Authors: Gokou_chan, Usagi_the_Beautiful_One, and Johnnyjosh
Rating: pg-13ish to a little Rish
Warnings: Extreme geekyness. Star Trek haters beware... because
Picard and Riker have a little sureprize!! (o.O~ Mua ha ha!!)

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Goku awoke several hours later with a splitting headache. He was
lying in a slanted bed with a single sheet draped over his aching
  "Ahh.. My head... " He groaned as tried to sit up, as stinging pain
wracked his body. He lay back down, unable to keep his body in a
sitting position without excruciating pain. His thoughts immediately
went to Vejita. 'Oh god... Vejita!! Where's Vejita?!?' He thought
frantically. He turned his head to the left, and to his relief Vejita
was lying in a bed there. Vejita was sleeping peacefully, an almost
angelic expression placed on his bruised features. 'Thank god... If
anything had happened to him.. I would never be able to forgive
myself...'  Only after finding Vejita safe did he begin to notice his
surroundings. "Where am I... " He murmured to himself as he looked at
the room he was in. It had four beds with monitors above them; at
least they LOOKED like monitors... He raised his eyes to look above
him, and he saw one of those monitors. It was flat with many dark
buttons and lights of multiple colors flashed across its surface. He
finally noticed what he was wearing; a loose pair of black pants and
no shirt. 'What happened to my training Gi...'  He turned to look to
his right and saw a clear glass wall. A tall woman with shoulder-
length light auburn hair was standing in front of what looked like an
advanced computer. She was wearing a loose, long sleeved body suit;
the pants and sleeves were black, while a blue splash of color
adorned her chest and lower back. She also appeared to be writing
something when a light flashed, catching her attention. She looked up
from the computer and turned to look at him. She almost ran through
through the glass which opened into a door as she walked briskly
towards it.
  "Good you're awake!!" She said, her pale blue eyes sparkling. "How
are you feeling?"
  "Um, fine I guess... Where the hell am I??"
She seemed taken aback by his cursing. (LOL) "You are on the
Enterprise, a federation starship."
  "The what? What's a Starship?" He frowned, apparently confused.
She sighed and touched a star shaped broach that was clasped to her
clothing above her heart, making it chirp.           
  "Crusher to bridge."
  "Picard here." A man's voice spoke with an accent. 
  "One of the patients has awoken."
  "Very good, I'm on my way. Picard out."
She looked at Goku. "The Captain will explain everything. By the way,
I'm Dr. Beverly Crusher," she said while extending her hand. "What's
your name?"
He stared at her and slowly shook her hand. "Son Goku."
  "Your first name is Son?"
  "No, that's my last name... "
  "Is that an Oriental?"
  "Hai, I mean yes."
  "So, how old are you?"       
   He just looked at her.
  "I need some information about you so that I can scan you for
further injuries."
  "Alright then. I'm forty-nine and--"
She gaped at him.
  "You can't be forty-nine! You're only twenty-five years old
according to the computer's  calculations!"
  He stared at her in disbelief.
  "Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm forty-nine!!!" He replied,
  "If you say so..." She muttered as she walked back through the
glass doors and grabbed a sheet of paper from a desk. Or at least it
was thin enough to be paper. As she came closer he could see that it
was an extremely thin sheet of metal with multiple buttons engraved
on it.
  "What's that for?" He asked, pointing at what she was holding.
  "I'm going to write down all of the information that you are
willing to give me." She stated.
Goku nodded.
  "What is your profession?"
  "The martial arts."
She wrote that down and looked at him. "That will explain the scar
tissue... Have you ever had any diseases?"
  "What's the name of the virus?"
  "I don't know.. but I do know that it was a heart disease."
  "And how did you recover?"
  "Someone gave me the antidote."
  "Was he or she a doctor?"
  "Ah... No."
She sighed in exasperation. At that moment a balding man and a
taller, younger man entered that room tailing the elder.
