Goku looked around when he heard a muffled thump. "Ran-Chan?" he asked looking around.

Finally I managed to pick myself off the floor and walk over, holding my butt. "Hi Goku" I grunted.

"So you here to write another story?" he asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"Actually I am but..." I trailed off when he suddenly disappeared and reappeared with Vegeta in tow.

"Goku what the hell is your prob...Oh! Hi Ran-Chan!" Vegeta said yelling at Goku then smiling widely at me.

"She's here to write another story" Goku informed him waggling his eyebrows again.

"Oh good!" Vegeta said and then they both turned and looked at me.

"So what's going to be going on?" Goku asked simultaneously when Vegeta asked, "So who is Uke?" both with heart shaped eyes.

"Um....you guys....I'm really sorry to get your hopes up....Goku wouldn't listen...it isn't for you guys this time" I said shuffling my foot on the ground. Both of their jaws dropped to the ground and they started tearing up...

"Ran-Chan doesn't love us anymore!" they wailed.

"No! You guys don't cry! Please don't cry! I promise I will write another for you guys soon! I swear. And...and...and...there will be lots of sex! I swear! Just stop crying!" I said frantically.

Finally their tears dried up. "Who is responcible for this outrage!" Goku demanded.

"Um...one of my friends requested a Gohan and Trunks ficcy so...." I said shuffling my foot again.

"Where is she?" Vegeta asked looking around.

"Hang on"


*Thud* "Ow! Ran-Chan! Watch where to write people in! I think I bruised my ass!" a voice shouted.

"That would be her. Now you guys be nice...she is trying to build a site of her own for yaoi so more playtime for you guys." I cautioned.

"Yeah but..." Goku started.

"Be nice!" I said.

"Ok" they said hanging their heads.

Finally Jessica walked in and said "Hi you guys!"

"Hi" they both mumbled.

"Uh...what's with them?" she whispered to me.

"They thought the story was for them" I whispered back.

"Oh" she said and smiled, "Too bad they have enough as it is." she smiled.

"I'll kill her" Goku said lunging at her.

"Hang on!" I yelled.


Suddenly both the Saiyans disappeared.

"What happened?" Jessica asked.

"I uh....just sent them to the play room. They can mess around there for awhile before I get to them" I said.

"What's the play room?" she asked.

"It's where they can uh..." I demostrated with my hands.

"Oh" she aid blushing.

"Yeah...they seemed to like it the first time I did it sooooo." I trailed off.

"What?" she asked.

"Here come our subjects" I murmured.

She turned around, *Squeal!* OMG!

Trunks and Gohan paused a moment then continued on warily eyeing the girl who now had hearts for eyes.

"Uh...hi Ran-Chan" Trunks said, eyes still not leaving Jessica who was coming closer giggling.

"Hey Trunks and Gohan" I said non-chanlantly.

"So what's up?" Gohan asked, hiding behind Trunks when Jessica tried to goose him.

"Actually you guys get to be in todays story" I said again non-chalant.

"REALLY!" both yelled excitedly.

"Uh...yeah" I said backing away from the guys who were now staring at me with heart eyes.

"What brought on this?" Trunks asked recovering slightly.

"She did" I said pointing at Jessica who was staring at their tails hypnotically.

"WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!" they said glomping her.

"Oh! Ow!" she grunted when the two demi-saiyans landed on her.

"Guys...guys...GUYS!" I yelled.

"Huh?" form Gohan. "What?" for Trunks

"She can't breath" I pointed out pointing my finger at the now blue faced Jessica.

"Oh geez" they said and got off.

"Ok, you guys" I said pulling them away from Jessica.

"But Ran-Chan!" they protested.

"Hush" I said, "The story is starting"


Gohan looked around the house and sighed a bit. Videl had been dead for many years, being human has many disadvantages, one being susceptible to disease. She had had a heart failure and died peacefully in her sleep. Gohan had been devastated. Trunks had been one of the few people who had been a real comfort to him....

eventually he also became his lover.

Gohan gasped in surprise when he felt a hand encircle his waist and roughly pull him back. He closed his eyes though when he felt a pair of lips lightly brush his throat. "Mmmm...welcome back" he said arching his neck giving his lover more room to nuzzle.

