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Rating: R
Warnings: Chi Chi and Bulma... I'll just let you read...

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  "What?" Goku gasped.

  "What what?" Vejita was confused.

  "We have to get Earth's special defences together!"

  "What are you babbling about Kakarott?"

Goku turned to face Vejita.

  "We all have to go to Capsule Corp, Vejita!"

Vejita gave him a strange look.


  Goku repeated what Al had said to him to Vejita.

  "Huh?!? What the hell are you babbling about??"

  "I don't... Who is he?!?" Goku said abruptly, pointing across the
clearing at an Oriental man. He appeared to be between 35 and 42. He
was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt, as well as
white sneakers. He looked very confused and spoke in halting English.

  "Where am I?"

Vejita turned around to see where Goku was pointing.

  "Who the... " Vejita muttered. "Not another one!"

Goku walked towards the man.

  "Um, your in Japan... " Goku said slowly.

  "Japan!?!?" He repeated. "How did I get here??"

  "I don't know... What's your name?"

  "Jackie, Jackie Chan."

(WOO HOO DE HOO HOO! Yep, yep, yep, that's Jackie Chan! Ok, I know
that probably not his real name, so he's gonna go by his movie name!)
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SUE ME!! -Usagi and Gokou_chan]

Vejita sighed and looked at "Jackie."

  "Look, 'Jackie' or whatever your name is, we're busy, so get lost!"
Vejita snapped.

Jackie just stared at Vejita stupidly. 


  "Goku! You have to go to Capsule Corp! NOW!" Al yelled. 

Goku nodded.

  "Oi, Vejita I'm going to Capsule Corp, you coming?"

  "Wait! What's your name?" Jackie asked Goku.

  "My name is Goku!" He said for the second time that day.

  "What's his name?" He asked, pointing at Vejita.

  "His name's Vejita." Goku sighed.

  "Hmph!" Vejita said as he powered his Ki.

Jackie gaped at Vejita. "How do you do that?" He asked in disbelief.

  "Its none of your business, Earthling!" Vejita growled, angrily.

Goku placed his hand on his forehead once again as he prepared to

  "Wait Goku! Can I come?" Jackie asked.

Goku rolled his eyes and nodded. He powered his Ki as well, and
decided that he had better not teleport since that would probably
give the Chinese man a heart attack.

Jackie mouth dropped. "Wow... That's cool!"

Goku started to fly as Vejita took off, and motioned for Jackie to
follow him. (No, Jackie isn't flying; he's running on the ground!) Al
punched in some buttons to Ziggy and went ahead of them to Capsule

After about twenty minutes they arrived at their destination. The
sun was sinking over the horizon, streaking the sky with shades of
crimson. A few birds called to each other as they flew to their
nests. Goku's stomach growled, reminding him that his last meal was
eaten that morning.

  "Its about time!" Al said.

Goku powered down as he touched to the ground once again. Jackie was
out of breath, even though he kept himself in good shape. Vejita
landed in front of his house, wondering what he would say to Bulma,
now that he knew about her and Chi Chi.

(Toshi hushi washi gushi <------^.^ Plz don't mind my babbling!)

  "How can you fly?" Jackie panted.

  "Very easily, weakling!" Vejita said as he walked up the front lawn
to his house.

Jackie followed Vejita and Goku as he tried to catch his breath. 

Vejita heard women's voices as he opened the door.

He was surprised to see Bulma with her lover, Chi Chi, sitting down
at a table and sipping tea.

  "Ve-Vejita-san!" Bulma exclaimed. "I thought you would be gone
longer." She drew in a sharp breath when she saw Goku. "Goku-san!"
Chi Chi looked up, startled. Goku remained outside the doorway as
Jackie walked in.

  "Bulma where's Trunks?" Vejita demanded.

  "He's upstairs with Goten. Why do you ask?"                

Vejita ignored her question and walked to the base of the stairs.

  "Hello." Jackie said, bowing slightly to Chi Chi and Bulma. "My
name's Jackie, nice to meet you." He smiled and extended a hand to
Bulma. She looked at him and shook his hand. "Likewise Jackie."

Chi Chi glanced at his pre-offered hand and ignored it.

  "Trunks! Come down here!" Vejita yelled.

Trunks poked his head through a doorway. "Tousan?" Trunks said and
walked downstairs. Goten followed him.

  "He-hello Vejita!" Goten stammered nervously.

  "Get down here right now, brats!"