Dr. Crusher turned around when she heard the doors open with a
whisper of movement. 
  "Captain." She acknowledged. "Lieutenant Commander."
Goku looked up at them as he rubbed his neck.
  "Ah, you're awake at last." The old man smiled. His voice was
clipped and precise, but at the same time is was kind.
  "Um... Yeah... "
  "Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Captain of this vessel. My name
is Jean Luc Picard, pleased to make your acquaintance." He spoke as
he extended his hand as Dr. Crusher had. Goku shook it. 'Why are they
so damn polite.. ?'  He clasped his hands behind his back and looked
at Goku, as if he expected him to introduce himself as well.
  "Son Goku."
  "Ah, an Oriental name. Am I correct?"
  "Whatever... " Goku sighed.
  "This is my first officer, Lieutenant Commander William T. Riker,"
He said, indicating the taller man.
  "Nice to meet you." The Lieutenant gave him a fake smile and
nodded, but didn't offer to shake Goku's hand. His hands were also
held behind his back.
  "Yeah, nice to meet you... Look where are the people that were with
The Captain seemed surprised, then confused at Goku's forwardness.
  "What people? He was the only one that was found with you." He said
looking at Vejita.
  The doors opened again and a pale, yellow skinned man walked in
carrying an orange cat.
  "Doctor Crusher! Thank goodness you're here! My cat--"
  "Not now, Data." the Doctor sighed. "Leave her there, on the table.
I'll help her later."
  "But, Doctor--"
  "Later, Data."
The yellow man sighed and after putting his cat on one of the tables,
walked out of the room.
  "Who was that?" Goku asked the Captain.
  "You mean Data?"
  "Yes. He isn't alive." Goku said.
Picard stared at Goku in shock. "What makes you think so?"
  "He doesn't have Ki... "
  "Ki?" Picard repeated.
Goku nodded. Dr. Crusher gave Picard a look, signaling him not to
pursue the subject. Riker just stood there.
  "So where exactly am I? What's a starship? Is it anything like a
space pod?"
  "You are on board the federation starship Enterprise."
  "I know that! I want to know what is a starship?"
  "It's a vessel of transportation that we use to travel between
planets, and throughout space."
  "So it is like a space pod."
  "You could say that I guess, whatever a space pod is.."  
  "Captain..." Crusher interrupted.
  "Yes, Doctor?"
  "I need you to look at some of his readouts. Come with me."
  Crusher led Picard out of the room again, and the glass panel slid
back into place, still visible to the people in the other portion of
the sick bay, but unable for them to hear what was being said.
  "Captain, just take a look at this! His spine has several
irregularities, right near the base, and from the blood sample that I
took, his DNA has several genes that I've never seen before."
  "So he isn't human."
  "No that's the other thing. Other than that stray gene, everything
checks out for a normal human male. The gene could have been inserted
synthetically, by a skilled genetics professor, but it's been fused
to his original DNA to the extreme that any attempts to extract it
could prove to be fatal."
  "What about his spine?"
  "An irregularity at birth most likely. It doesn't seem to be
bothering him, I wouldn't advise surgery as an option in his case."
  "And the other man who was with him?"
  "He has the same gene and spine distortions, they could have been
in an experiment. Though judging from their condition, I would say
that they had been forced into it against their will."
  "When they recover, I'll talk with them about it. For now let's
just let them rest."
  "I agree. From what Goku has told me, he seems to have a slight
memory loss, more than likely due to the concussion that he received."
  "You repaired the damage?"
  "I had to. He could have died from the bloodclots. Though he will
regain his memory in time. I don't think that he lost that much, but
he also seems to have forgotten his age."
  "Poor man." Picard looked through the glass at Goku, who seemed to
have struck up a conversation with William Riker. "I think we should
be getting back."
  "Very well, just don't ask him anymore questions until he recovers."
  "Will do."