Trunks obliged, nuzzling farther and farther along his neck kissing, licking, and nibbling, just teasing the skin lightly. "Well....when's dinner?" Trunks asked while continuing to nibble, moving up to suck and lick an earlobe.

"Mmm...uh.....in about....ah....ah....hour" Gohan mumbled feeling Trunks tongue cirling his ear.

"Good" Trunks said brightly breaking away.

"Hn....you always were a tease" Gohan said collecting himself as Trunks turned and began to walk towards the living room.

"Hai but you love it" Trunks said wiggling his rear and his tail temptingly. Gohan was sorely tempted to act upon the teasing but tonigh was Trunks' game and the last time he lost control and just grabbed him for a lay during Trunks' Moon Game resulted in a month on the sofa. Not to mention he spent several hours apologizing to make up for it.

Trunks went to another room to wait for dinner. That was one of their deals, the person never revealed a game until after dinner. Horny and Hungry was no way to conduct themselves.

So Gohan went and prepared dinner and called Trunks down. The two sat down and began eating. Finally they finished. Gohan simply piled everything on the table and with a small ki blast disentegrated all the dishes. "There...now what is the game?" he asked tail whipping back and forth.

Trunks chuckled for a few moments before he pulled a capsule from a pocket and detonated it. "Well considering how patient you have been" Trunks said teasingly as the capsule detonated revealing a stop watch. "I've decided to test how patient you can really be"

"Huh?" Gohan asked warily backing away slowly. Suddenly, Trunks grabbed his lapel and they suddenly blinked out and re-appeared in a darkened room. Suddenly he was pressed against a hard wall and his hands were raises up slightly and to the sides and then attached to the wall. Then while he was still disoriented his legs were kicked apart and attached to the wall.

"Trunks! What the hell..." he began but them sentence was cut off when Trunks pressed their lips together. He gasped in through his nose sharply at the sensation. Then he felt Trunks' tongue brush against hips lips coaxing him to open his mouth. He slowly complied, feeling Trunks tongue invade his mouth slowly exploring the warmth of his mouth.

"Mmm..." he moaned and felt Trunks pull away.

"There...now that you're quiet I can explain the game." Trunks said.

"Hnn..." Gohan said growling slightly.

"Uh Uh...This is my game and therefore my rules" Trunks said grinning as lights gradually lit the room to a dimness that made shadows everywhere and all Gohan could really see was Trunks' eyes gleaming and his smile. He really had no idea of anything he was doing.

"So what is this game you keep teasing me about?" Gohan asked his breathing quickening as Trunks' tail trailed up his leg towards his groin.

"See the whole idea is I am going to tease the living hell out of you all night until you can either break free from those things, or....beg me for a release" Trunks said grinning maniacally.

"Oh god you are evil" Gohan said closing his eyes trying to draw in some stength for the upcoming test of his inner strength.

He heard Trunks' chuckle and suddenly there was a yellow glow in the room. He looked at it in surprise before he realized that it was a small ki ball. He watched fascinated as Trunks slowly spread his hands causing the ball to spread and flatten almost into a ki blanket. Then Trunks brought his hands together and pushed forward causing the blanket to surround Gohan. Then he squeezed his hands closer together causing the blanket to cover Gohan effectively stripping him of all clothing.

Gohan inhaled when he felt the ki blanket surround him. He felt the heat on his skin then suddenly everything went dim again. He looked around himself trying to see once more from the contrast between light and dark. He gasped when he felt Trunks' hands smooth lightly over his chest, gently kneeding and teasing. Slowly his fingers centered over his nipples, gently twisting and rubbing making them stiffen. His eyes closed and his head lolled. "Hnn...Trunks...no.....teasing"  he mumbled as Trunks' hands slowly worked from his chest down to his rock hard abdomen smoothing over the muscles there that rippled softly as if trying to delay his downward descent.

Suddenly Trunks lowered his head and began trailing a string of kisses, licks, and nibbles down his throat slowly down to his collarbone then his chest. He gently took a nipple in his mouth licking and swirling it with his tongue while his hands slowly moved down towards his thighs, skipping more sensitive areas for the moment and circling to smooth over his buttocks and work up his spine.

