon still heightened their senses and excited their blood.

Vegeta glanced over at Goku and noticed his eyes were slowly taking on a faint reddish hue. Vegeta used telepathy to draw his mind from the effects of the moon, "Goku, not yet. It has to wait." Goku shook his head, relaxing slightly, the red fading from his eyes. He smiled sheepishly. "I can't help it, it feels so gooooooood" he said and stretched his body bathed in moon light. His tail straightning slightly and the fur sticking out before it sleeked back down. Vegeta grinned, he could understand. He too was feeling the moon, how the rays were almost like a presence caressing whatever it touched, making him feel flushed. He too stetched his tail fluffing a bit before it settled down.

They finally reached a clearing which Vegeta created earlier that day. They stood for a few moments in appreciative silence, then Vegeta took Goku's hand and led him to the center of the clearing. They stood staring into each other's eyes for a few moments, finally Goku asked using telepathy, "What do we do Geta?"
Vegeta smiled at the nickname, Goku had first it the first time they had...he drug his thoughts back to the present and answered Goku mentally, "Don't break my gaze and get your breathing in sync with mine. I will direct you with telepathy through the steps."

Goku nodded slightly and stared deeply into Vegeta's eyes. Their breathing gradually began slowing, deepening, and eventually they breathed together in harmony.

After maybe five minutes Vegeta spoke gently, "Raise your hands slowly, palms facing me. Don't break my gaze or the breathing." The two warriors slowly brought their hands up simultaneously. They stopped when their hands were inches apart.

"Next we are going to open our minds to each other. My memories will join yours and your memories will join mine. This means everything we know will become a joint consciouness. Do you understand?" Vegeta nearly whispered in Goku's mind.

"Hai. I understand Geta. I love you."came Goku's soft unspoken reply.

"I love you too Goku." Vegeta said. Then suddenly in the blink of an eye he grabbed Goku's hands interlacing their fingers and holding on tightly. Both men suddenly cried out, their bodies arching as suddenly the mental barrier was blown apart, the mental link kicked open. Their memories, thoughts, feelings flooding into the other's mind.

Goku stared wide-eyed at the sky shaking holding on for dear life to Vegeta as his mate's memories entered his mind in a stunning rush. His saw in his mind's flashes from Vegeta's memories. His birth, his training, him working for Freiza, the memories flooded with anger and a driving need to succeed, to surpass, to become strong enough to defeat Frieza. Then onto his numerous fights with Goku, the early ones laced with anger, humiliation and...fear? He didn't have time to think about think about it as more memories, still flooded with fights flooded his senses. The later the fights got though he noticed a subtle shift in the emotions from anger to a competitive spirit.He noticed the lasts fights they had had, the true fights not sparring, Vegeta had sensed he couldn't destroy Goku even if he wanted to. Finally the very latest memories were flooded with confusion over his new feelings for Goku, then acceptance, then joy and love.

Vegeta too was being flooded by memories that were thrust into his mind like a shot. He watched wide eyed as Goku's memories flashed through his inner conscience. Goku's purity, goodness, fighting spirit ran rampant through all his memories from his earliest to his latest. He notived though that the very latest memories focused solely on himself and them as a mated couple. Then to his complete surprise several graphic fantasies involving both of them flashed through. Vegeta blushed and unconsciously murmured "Oh my".

Finally, the transfer was finished and they met each other's eyes. Vegeta raised an eyebrow at Goku and said, "So that's what you think of my leather pants?"

Goku's eyes widened and he whispered, "K'so you got that too?" Vegeta just leered. Goku tried to let go of Vegeta's hand and hide his face. Instead, Vegeta pulled him in and told him they had one more part of the ritual. Goku looked at him and smiled.

Vegeta's tail encircled Goku's waist pulling him close. Goku's tail encircled Vegeta's pressing them closer still. They looked at each other then slowly they began to float. Goku sighed and kissed Vegeta lightly then trailed his lips down Vegeta's neck to the juction.