  They looked at each other for a moment before turning and walked
the short distance back to the medical bay.
Goku looked around, studying his surroundings more carefully. The
tall man that Picard and referred to as Riker looked at him and
shuffled his feet.
Goku just looked at him. Riker shifted on his feet nervously.
  "What happened to you, down on your planet?"
  "What do you mean?"
  "Did an animal attack you?"
  "No. Why would an animal do something like that?" Goku blinked. Was
this guy retarded or something?
  "Well, what did happen then? We found you and your friend pretty
beaten up. So badly in fact, that we had to bring you aboard or you
would have died."
  "I don't remember what happened exactly. One minute I was at my
granddaughter's birthday party, there was this pain in my head, and
then everything went black."
  The Riker person looked at him with bug eyes.
  'What an imbecile!' Goku thought. 'They're so idiotic... Why do I
have to keep telling them over and over again? Ah! That's probably
how I was to MY friends before I wished back my intelligence...
better not judge them too harshly. I'll just humor them.' 
  "Yes. Her name is Pan."
  "Oh. I would never have judged you to be old enough to have a
  "Thanks. I guess I've aged well."
  "I would love to take whatever you did to help you age like that.
The results are extraordinary."
  "Just a good diet and plenty of excersise. It does wonders for the
  "Hmm... I'll have to start trying that."
  The glass door whooshed open as the Captain and Doctor Crusher came
back into the room.
  "Number One, please go to the bridge and ask Counselor Troi to come
to sickbay."
  "Aye, sir." Riker stiffend than turned on heel and left the room
the way he had arrived.
  "So, Goku, do you feel up to walking?" he said plesantly.
  "If you'd like, I have made arrangements for some accomidations,
such as a private room for yourself."
  "Thanks, but I'd rather stay here with Vejita."
  "So is that the name of your companion?"
  "Yes it is." he said calmly. It was amazing how many times he had
been asked for his name that day, and how those people kept popping
up out of thin air. Man it had been a long day.
  "Well, if that's your preference, so be it. I'll talk with you
after you have rested." in obvious dismissal he turned on heel and
walked through a pair of opaque, tan doors that had a elegent black
strip across them.
  'Damn! I'm so tired,' Goku thought to himself as he lay on the
bed. 'At least Vejita is safe. I wonder if everybody else made the
time-jump safely? I should never have doubted Al. I wonder what
timestream we're in..'
  The woman doctor wallked up to him with a cillidrical object in her
  'A needle.' thought Goku, a trace of aprehention falling over him.
  "Just lay still Goku. This won't hurt a bit." she said as she took
in his apparent nervousness.
  She pressed the tube against his skin and pushed a button on the
side. To Goku's surprise, he didn't feel a thing.
  "Didn't you just give me a shot?" he asked.
  "Yes, why?"
  "It didn't hurt. Can I see what you used?"
  "Of course." She handed him the object.
  "What is this called?" Goku asked.
  "It's called a hypospray. It injects medication directly into the
bloodstream without having to pierce the skin."
  Goku turned the cylinder over in his hands, examining it.
  "This is amazing! How do you get it to inject directly into the
  "You seem quite intriged with my medical equipment."
  "Duh!" Goku said.
  "Excuse me?" She asked.
  "Never mind... "
  "Alright. "  
A moan rose from the bed Vejita was occupying, followed by a string
of unintelligible syllables. Dr. Crusher rushed over to Vejita's side
to check his monitor.
  "Kakarotto... " Vejita mumbled in his sleep. "Sa sasija, je neah
kra to..." (o.o; that's Vejita's native language... like duh!)
  "Vejita-san!" Goku exclaimed, dropping the metal object as he tried
to get out of his bed.
  "Stay in your bed!" She told Goku as he stumbled to Vejita's
  "Ahh.. " Goku groaned in pain. "No... "
Dr. Crusher sighed and gave in to his demand.
  "Fine, but don't get in my way."