  They hurriedly made their way down the stairs as Vejita scowled at
them. Jackie smiled and waved at them, having caught his breath.

  "Kakarott, how much time do we have left?"

  "Um... Al?"

  "Damn!! You only have nine minutes left!!"

  "Nine minutes?" Goku exclaimed.

  "Then we don't have much time. Will you hurry up, boy?"

  "Coming, Udosa."

  Trunks and Goten walked by Chi Chi and Bulma and exited through the
door, looking over their shoulders at their mothers in apprehension.
And for good reason.

  "Where do you think you're going?" Chi Chi yelled jumping from her
seat, protesting her child's action.

  "Quiet, woman!" Vejita snarled.

  "Don't tell ME to be quiet!!" she screamed.

  "Chi Chi," Bulma said calmly, putting her hand on her lover's
shoulder. Amazingly, she calmed down.

  Vejita sniffed at them, scowling as he also went outside. Bulma and
Chi Chi looked at each other and followed the men out the door.

  "You're not getting away that easily." Bulma stated bluntly. "You'd
better tell me what's going on NOW."

  "And why would I do that?" Vejita ground out.

  She crossed her arms. "Because I'm your wife."

  "Oh, you think so? Then tell me why you've been sleeping with that
woman!" He gestured at Chi Chi.

  Her eyes widened. "What are you talking about?"

  "You know damn well what I'm talking about!!"

  She held her herself stubbornly.

  "Then tell me strait out, have you been sleeping with that bitch?"

  "Ohayo!!"  Al interrupted, looking VERY proud of himself. "We have
to do something, remember?"

Bulma gasped and eyed Vejita suspiciously.

  "NO! Of course not!!! What ever gave you that crazy fucked up
idea?!?" She yelled.

  "Stop lying, woman!"     

She screamed inwardly, having a little more self-control than her
lover. He hadn't called her 'woman' since before they had married.

  "What's going on?" Jackie asked. "Has the world gone mad?"

Goten and Trunks patently outside with Goku, until Bulma's mother
pulled up in the driveway driving her small sports car.

  "Yoo hoo!" She called, waving at them.

  "Grandmother!" Trunks called.

  "Trunks-ko! If you don't hurry you'll be late for Pan's birthday
party!!!" She said as she drove out of the driveway and sped off
towards Gohan's house.

  "Oh my god I forgot!!" Trunks said, turning to Goten. "Come on or
we'll be late for your niece's birthday!!"

Goten nodded. "Oi, just wait a minute while I get her present!!" He
said as he ran back into the house.

  "Goten while you're up there get my present for Pan!"

  "Hai!" Goten called over his shoulder.

  "Wait you can't go!" Goku said.

  "Pan will kill us if we miss her party!" Trunks said as Goten
emerged from Capsule Corp carrying Pan's presents.

  "Later!" Goten called as he and Trunks flew off in the direction to
Gohan's house.

  "Kuso!" Goku bit out. "Al do we have to be in a specific location
to prevent the time distortion?"

  At that everybody stopped what they were doing and gaped at Goku,
who raised an eyebrow. Then he realized what he had just said and his
face reddened.

  "Awww damn!! We can't prevent what's going to happen." he said as
he threw Ziggy to the ground in frustration. It broke on impact.
Suddenly Al started to phase out of his dimension.

  "Uh.. oh.... Killing Ziggy was NOT a good idea....... " Al muttered.

Shimmering, he became visible, standing in front of Goku. He froze as
everyone looked at him.

  "OH MY GOD!!" Chi Chi screamed, looking at Al.

Vejita's eyes widened in shock.

Bulma gasped, "What the......"

  "Who are you?!?" Vejita demanded for the second time that afternoon.

  "Al?" Al responded.

Chi Chi fainted dead away into Bulma's arms.

Goku looked at them in amusement. However, he did not give a speech
about how he wasn't crazy and that Al was in fact quite real.

  "You can see me?!?! " Al said.

  "Of course we can see you!" Bulma yelled angrily.

Jackie, apparently forgotten, leaned down and picked up the now dead

  "What's this?"

  "Gimmie that!" Al exclaimed as he grabbed it from Jackie's hands.

Jackie looked at Al. 'What's his problem...'

Suddenly a tall figure appeared standing next to Jackie. He was
wearing a white jacket and black pants. One of his hands was in his
pocket, while the other was holding a cigarette to his mouth. His
short, dark brown hair was combed to a part. He apparently wasn't
aware of the other people standing near him. 