He paused, his tail tightening on Vegeta's waist, feeling Vegeta's tail tightened around his own. He opened his mouth lightly scraping his teeth over the skin of Vegeta's throat. He shivered feeling Vegeta do the same. The he paused a moment more, finally with a groan he set his teeth and sunk them into his mate's neck. He tasted the hot, sweet blood filling his mouth, overloading his senses. He began to suck leisurely enjoying the moment. He stiffened slightly as Vegeta sunk his teeth in. His eyes closed at the pure eroticism of the act washed over him. He continued to suck and lap at the wound he had created. Finally from some unspoken signal the two parted after a final almost apologetic lap at the wound they had created, both knowing the scars would never fade. They remained pressed together, rumbling deep in their chests the sound almost like a huge pride of lions purring. Goku nuzzled his head into the crook of Vegeta's neck sighing contentedly.

They remained clasped together for several more moments before Vegeta began stroking Goku's tail, right around the base with the tip of his own tail. Goku shivered briefly from the pleasure. He began rotating his hips lightly against Vegeta's as Vegeta continued to tease his tail.

He reached a hand to trail down Vegeta's back to the base of his spine where his tail began. He began lightly running his fingers around the area, scraping gently with his nails.

"" Vegeta murmured as Goku drew his hands down his tail until the tip, which he brought to his lips and began to tease it with his tongue and teeth. Nipping and licking and sucking lightly Goku worked just the tip of Vegeta's tail.

He also began to grind their hips together with more force. Vegeta's head lolled back, his back arching from the pleasure, conveniently exposing his throat. Goku leaned forward eagerly to lick and nip the exposed flesh his fingers taking over on the tail.

Vegeta's mind was whirling from the sensations. The moon, the fingers on his tail, the soft teasing at his groin, and the feel of Goku's lips on his neck. Not to mention Goku was rumbling deep in his chest, the vibrations causing his nipples to harden.

Finally he was shivering constantly from the pleasure then suddenly it stopped. He floated for a few moments, trying to recover himself head down, breathing harshly. Finally when he felt he could move without embarrasing himself he looked up at Goku, baring his teeth in a grin.

" are....going learn....not to tease..." Vegeta growled out, smiling ferally at his mate.

Goku grinned innocently, then his grinned transformed into something much more animalistic. "Who's gonna teach me?" he taunted.

Vegeta looked around for a moment the said, "Guess I'm nominated". He quickkly flew at Goku knocking him to the ground. Before Goku could react, Vegeta had secured his body to the ground with ki rings. He stood up to survey his handiwork. He smiled seeing Goku immobolized. He kneeled down and mumured, "Now you are going to learn not to tease." Goku's eyes widened slightly at the words.

Vegeta focused some ki energy to his hands and held them close to Goku. He passed his hands over Goku's body effectively dissolving his clothes without harming his body. He smiled and grabbed Goku's tail and began rubbing his fingers through the fur lightly teasing him. Goku's eyes closed and the purring noise began low in his chest again, softly at first.

Vegeta finally finished with his tail and moved to kneel over Goku. He lowered his mouth and began to kiss him, lightly, nibbling his lips and running his teeth lightly over his jaw. His hands came up and began running through the impossible hair which was amazingly soft despite it's wild appearance. Finally he swung a leg over so he was perched right on Goku's hips.

Goku was moaning lightly from the effects of Vegeta's teasing. Vegeta began trailing his lips down Goku neck nibbling and licking lightly until he reached the wound he had created earlier. He lightly ran his tongue over it and moved on. He nibbled down to Goku's chest which was starting to heave as Goku's breathing quickened even more. He worked his way to one nipple and began to nibble, causing it to harden. He began to lap at it in circles and slowly he began to cicle his way to the other nipple. Finally he centered his mouth over the other nipple while his hand smoothed over the one he had just left.

