Goku buried his head under his pillow and the insistent pounding. Then he shot up in his bed, looking fearfully to left to see if the pounding had awaken Chi-Chi.
Then his eyes watered with tears as the last dredges of his dreams left to leave him with the dismal present.

~~~~Chi-Chi was dead.
Bulma was too.
They had died 5 years ago. They had been forcing Goku and Vegeta to go with them shopping. They had threatened them with dire consequences (no sex) if they
didn't go. So both men pouted and climbed into the car. They had been entering an intersection when a car sped into the intersection side swiping their vehicle.
Chi-Chi had died instantly, and Bulma had died on the way to the hospital. Vegeta and Goku had agreed to a dual funeral. Everyone was there mourning for the
two strong women who had been such a big part of their lives.

After the funeral Vegeta had lagged behind the others wishing to spend a little time with his mate alone. Goku had stuck around for the same reason. Vegeta chose
to ignore Goku in his misery. He knelt beside the grave, quietly sobbing his shoulders shaking. Goku wasn't in much better shape. The two men sobbed their grief,
eventually their howls of pain rose in the night, finally collapsing their sobs dying down to near silence. Their sniffs being the mute testimony to their continuing pain.

The year after the funeral Goku had spent in a daze. Nothing reached him. One of his only comforts was his granddaughter. He would often hold her for hours on end,
stroking her hair while thinking. She sensed somehow that he needed it. She would crawl into his lap and remain their motionless, sometimes napping or talking to
him no caring whether he answered or not. One day thought he seemed to snap out of it. He started getting more interested in his surroundings again. He started to
care for life again, and although he still hurt he finally started the healing process.

Vegeta also had a hard time of it. His comfort though was his daughter. At first he didn't go around her much because the resemblance of his daughter and his mate
was eerie. He found to his frustration and horror that occasionally he would begin to call her Bulma. He would stop though in mid sentence and usually stalk away to
hide his tears and misery.  Finally one day he had sat on the couch, head in hands sobbing quietly to himself. He believed Bra and Trunks to be at a friend's house, but
unknown to him Bra had come home and stood quietly watching her strong father cry. Finally being the sensitive child she was she began to cry quietly as well and climbed
into her surprised father's lap, patted his cheek giving him a kiss and said "It'll be ok Papa. It'll be ok".

Vegeta had hugged her close and they had fallen asleep on the couch. Trunks, who was much older than his sister found solace from his sorrow with his friends, mostly Goten.
He also offered his comfort to his father in sparring matches. As they fought, Vegeta had a chance to release his anger, frustration, hurt and pent up feelings of inadequacy
in raising his own children. Finally one day he had gone to Goku's house and invited him to spar. Goku had agreed and over the next few years an unspoken bond began to grow
between the two warriors of old as they would fight. They slowly became more than rivals although neither would say a thing both felt it.~~~

Goku climbed wearily out of his bed wrapping the sheet around himself (he was naked) and answered the door, already knowing who was standing there. He opened he the door just as Vegeta
was getting ready to pound the door again and nearly pounded Goku in the face. Goku brought a hand up quickly to block the fist flying at his face, unfortunately in doing so he nearly lost his grip
on the sheet around his waist. Vegeta's eyes strayed downwards quickly and even more quickly raced back up.

Goku felt a breeze and realized he hadn't recovered the sheet enough for decency. He grinned and excused himself to get dressed. Vegeta rubbed the bridge of his nose muttering about it being one
of those days. Finally Goku emerged ready to spar. They quickly took off to a deserted area. They settled down and without a word began sparring. Both kept powering up until both were SSJ4 level.

Right off Vegeta could tell Goku's mind wasn't on the fighting. Finally Goku lost too much concentration, his mind kept wandering back to think of Chi-Chi and one of the punches Vegeta threw at his
face connected with deadly accuracy. With a loud grunt of pain Goku flew backwards crashing through several trees and a good number of rocks before stopping and laying in a cloud of dust.

Goku lay on the ground and sighed. He hadn't been this bad at fighting for a long time. He certainly hadn't gotten punched through so many things in succession for a long time. He just couldn't concentrate.
It was a bad day for trying to think of sparring. Finally Vegeta came into view, a mixture of humor, disbelief, and a little sympathy. He could pretty much guess what was on his mind. He reached a hand down
to help Goku up.