Vejita's body was wracked with a spasmodic seizure, shaking him
violently. Blood flowed from several of his reopened wounds.   
  "Vejita-san!!" He shouted, grabbing Vejita's shoulders. "Vejita can
you hear me?" 
  "Clear the way!!" Dr. Crusher commanded as she called in the
emergency medical team that was stationed on standby for the patients.
Goku tore his concerned gaze away from Vejita, to stare dumbly at the
medical staff as they entered the room.
  "Sir, please stand back!!" One of the officers commanded.
Vejita let out a howl of pain as another seizure ripped through his
body. The flashing light that signified his heartbeat abruptly
stopped, along with his shallow breathing. Vejita's body lay still.
Dr. Crusher quickly produced a round, metal paddle and placed it on
his chest, about his heart.
  "Give me three-hundred volts!" She shouted to the nurses at the
foot of Vejita's bed. "Clear!!"    "Vejita!!" Goku cried as two of
the medical staff members restrained Goku on Crusher's order. He
tried to break free of their grasp as they shoved Goku to his bed. Is
his present weakened condition he was unable to resist their efforts.
One of the medical officers held Goku down while the other gave him
another sedative.
The paddle Crusher was holding sent a bolt of electricity though
Vejita's body, but to no avail.
  "He's not responding!! Try it again!!" another wave of electricity
jolted through Vejita's body, but in vain.  
  'No!!' he screamed inwardly. 'If I don't do something Vejita's
going to die!! What is there to live for if he's gone??' Goku
thought, near tears. Even though he was losing conciseness due to the
shot, he somehow managed to wrench free of their grasp. But as soon
as he did so he fell to the floor in pain. The officers dragged him
back to the bed, his struggles growing weaker as he nearly lapsed
into un-conciseness.
  "Try six-hundred volts!" She cried. Suddenly Vejita gasped, arching
his back as his heart resumed it's steady beat. Crusher sighed in
relief. Some of the medical personel moved to Vejita to tend his
Crusher turned to Goku. "Strap him to the bed so he can't pull that
  "Aye sir!" One of the men responded.
Crusher was to dense to notice that he had addressed her as "sir,"
instead of "ma'am." 
Goku's drugged brain faintly noticed Vejita was breathing again.
At that moment the doors opened again to reveal a petite woman
dressed in a purple body suit. Her long, dark brown hair was pulled
up into a pony tail. Her black eyes gleamed with intelligence, while
showing concern. Hey pale skin was flushed since she had run halfway
to sick bay.
  "Beverly!" The woman said with a heavy accent.
Dr. Crusher looked up, "Oh good!! You're here Counselor Troi!"  
  "I sensed panic! What happened?"   
  "One of the patients suffered a heart attack," she said gesturing
in Vejita's direction. "The other one seemed quite concerned about
his companion."  
  Troi turned her gaze upon Goku.
  "Actually I'm sensing more than concern from him."
Dr. Crusher gave her a strange look.
  "What do you mean?"
  "What I'm sensing is almost... love."
  "Maybe they are brothers?" Crusher said.
  "Possibly." Troi answered. "Anyway, why did Riker send me here?"
  "The Captain sent for you because he wanted you to evaluate the
patients psyche. To see if they are stable enough to try and remember
what happened to the rest of the colonists."
  "Oh. Which one?"
  "Should I start now?"
  "You could try, but since they are asleep it may be harder."
  "May I see your information on them?"
  "Sure. It's on the table. I'm going to my quarters, keep an eye on
them." Crusher, after a few more minastrations to Vejita and
satisfied that he would be fine, she left sick bay and walked down
the hall to her quarters.    
Troi nodded. She walked over to Vejita's side and reached out with
her mind.

~Vejita was running in a dark, astral body; his heart thudding in his
chest. Something was chasing him, it's presence a bleak, all
encompassing darkness. It was gaining on him.