  "AAAAHH!!" Jackie screamed in surprise. "Wh-who are you?"

  "The names Bond." He said coolly. "James Bond."

  Jackie's eyes rolled up as he fainted. He fell to the ground with a

  Al stopped what he was doing and stared at James Bond. "Oh my god!
James Bond! I can't believe it! Can I have your autograph?"

  Vejita looked down his nose at Al in disgust. "Come on, Kakarott.
Let's get out of here. Obviously we're not going to "shift" into
another dimension like this baka says."

  "What?" Al looked around.

  "Hai. Lets go to Pan's birthday party. I told her I wouldn't
forget, so... "

  "Whatever." Vejita said and powered his Ki. Goku followed suit, and
they took off after Goten and Trunks.

  "Wha...Whas goin on..." Chi Chi mumbled as she regained

  "Wait!!" Al called after them. "There IS going to be a dimension

Bulma helped Chi Chi up and glared at Al. "Chi Chi-san, we have to go
to your granddaughter's birthday party."

  "Oh, yeah. I almost forgot." She muttered as she stood up. "Where's

  "He went ahead of us with Vejita."

  "Bulma-san do you want to drive?"

  "No, you can."

  "Alright!" Chi Chi was known for her reckless driving, since she
had gotten her driving license almost a year ago. The only reason
Bulma was letting her drive, was because she was still shocked after
Vejita's accusation.

James Bond simply stood there smoking his cigarette, trying to look
cool as Al buzzed around him asking for his autograph. Mr. Bond
ignored him, however. (O.o)

Bulma took a capsule out of her pocket and pressed a button on it as
she threw it, making it explode with a puff of smoke, into a gleaming
red Porsche.

  "Chi Chi start the car while I get Pan's presents." Bulma said as
she went back inside.


Bulma reemerged a few minutes later with the presents, to find James
Bond crumpled on the ground. He appeared to have a few broken limbs
and a few lacerations. Al had run away as soon as Chi Chi started to
get angry. (^.^)

  "Chi Chi! What did you do to him?" Bulma asked as she opened the
back door of the Porsche and placed the presents inside. 

  "Well he hit on me!!" She said almost apologetically.

  Bulma gave her a look and got in the front seat.

  Chi Chi got in the car, pulling her seatbelt over her shoulder and
put the keys into the ignition.

  Bulma paused to put her seatbelt on, then leaned over to kiss her

  Chi Chi grinned at her and started the vehicle. They started making
out as Chi Chi drove. She wasn't paying any attention to the road,
since Bulma had started undressing her. They made their way out of
the driveway and onto the road. A few people who were walking on the
sidewalk gaped at them as they passed by. (*Falls over laughing* Well
they deserve it!)

  The car swerved all over the road wildly, crossing from one lane to
the other as Bulma undid   her seatbelt and leaned across the seat,
kissing her lover passionately, and completely obscuring Chi Chi's

  Chi Chi growled, reached over and pulled Bulma closer to her. 
Bulma giggled and scrambled onto Chi Chi's lap, parting her raven-
haired lover's lips with her own and thrusting her tongue into her
mouth.  Chi-Chi reached up and began to undo Bulma's blouse, baring
her teeth in frustration as the buttons resisted her, lifting her
head to peer at the road over Bulma's shoulder as she slid her hand
around to undo Bulma's bra.  Bulma leaned down to embrace her lover
tightly, as Chi Chi's hand slipped inside her bra to cup a pert,
round breast.  Bulma moaned as Chi-Chi kissed and nipped the
sensitive skin of her throat, and began rolling an already hard
nipple between her thumb and forefinger.  Bulma lifted her hips
slightly, just enough to slide Chi-Chi's skirt up, and questing hands
began sliding up the inside of Chi-Chi's thighs, making her shiver.
Chi Chi gasped as two fingers pulled aside the crotch of her panties,
stroking the warm, wet flesh beneath, before sliding into her.  She
immediately reciprocated, moaning as her own hand slide under Bulma's
skirt and up the inside of her thigh. (Yes, I know Bulma used two
hands and Chi-Chi is only using one, but come on!  Chi Chi has to
keep at least one hand on the wheel, right?)

  Chi Chi teased her lover for a moment, stroking her through her
panties, feeling the fabric growing damp from her partner's
heightened arousal, before pushing the fabric aside and sliding two
fingers of her own into the hot, slick passage.  Both women groaned,
their breath starting to come in short gasps as they thrust their
fingers into each other.  Bulma seized Chi-Chi's lips in a searing
kiss, muffling her lover's and her own cries of pleasure as both of
them started to tremble, the pressure building inside them, bright
spots of light beginning to appear before their eyes.