Gohan whipped his head back forth struggling, trying to get loose, desperate to take Trunks in his arms. Trunks pulled back momentarily, looking at his mate, watching him struggle for some measure of control. "C'mon Gohan. I know you want out. I told you, all you have to do is break free." he pressed his mouth near Gohan's ear and whispered, "Or you can beg".

This just cause Gohan to struggle harder. Finally he sagged slightly, lower lip pouting slightly. "I'm not begging" he said. Trunks just smirked and said, "Oh really?" Gohan's eyes widened when Trunks slowly trailed his fingers towards Gohan's tail and trailed his mouth downward at the same time. Gohan struggled when Trunks took his length into his mouth, and gently began stroking his tail.

Gohan made a keening noise and arched towards Trunks his mind swimming with sensation. "Ahhh....Trunkssssss" he hissed.

Trunks paused, "Was that a beg I heard?" he taunted. Gohan grunted and shook his head no. Trunks just smiled and went back to what he was doing. Gohan moaned almost in despair. "I refuse to beg" he thought to himself.

Trunks went on teasing Gohan's body with his tongue and fingers bringing him to the brink then stopping just before he could crest. Gohan cried out the the lack of release. "C'mon you big baby...all you have to say is please...and then I'll please you." Trunks said licking a nipple.

Gohan groaned and began powering up. Trunks stepped back a little bit and watched as hit mate shouted as he powered up and finally brought his arms together effectively breaking free. "Shimatta" Trunks breathed as Gohan freed his legs then looked up at his mate. Gohan grinned evilly. "Now what was it you said? Hmmm hmmmm....Oh yes either I had to free myself or beg...I think I want to hear You beg" Gohan said grinning sadistically as he slowly stalked after his mate who was now backing away eyes wide.

"G...G...Gohan?" Trunks asked. Gohan merely answered by swiftly grabbing him and drawing their bodies together. He pressed their lips together, swiftly thrusting his tongue into Trunks' mouth. Trunks moaned from the sensation and pressed even more to Gohan. Gohan swiftly took Trunks' arms and wrapped them around his neck never breaking the kiss. Then he swiftly dipped grabbing both Trunks legs behind his knees effectively forcing Trunks to hold around his neck as he wrapped Trunks' legs around his waist. He then proceeded to walk to the bedroom, neither breaking the kiss. He finally reached his destination and laid Trunks on the bed and quickly stripped him of the rest of his clothes. Then he stretched himself over his mate's body. He kissed him once more, more gently now, his tongue outlining his lips.

Trunks squirmed trying to force Gohan to roll over but Gohan refused to move. "Ahh ahh ahh...." he said teasingly holding the smaller man down. Trunks glared for a moment then he gasped when he felt one of Gohan's fingers lightly pushing into him. He moaned softly and then louder when a second finger was pushed in. Slowly Gohan worked the two in and out loosening the muscle to make it easier on his mate. Finally he withdrew his hand and lifted trunks up so they  were facing with Trunks in his lap.

"Ready?" he asked breathing heavily. Trunks nodded and Gohan pushed in with one smooth motion. Trunks arched his back crying out when Gohan hit his special spot with the first thrust. Gohan soon built up a pace both of them crying out with pleasure. "Kami Trunks...you're so warm" Gohan panted thrusting in. Trunks panted, "Hai...faster...Gohan"

Gohan obliged and soon afterwards they climaxed, shouting out their pleasure to anyone and everyone. They collapsed to the bed, gasping, and sweating. Gohan rested a few moments before pulling out and pulling Trunks to him, brushing his mate's hair from his eyes. Trunks smiled..."Remind me to do that to you more often"

"Hn..." was all Gohan could managed. He rolled Trunks over so they were facing each other. He smiled gently. "I love you Trunks."

Trunks grinned back, "Hai, I love you too"

Gohan began nibbling down Trunks' neck until he reached the junction. He paused for a moment setting his teeth then he slowly sunk them into his mate's neck. Trunks groaned from the sensation then licked briefly at Gohan's neck before sinking his own teeth in. The two sucked for a few moments before separating with a final small kiss on the wound. Both purred contentedly in their chests and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The End
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