  'No! Kakarott! I can't...' he tripped and sprawled flat on his
face. He panicked as the void overtook him. "I can't die! Kakarott!!"
he howled as he was swallowed by the creature. A ripple of purple
lightning streamed through space lighting up the field he was in. The
void flinched and withdrew, leaving Vejita shivering. He was
alive. 'I.. I can't die..' He repeated. 'Not until I've told you...
that I love you...' ~

  Troi withdrew her mind from his in shock. 'Oh my... He's... ' 
  The medical staff had left the room, she didn't know how long ago.
She could sense that they were standing just outside the door, in
case Vejita might suffer another heart attack. She glanced at Goku,
who was waking up. Amazing since the amount of sedative he had been
given should have kept him unconscious for several hours.
  "Shit.. " He muttered under his breath. 'I'm gonna kill someone..
Preferably that damn doctor! Where'd she go... ' 
Troi, sensing his homicidal intentions, walked the short space
between the two beds with a calm air.
  "Hello." She smiled at Goku. "My name is Counselor Deanna Troi. You
must be Son Goku."
  "Yeah... "
  "The captain wanted me to check on you."   
  "Why--Vejita!!! Oh god!!" He tried to rise from his bed, but found
that he was strapped to it. He growled in frustration and snapped
what was holding him there. He then jumped from his bed, a throbbing
pain accompanying him as rushed to where Vejita was lying. He was
sleeping, and except for a slight trace of fear on his face, he
appeared to be fine.
  "Is he alright?"         
  "He is resting right now. He had a heart attack, but the Doctor was
able to save his life." Troi explained.
  "Oh.. Vejita..."
  "You love him, don't you." the Counselor stated.
  "What the hell made you think that?" Goku almost yelled in
surprise, turning to face her. Vejita moaned and stirred, one of his
hands brushing against the bedframe. His eyes opened slowly.
  "Kakarott..?" he whispered. 'Am I dead?' He thought.
  "Vejita!" Goku's attention snapped back to the prone figure laying
in front of him.
  "Kakarott.. what.. what happened? Are.. are we.. dead?" He groaned
as he sat up and raised a hand to his temple. Goku knelt down by
Vejita's side and grasped his other hand.
  "I don't know what happened, but we are alive." Goku gazed at
Vejita lovingly, then caught himself.
  "Uhh... Where is everyone? Are they alive?"
  "I have no clue where they are, but I'm sure they're alive as
well." Goku smiled.
  'He's head over heels for him...'  Troi thought with a trace of
amusement, noting Goku's action's. 'He just doesn't know it. Yet.' 
She couldn't help but smirk.  
Vejita was still half asleep, he was to tired to notice what Goku was
  'At least you're alive, love...' Goku spoke in his mind.
Troi blushed, she had been eavesdropping on Goku's thoughts.
  'Huh... I wonder if he knows that his companion feels the same
way... '
  "So where are we Kakarott?" Vejita asked, his voice a little
  "Mmm... I'm pretty sure we're in space... we're on board some sort
of space ship."  
  "How are you feeling?" Troi asked.
  "It's none of your business!" Vejita snapped. He was almost fully
conscious now, and had sat up, the thin sheet that was covering him
draped around his waist.
Troi seemed un-phased by Vejita's rudeness. She just smiled.
  'They would make a cute couple... ' She thought.  
  "What are you smiling about woman!!"
  "Nothing." She said, trying not to giggle. She raised a hand to
cover her mouth.
Goku stomach rumbled. He winced remembering that it had been nearly
two days since he had eaten anything.
  "Miss Troi, um.. I'm starving.. where can I get something to eat?"
Goku looked up at her.
  "You may eat in the mess hall. Do you want me to show you where it
  "Yes thank you!!!" Goku turned back to Vejita. "Do you think you
have recovered enough to come with us?"