(The scene shifts to Goku and Vejita flying to Gohan's
house............... )

  Goku was still in shock from Chi Chi's admission, even though he
shouldn't have been.         

  "What am I going to do now..." He thought dismally, and shook his
head. 'Bulma, of all people... '  He sighed, then looked at Vejita.
He ran his eyes down Vejita's well-sculpted body, the setting sun
casting highlights through his raven black hair.

  'He's so beautiful..." Goku thought before catching himself. 'What
am I thinking?!? I must be going crazy or something...'

  Vejita felt as if someone was looking at him and glanced at Goku.
To his surprise he saw that Goku was watching him, running his eyes
over his body with an almost wistful expression. He quickly looked
away as his face reddened.

  'Does he feel the same way about me as I feel for him?!'  He
thought as Gohan's house came into view. 'No, he couldn't! He hasn't
noticed me for years... Why would he now?' 


Al was stumbling through a forest, apparently lost. The sun had sunk
below the horizon nearly five minutes ago, the last wisps of sunlight
streamed across the sky. He heard a few cars passing by him
somewhere. "I must be near a highway!" He said to himself. He
stumbled onward...


  As Bulma and Chi Chi were reaching their climax, a figure appeared
in front of the car, cowering in the headlights.

"Ahhhh!!!" They both screamed as Chi Chi hit the breaks and tried to
stop the car, but it wasn't in time for the poor shmuck who had
stopped in the middle of the road. With a bloody crunch, he was hit
by the car and sent flying into a nearby tree. Chi Chi stopped the
car and after pulling her clothes back on, got out to see how badly
the man was hurt.

  "Chi Chi! I think you killed him!!" called Bulma as she stepped
from the car as well.

  Chi Chi leaned over the broken body of the young man that was
firmly imbedded into the tree trunk. His dirty blond hair was covered
in his blood and brains. He looked strangely like the young man who
had appeared in the Son residence earlier that day.

  "Oh my god...." Chi Chi's hand when to her mouth as surveyed the
damage she had done.           "The Dragonballs... we need to get the

  "No one deserved such a horrible fate." (Except for him!!)

  Bulma looked at the mess that was once Dawson (<--- I'm sooooo
mean!! >:) Serve's him right! In case you don't know, DAWSON IS
DEAD!!!!  BWA HA HA HA HA!!!! WHO is Dawson you ask? {O.o} HE'S THE
DAWSON FROM DAWSON'S CREEK!!! ) *Runs around in circles with a sign
saying, 'KILL DAWSON PERMANENTLY!* <-------lol

  "Kami-sama... Chi Chi, we just murdered someone!!"

  "I-it was an accident!! And besides, there are no witnesses!"

With that Al ran away screaming, his arms waving in the air. 'They'll
kill me if they find out that there IS a witness! ME!!'

  "Did you hear something Bulma-san?"

  "No... "

  "Never mind, Bulma-san we have to hide the body!! If anyone found
out I could be arrested!  Or even worse, they could revoke my drivers

  "You're right. But I'm not touching THAT!" She said, pointing at
what had once been the ill-fated Dawson.

Chi Chi powered up and peeled him off of the tree.

  "Uhhh.." She shuddered. Bulma looked away. It was to gross for her
to watch.

While dragging the body over to the trees, Chi Chi had managed to
smear most of "IT'S" blood and entrails onto herself.

  "Bulma-san lets just go to the party. We'll wish him back later,

Bulma sighed, thinking about what they had just done. "Hai, hai... "
She nodded. "But first you have to clean up! I'm not going to a party
with someone covered in guts..." She said in disgust.

  "Alright then." Chi Chi said with a grin.

  "How can you be like that? You just killed a man!"

  "Well, yes, but we're going to wish him back, right? So then he's
not going to be dead that long." she reasoned while cleaning herself

  "Well, when you put it that way... I guess so. Hurry up, we're
going to be late." Bulma said crossing her arms.

(The scene shifts back to Gohan's house.....................)

  Music filled the air as a DJ played the latest hits, and laughter
could be heard from the people dancing. Goku and Vejita landed softly
in the front yard so as not to disturb the partygoers. (Vejita had
wanted to scare them, but fortunately Goku had been able to talk him
out of it.<---- J/K!)