Goku was crying out with pleasure, soft mewing noises. He was trying to arch his back but the ki rings were effectively holding him down to the earth. Finally Vegeta finished with his nipples and began slowly working lower. His hands smoothing over the skin fingers splayed and massaging lightly before his tongue, lips, and teeth took over. He nibbled over the hard muscles of Goku's stomach before circling his navel and finally dipping in to explore with his tongue.

Goku was breathing harshly. "" he stuttered trying to form a coherent thought as his body was sensually assaulted. Vegeta paused and looked up. "You want me to stop Goku?" he asked his hand lightly brushing over Goku's arousal causing the other man to cry out with pleasure. Vegeta smirked lightly and said, "I didn't really think you meant that." he bent his head down and continued his slow teasing. He circled around Goku's arousal and headed down his legs, his hands lightly kneading his thighs he nibbled on down to his calves and finally his feet where he lightly sucked on Goku's toes his tongue imitating what he would do shortly to another part of Goku's body.

Goku couldn't even think rationally now, all he could do was feel, and oh what he was feeling. Vegeta was slowly working his way back up his legs. His breathing was whistling out of his chest and he was fighting for control. Suddenly all the stimulus stopped. He cried out for the loss. Finally he had calmed down to the point where he could talk. "G...G....Geta?" he asked.

"I didn't want you to go overboard when we were just getting to the fun part." Vegeta said smiling. After a few moments Vegeta ran his hands up Goku's legs causing Goku's eyes to roll up and he moaned when he felt the wet warmth of Vegeta's mouth close around him.

Vegeta hummed the vibrations causing Goku to buck lightly, as much as the ki rings would allow. He lightly ran his fingers over his testicles and began taking more of him into his mouth. He ran his teeth lightly down his length hearing Goku's growing cries of pleasure. Suddenly he deep throated him sucking hard causing Goku to buck wildly. He continued sucking until he could feel Goku getting ready to burst, when he removed his mouth allowing Goku to calm a bit. Goku cried out at the denial of his orgasm. A few minutes later Vegeta once more took him in only to stop before he crested. This was repeated a few more times.

After the last time, Goku opened an eye and peered at Vegeta and murmured "You truly are evil you know that?"

Vegeta smiled and said, "If I was I would do this to you all night, but I need too." so saying he opened his hands and slowly closed them effectively reoving the ki rings.

He helped Goku to his feet and moved to stand behind him. He held two fingers to Goku's mouth and Goku enthusiastically sucked on them his tongue teasing and his teeth nibbling. Finally Vegeta, who had removed his clothes removed his fingers and slowly began inserting them into his mate, preparing him for later. He massaged Goku's chest with one hand and kissed him while he slowly pumped his fingers in and out until Goku was slowly moving his hips in rhythm to his fingers. Finally he removed his fingers and positioned himself and began slowly pushing in.

Both men groaned at the sensation. Their backs arching from the pleasure. One of Vegeta's hands moved to encircle Goku's aching need and began slowly pumping as he began thrusting into his mate. Finally both men were gasping for air and calling outloud. Vegeta increased the tempo until finally they both exploded in mind numbing pleasure. They collapsed to the ground. They lay that way for several moments until finally they felt they could breathe.

Goku whispered in Vegeta's mind. "Geta?" It was almost hesitant and a little worried.

Vegeta rolled over to look Goku in the eyes and answered mentally. "What is it Goku?"

"So we are bonded completely now right? I mean that was the last part right?" Goku asked mentally since they were too tired to speak outloud.

"Hai....that was the last part why?" Vegeta asked a little worried.

"Oh nothing...I was just wondering because I don't think I could take anymore of that without going into a coma." Goku answered smiling.

Vegeta groaned and rolled over so he was laying partially over Goku and smiled. He laid his head on his chest and they fell asleep like that for a few hours, their tails wrapped around each other's bodies. When they finally woke they wearily helped each other back to the cabin and into the shower where they sleepily helped each other bathe, and finally they collapsed into bed, completely spent. Both had tiny smiles though and as they finally drifted off, Vegeta's tail wound itself around Goku's thigh and Goku's wound around Vegeta's waist holding them close.
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