  "Of course!!" Vejita replied, throwing off the single sheet that
was draped across his body. The only piece of clothing he was
wearing, was a pair of skintight black spandex shorts. Goku seemed
hypnotized in place by the fact that Vejita was nearly naked, and was
sitting inches from his face. He felt himself growing hard just
looking at the Saiya-jin prince. Goku quickly shook himself out of
his trance as he stood up and tried to help Vejita stand, but he
shoved him away.
  "I don't need your assistance baka!!"
Goku shrugged. He appeared to not mind the way Vejita had treated
him, but inside he was hurt.
  "You can't leave the medical ward dressed in that." Troi said,
staring at Vejita's body. (O.O *drools*) She started undressing him
mentally. Goku began to feel angry at the way Troi was looking at his
  "Give me clothes then, woman!"
  "Uh-huh.." She mumbled, unable to tear her eyes from Vejita's
sculpted physique.
Vejita crossed his arms and waited.    
  This time, Troi had to snap out of a trance. She walked to nearby
locker and pulled out two duty uniforms, seeing that Goku was dressed
in almost the same fashion as Vejita.
  "Here, put these on." she said handing them the pre-offered
  "Thank you," Goku said.
Troi turned away politely while they pulled the stretchy fabric of
the black jumpsuits on. The same stripe that the Doctor, the Captain,
and Riker had worn covering their torsos.
  "You don't look too bad in that, Vejita." Goku commented.
  "Neither do you." Vejita smirked.
  "I'm really glad to see that you're feeling better." Goku
grinned. "You really had me worried."
  "Well, now that you're dressed," Troi interjected. "Let's get you
something to eat."
Troi led them out of the Medical Section and out into the hallway.
There were several men walking in either direction, though none of
them stopped or commented on the two newcomers. However, the women
stopped to check out Goku's butt as well as Vejita's.( =^.~=) They
didn't seem to notice. After five minutes of walking, Troi led them
to a pair of sliding doors that opened as soon as they approached it.
They walked into a room filled with humans and weird looking aliens
walking around, hurriedly.
  "This is the mess hall." Troi said, walking over to a round
table. "So what to you wish to eat?"
  "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!" Goku said.
  "You would eat anything edible, baka." Vejita stated.  
  "If you wish to eat a horse... " Troi said.
  "Never mind." Goku sighed. "Anyway, I guess I could go for burgers.
What about you Vejita?"
  "Whatever's here will suffice."
  "Alright then!" Troi smiled. "Wait here while I order your food."
She called over shoulder as she walked over to the bar.
Goku nodded, sitting down. Vejita crossed his arms and sat down as
  "So, Vejita..."
  "What... "
  "What do you think happened? I mean, one minute we are at Pan's
party, the next we're on this spaceship."
  "How am I supposed to know?"
  "I dunno... " Goku drummed his fingers on the table, idly.
Goku looked up, sensing someone approaching them. He saw Picard and
Riker walking towards them, each carrying a tray of food.
  "Ah, Goku! I see you're feeling better." Picard said. "Do you mind
if we sit with you?"
  "Uh... no.. go right ahead... ? "
  They sat down at the table, placing their trays down and getting
out their utensils. Riker smiled coldly at Goku, and nodded at
Vejita. Goku gulped nervously.
  "Ah, I see your awake."
  "Does it look like I'm sleeping? Of course I'm awake, imbecile!"
  Riker bristled. "Don't talk to the Captain like that! I could throw
you in the brig for speaking to him that way!"
  "I'll talk to him whatever way I want."
  "Calm down, Number One. He didn't mean any harm," Picard said,
calmly taking a bite from  a potato on his tray.
  Vejita smirked. 'It's painfully obvious that they are lovers.'  He
thought with humor. (EH HE HE HE HE ^.^ In THIS little fan fic,
Picard and Riker are GAY!! lol *waves a sign with the words, Off
Picard and Riker!*) Troi returned with two trays that each had two
hamburgers on it as well as a potato and a large drink.