Goku accepted the help and Vegeta pulled him to his feet. But instead of letting go once he was on his feet, Vegeta briefly rubbed his thumb on Goku's knuckles and squeezed. Then he suddenly let go as if
realizing what he had done. He turned and said, "I can tell you have things on your mind, we can spar another time Kakarrott". Then he flew off.

Goku watched him go wondering what had just happened. Over the next several weeks the event was never mentioned between the two of them, but both thought about it a good deal. Vegeta began to let his
deep emotions out, very slowly. He began to realize that Goku was attractive to him. Not just physically but also as a warrior and even as a friend, a bit.

Goku on the other hand was wondering what Vegeta was thinking. He personally was attracted to Vegeta but there was no way he would ever act on it, unless....

What if Vegeta felt the same way and was trying to tell him? Then an evil thought crossed his mind and he grinned. He decided he was going to tease the truth out of Vegeta. If he felt something for Goku, what he
was planning on doing would drive him insane. Otherwise what he was going to do could be blamed as part of fighting.

So over the next several weeks as they sparred Goku began to subtly tease Vegeta. Rub his tail on his leg, casually brush his hand on his body, and things like that. Vegeta meanwhile was going crazy. Several
times he had to cut the sparring session early and go home for a long cold shower. He wondered what the hell was wrong with him...they were just sparring right?

Or were they?

Goku seemed a lot more interested in the matches lately and watched Vegeta constantly. He shook his head to clear it and then smiled. He finally understood what Goku had been doing. He grinned and promised
himself..."Next time Kakarrott, the teasing one shall be me."

About a week later they were sparring, and both had powered up to SSJ4 and Goku was again doing what he could to drive Vegeta to distraction. Finally Vegeta headbutted him and drove them both down to the
ground. Then he quickly straddled Goku's hips and held his wrists to the ground. Goku looked up in surprise, Vegeta hadn't gotten him down in a helpless position for a while. He started to smile at Vegeta and
tell him to get the hell off but the sound stopped in his throat when he saw the look on Vegeta's face.

Vegeta was deciding whether he wanted to carry the game on or not. Finally when he saw Goku looking at him he decided "What the hell". He smirked and added more pressure to Goku's wrists to make sure he
stayed down. Goku watched him, his eyes still registering confusion. "Vegeta?" he asked hesitantly.

"Hmm?" Vegeta asked quirking an eyebrow.

"You know, you can let me up now. You made your point." Goku said with a poor attempt at humor.

"I don't think so..." Vegeta said.

"Well I do..ahhh!" Goku said as Vegeta suddenly released a wrist and grabbed his tail. The hold wasn't painful, actually it was the opposite, it was quite pleasurable.

"You were saying?" Vegeta asked smirking lightly as he ran his fingers expertly through the fur on Goku's tail.

"I....ah....uh...I was saying......" Goku stammered trying to recollect his thoughts through the waves of pleasure.

"Yes?" Vegeta asked tauntingly.

"Hnnn..I.....Why?" Goku asked.

Vegeta leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Because you tease entirely too much...I want more than just your tail."

Goku's eyes widened but before he could reply Vegeta claimed his mouth with his own. Goku's eyes closed as Vegeta gently traced his lips with his tongue before hesitantly thrusting his tongue in further.
Goku opened his mouth to accommodate him. They began to kiss with more passion tongues entertwining constantly as their passions rose.

Finally they broke the kiss slowly and stared into each other's eyes for a moment.

"Geta?" Goku whispered wide-eyed.

"Not now Goku" Vegeta said softly covering his mouth again before any protests could be uttered.

Goku barely registered Vegeta had called him by his other name before Vegeta began tugging on his clothes slowly pulling them off. He pulled back momentarily to aid him and they both quickly stripped and
pressed their bodies back together. Both inhaled sharply at the new sensation of bare skin. They began exploring each other's bodies. Vegeta stood and pushed Goku back to a tree and made him stand as
he began exploring.

He began kissing from under his ear, down his neck pausing where his neck met his torso to suck then moving on down his chest to tease his nipples and even farther down to explore his navel before finally
reaching his destination. He paused to look up at Goku who had his head back and was crying out in little gasps of pleasure. His hands were dug into the earth and his back was arching. He cried out though
when Vegeta paused.