  Pan was sitting on a bench that was on the front porch and was a
boy seated next to her. He had been leaning over to kiss her when
they had flown down but was now in shock, and couldn't move. Pan,
however, jumped up from where she had been sitting and rushed to
greet the newcomers.

  "Grandpa!" called Pan, joyously. "You made it! You remembered!!"

  Goku leaned down and gave her a hug.

  "Of course I made it! What, did you think I'd forget?" he teased.

  "Uhh... I'm not answering that..." Pan responded as she
disentangled herself from Goku's embrace.

  "Udosa! Vejita-san! Glad you came!" Came a voice from inside, and a
frazzled looking Gohan poked his head from the door. "Look, I've got
to get back to the party, there has been too many requests for songs,
and the DJ needs a break. Do you happen to know, by any chance where
I could find a replacement DJ?"

  "Gohan, if you need nay help..." Goku offered.


  Before they could move, Vejita and Goku were whisked away and by
the time they could think again, they were behind a DJ's table with
an array of songs spread out before them.

  "Kakarott, look what you've gotten us into!" Vejita growled under
his breath. "Baka! Don't touch that!"

  "I wonder what we're supposed to do?" Goku started fiddling with
the equipment, and experimentally inserted a CD into one of the three
systems. As a song began to play, Goku grinned.

  "Ok, here we are. The..." Goku started explaining how the system
operated to a open mouthed Vejita until a young girl approached the

  "HI! Do you think you could play, ATC's 'Around the World' next?"
she asked politely.

  "Sure!" Goku smiled. He was obviously having fun. She smiled back
then walked away to join her friends. Vejita smacked Goku on the back
of his head.

  "Great!" exclaimed Vejita. "You have managed to get us deeper into
this mess! How are we supposed to find this song? I've never even
heard of it!!!"

  "Calm down. It's here somewhere... " He started looking through the
many CD's littering the table before him. "Ah! See? Here it is!"

  "And what are we supposed to do with it?"

  "Play it." Goku calmly answered. He opened the second system and
deftly put the CD inside. The first CD had come to a halt and the one
Goku had just activated began to play.

  "Maybe this will work out after all." Vejita said with a smirk.

  As the night wore on, everything did work out, Vejita even
beginning to enjoy himself as the requests grew. Bulma and Chi Chi
had come in a half hour after they are arrived, but discreetly put
distance between themselves and their former husbands. Goku was
enjoying himself immensely, finally being free from Al, Jackie, and
that other creep, not to mention all those other whacked out losers.
Unfortunately, that relief was to be short lived.

  Al, after running through the wood, seeing Chi Chi and Bulma get
rid of the evidence of that poor man (NOT!), panted up to the


  "What... oh. It's you." Goku said as he turned around.

  "Get lost, weakling." Vejita snapped before turning back to his CDs.

  "What do you think you're doing? You could be shifted into another
reality any minute now!!"

  "Not this again?" moaned Goku. "Look. I don't think that we're
going to shift to another reality Al. Shouldn't we have been there by
now? It's well past the time limit that you gave us."

  "Yeah, well, maybe I was wrong about the time, BUT! In theory, when
you do shift you can only take what you have on you!"

  Vejita rolled his eyes. "You expect me to believe..."

  Goku suddenly shut his eyes, and grasped his head in pain, sliding
to his knees. "Ahhh!!"

  "Kakarott!" Vejita dropped the CDs he was holding and knelt by
Goku's side. "What's happening?"

  "Ahhh!! My... head...!" he moaned, curling up into a fetal position.

  All around the clearing, people began to disappear, and the rest
started to panic, shoving at each other and screaming and they made a
rush to their cars.

  Piccolo and Yamcha, who had been watching the party from a tree,
saw Goku doubling over in pain and rushed to his side as well.

  "Goku!" A woman cried and ran over to them, dragging her daughter.

  "Mom!" Pan yelled in exasperation, pulling from her mother's grip
at last.

  "What's going on?!" Videl pleaded.

  "I don't know, onna!!" Vejita snapped. The rest of the group,
Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Bulma, and Chi Chi rushed over to where
everyone had gathered.

  "What's happening?"

  "Damn it, I DON'T KNOW!!" Vejita yelled. Goku cried out and started
writhing in pain.

  "Ohhh boy..." Al muttered. "Here we go..."

  "Go where?" A new voice questioned. Jackie looked around in
puzzlement and bright blue light enveloped everything alive that was
left in the clearing.

  "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Everybody screamed as they where torn
from their reality and thrown into a whirlpool of darkness.
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