  "Here you go," Deanna said with a smile.
  "THIS IS GREAT! THANKS!" Goku smiled as he immediately picked up a
burger and ate it in two bites.
  "Kakarott, could you possibly TRY to have better manners?" Vejita
  "But, Vejita..." Goku responded with his mouth full of his second
burger. He swallowed, "I'm really hungry."
  Vejita ate one of his hamburgers, showing much more restraint that
Goku. "Then when you're done eating, ask for more. We're obviously
not going anywhere anytime soon."
  He started on his second burger. Goku hastily swallowed his potato
and gulped down his drink, though not as fast as he had been eating
  "Miss Troi, can I please have some more?"
  "You may fill my tray again also, woman." Vejita sniffed, having
finished his tray also.
  Troi, Picard, and Riker who had been starting in horror at the two
Sayia-jins as they ate, blinked.
  "Can I have ten more?" Goku's stomach rumbled for emphasis.
  "Um... sure..." Troi got up in a daze and after a few minutes,
returned with two trays filled with food.
  "Thanks!" Goku beamed. They polished off the trays in a matter of
minutes, much to the dismay of the trio witnessing their efforts.
  "Um... Counselor... did Doctor Crusher mention anything to you
about them, that they would be eating like this?" Picard said raising
an eyebrow.
  The Counselor shook her head mutely and walked off to get more
food. She returned minutes later with nearly twenty burgers. They,
too, dissapeared in several more minutes. Their eyes were almost
poping out of their heads from the rate the food was dissapearing.


Captain's Log STARDATE 0324.01

  We have been orbiting the planet, Sqrewu (pronounced, Screw You)
for three days now, following the distress call we revived. The
colony that sent out the signal has vanished, the only thing
remaining are four letters, B - R G, that were written on a piece of
debris found outside the limits of where the colony once was. We have
tried everything in our power to decipher their meaning, but thus far
our efforts have been futile.

  The two men that we found near the colony's remains have almost
fully regained their heath, after what we have thought to be a failed
experiment. They were found several miles from the colonies former
location, with severe lacerations and spinal damage. They are now
resting in their quarters that have been assigned to them. Also, an
unexpected side effect of the experiment seems to be insatiable
appetites. Thank God for replicators!


  "Kakarott, what the hell do these people want from us! They treat
us like we're some sort of 'experiment gone wrong' that will break if
handled the wrong way!"
  "Vejita, calm down." Goku replied from his bed, looking up to where
Vejita was pacing.
  "How can I calm down? I can't take this!" He slammed his fist into
a bulk-head, denting it yet again.
   'He's cute when he's angry...' Goku thought while speaking
aloud, "We'll just have to wait."
  "Why do we have to wait? We could get out of here anytime we
wanted, either by destroying the ship, or teleporting. Tell me, damn
it! Why do we have to wait?"
  "For one thing, I want to find out where we are. The Captain
dosen't seem to trust us enough yet to give us a complete story, and
that Riker person really dislikes us."
  "Dislikes? Feh! Don't you mean--"
  "Vejita!" Goku cut him off.
  "Fine." he sulked.
  "And second, how did we get here?" Goku continued.
  "Ok, so you've made your point. But why does it have to be so
fucking boring?" he said crossing his arms and scowling.
  "So why don't you use that 'holodeck' that the Captain told us
  "And what are you going to do?"
  "I had planned to study a bit of their technology, and past
history. Maybe that could give us a clue why we're here."
  "Ha! Kakarott, you study?"
  "Heh, laugh if you want Vejita, but that's what I'm going to do."
  "Fine, I'll see if I can find this 'holodeck'. Don't go getting
yourself in trouble now,  okay?" he growled.
  "I won't." Goku grinned.
  Vejita smirked then turned and walked out of the room, the doors
opening and closing with a hiss.