Before Goku could say a word he took in his entire length, sucking and swirling it with his tongue. He nibbled his way over the entire length and paused to suck hard. Goku meanwhile was thrusting his hips up
gently at the rhythm established by Vegeta mouth over him. His moved back and forth as he struggled to hold in his cries of pleasure. Finally he could take it no more and cried out his pleasure his hands digging
into the ground even more. Suddenly he could feel himself building and his breathing quickened into hard gasps then suddenly it stopped. He cried out with disappointment.

"Hnn.....don't stop!" he cried out his eyes begging.

Vegeta smiled and moved back up Goku's body once more reclaiming his mouth in a kiss. Suddenly Goku heard a voice in his mind. "You are supposed to share you know, Kakarrott". Goku looked up into Vegeta's
eyes wondering if he had really heard the voice. At Vegeta's smile he knew he had. He grinned rakishly and slowly lowered himself exploring Vegeta's body much as he had been explored himself. Finally he took Vegeta
into his mouth sucking and licking until Vegeta pulled him back up for another kiss. Then before Goku knew what had happened Vegeta turned him around and pulled their bodies together.

Goku could feel Vegeta's need against the back of his leg. He turned his face back to look Vegeta in the eye questioningly. Vegeta smiled, not his usual smirk but something much deeper. "Trust me Kakarrott" he murmured.
Goku nodded wordlessly and attempted a smile but it didn't work right.

Still holding onto him, Vegeta lowered them to the ground. He pulled Goku back until he was balanced on his heels. Then he began nibbling his ear and rubbing his nipples. Goku began moaning again, still a little apprehensive
but relaxing quickly. Vegeta brought two fingers to his mouth, and gently pressed them to his lips. Goku glanced back briefly "Go ahead" he heard in his mind. He nodded slightly and began sucking the fingers while Vegeta began
to lick his neck one hand still massaging his chest. Suddenly Vegeta removed his fingers and the hand disappeared. Goku started to tense but Vegeta's voice was once in his mind. "Relax, I won't make it hurt anymore than necessary."
Goku relaxed but he still gasped as one fingers entered him. It wasn't really painful though, more like pressure. Then a second finger was inserted followed by a third.

Vegeta slowly thrust the fingers in and out, stretching the muscle preparing him so it wouldn't hurt too much. Finally he removed his fingers and positioned himself. Goku tensed briefly but Vegeta's hand encircled his length and began
pumping like crazy and he lost himself in sea of pleasure once more. He cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain as Vegeta entered him.

They remained like that for a few moments as Goku adjusted to the new feeling. Then Vegeta whispered "Are you alright?" Goku nodded his eyes closed. Vegeta slowly began moving, his hand pumping in rhythm on Goku's member.

They moved in harmony their cries of passion getting louder and harsher as they finally climaxed together. They collapsed to the ground, their breath rasping in the now quiet air. Finally Goku rolled over to face Vegeta. Vegeta was lying
on the ground, eyes closed, trying to control his breathing. "Geta?" he asked sleepily.

"Hmm...?" Vegeta murmured eyes still closed.

"Nothing" Goku said happily, closing his eyes.

Vegeta sighed and rolled over, looking at his new life mate. He pulled Goku to his feet. Goku mumbled something about wanting to sleep. Vegeta grinned and brushed his tail up Goku's thigh. Goku's eyes sprung open. Vegeta looked down
noticing a few other things were rather springy. He grinned and noticed Goku following his gaze. Goku blushed but shrugged. Goku moved to drag Vegeta down for another go but Vegeta stopped him. Doubt flickered briefly across his eyes.
But Vegeta just smiled and said they weren't done bonding.

Goku nodded in understanding. Vegeta drew him closer and began licking his neck and nuzzling. Goku in turn did the same. Then they suddenly bared their teeth together and bit down on each other's necks. Their bodies stiffened as if from
an electric shock. Then they began to suckle at the wound sharing not only their blood, but their life force, memories, and opening a bond between the two forever.

When they finally pulled apart after a final lick Goku grinned. Then he grabbed Vegeta and said, "This time you can be Uke" Vegeta pretended to huff but smiled.
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