  'So what now?' Vejita thought to himself as he walked down a well-
lit corridor. He was clothed in a regular issue jumpsuit with a com-
link attached to his chest. At least, that was what the Troi person
has said it was. Like he belived that. He passed several people,
having no clue where he was going. While he had been on this ship, he
had barely left his room, only leaving to eat and regain his
strength. Ha, what a laugh. He passed several more people, finally
coming to a cross section.
  At least he had Kakarott with him. How contrary to his usual
attitude this was! Well, it was his own fault, he just had to fall
for that low class baka like some stupid idiot. He was the prince of
all Saiya-Jin for crying out loud! He was NOT supposed to fall in
love! Escpecially not with a man! And now that Kakarott was actually
starting to notice him... No... Kakarott couldn't... He... 'He's not
a fag like me...' He broke off his train of thought as he saw a odd
figure walking in front of him. What was that person's name again?
  "Ah! I see you're up and about." Worf said after Vejita had walked
up to him.
  "Yeah. I grew tired of seeing the same thing everytime I woke up."
  "So... I see. I'm going to train in the holodeck. Do you wish to
join me?"
  Vejita smirked. "I wouldn't think that you could keep up with me."
  Worf pulled his lips back from his teeth. "Is that a challenge?"
  "Merely a statement."
  "I would like to see that for myself. I challenge you!" Worf
  "Ha! You ACT as if you are a warrior. Maybe you will provide some
  "Amusement?" His eyes narrowed.
  Vejita smirked. Worf growled.
  "Come this way." He said as he walked passed Vejita.


  Goku was in his room. He lay on his bed thinking.
  'How am I supposed to tell Vejita.. ? If he knew.. he would...'
Goku found himself fighting depression. '...he would be disgusted
with... me... he.. he could never return my feelings... let alone
speak to me again...'  Goku sighed wistfully. 'If only... ' He sat
up, covering his face with his hands. 'Snap out of it!' He chided
himself mentally. He rose from his bed sighing as he ran a hand
through his dark hair, and walked through the door. He plastered his
usual cheerful expression on his face, though he was aching inside,
and made his way down a corridor.


  'Why.. ?'
  Goku was all Vejita could think about. 'Kakkarott...' He found
himself picturing Goku's facial features in his mind. His beautiful
smile, his body, the way he spoke, the way he walked, the way
he... 'Pull yourself together baka!' He screamed at himself in his
mind as he rounded another corner. 'He could never, ever feel the
same way... Not in a thousand lifetimes... So stop thinking about
him!!' He growled softly in frustration and frowned deeper. Vejita
nearly bumped into Worf's back because he had stopped abruptly in
front of a pair of doors.
  "You imbecile!! Why did you stop walking?" Vejita growled.
Worf bared his teeth and bristled.
  "This is the holodeck!!!"
  "Well then, what are you waiting for?" Vejita walked past Worf as
the doors hissed open to reveal a very strange scene. The entire
command crew was present in the dimly lit room, and there was a
large, white ring in the center that looked strangely like a boxing
ring. There was a large crowd surrounding the ring cheering loudly as
two women climbed into opposite corners of the ring.
  "What is going on?" Worf asked scowling, his eyebrows almost
brushing his cheeks.
  "..... " Vejita couldn't speak.
  A voice boomed out, seemingly from all directions to once.
  "You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is
another dimention. A dimention of sound, a dimention of sight, a
dimention of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and
substance of thing and ideas you've just crossed into the twilight
zone." Dramatic music played in the background.
   A wierd man who was colored in black and white and dressed in a
snazzy buisness suit walked out onto the floor as everything froze.
  "These two people have no idea of on what journey they will
embark." he said, tucking his chin in an emphatic manner and
gesturing towards Worf and Vejita.
  "A journey that will take them through regions of space, never
before explored by either man, nor beast. What fate will they face?
They will discover this and more in the misty regoins of," he
paused. "The Twilight Zone."
  The two face-faulted.


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