Author: Gokou_chan and Usagi_the_beautiful_one (I had a some help
from my little sis on this part. Also thank you Q-brn for that
excellent Chi Chi bashing idea!)
Rating: Um.. Still Pg-13ish, but starting to heat up.
Warnings: *evil hentai grin* I don't feel one bit sorry for that
stupib b**** Chi Chi... Well, you will find out what happens soon

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  Goku flew into sight of his house and set down easily on one foot,
shifting to the other a few seconds after landing.
  "Chi Chi-san?" he called hesitantly. He pushed the door open and
slowly walked in. The house was like it always was; neat, clean.
Nothing unusual. He walked into their bedroom and looked around. It
was empty. The bed was made, and it had been dusted recently, but
still, no Chi Chi. He frowned. This wasn't like her, she was almost
always home. Maybe she went out for groceries, he thought. This was
pointless. He sighed sitting down on the bed. Who was he fooling?
Tears began to form in his eyes, and he quickly wiped them away. He
spotted a CD player in the corner of the room and went over to it,
keeling down and pressing the power button. Maybe some music would
help. The CD that was in it spun to life and a song began to play.
  "Mirror, mirror, lie to me.. show me what I wanna see..." a girl
began to sing.
  The tears that he has surpressed came back and started to trickle
down his cheeks. He turned off the CD before the song could continue
to play and angrily swiped at the tears on his face. He had never
been unfaithful to Chi Chi, so who was he to assume that she had been
unfaithful to him? But then what was going on? The headache that he
had earlier chose that moment to return to life, and he pressed his
hands to his temples.
  "Why?" he whispered. He leaned back and fell asleep.

  Goku awoke several hours later and blinked sleepily. He yawned,
stretched, then pushed himself to his feet wondering how he had
gotten there. Then the recent events played back in his head and he
sighed. Goku hung his head and ran a hand through his hair, making
his way to the kitchen. Chi Chi still wasn't around and he mused,
where could she be?
  All of a sudden, he  heard a scraping at the window and he moved to
look through it. A head of dirty blond hair popped through the
window. As the head came into view, Goku could see that it was a
young boy around 20. His eyes were brown and he was wearing a blue
denim jacket.
  "Ahhh!!!!" Goku screamed and fell over backwards in surprise.
  "Sorry," The head said. "I thought that this was the Dawson's Creek
set." (in case you haven't figured out who the head is yet, it's
Dawson from Dawson's Creek!)
  Dawson disappeared from sight and Goku scrambled to his feet. He
stuck his head through the window but when he did, all he saw was the
front yard. He scratched his head. Goku pulled his head back through
the window a bit too fast and bumped it on the upper sill.
  "Ouch!!" He yelped, hopping around clutching his head. What the
hell was happening? He decided not to get something to eat and headed
for the front door. Just as he was about to open it a door of blue
light opened vertically in the open space behind him. Goku froze then
turned around slowly to see a short man holding a computer that for
all the world looked like a small blue box.
  "W..who are you?" he stammered looking at the strange apparition in
his living room.
  "What? You can see me?" The man's jaw dropped.
  "Well, yes! Why? I'm not supposed to?" Goku's voice began to get a
hysterical edge to it.
  "No, no, calm down, take deep breaths. Let me consult Ziggy on
this." He began to punch the buttons on the mini computer.
  "Yeah, the computer."
  "Yeah, can you stop talking for a while?" he sounded annoyed.
  Goku wisely stopped talking. The front door opened and Chi Chi
walked in looking a bit rumpled.
  "Goku? What are you doing back here so soon?" she asked.
  "I was tired," Goku answered quickly.
  "Well, as long as you didn't make a mess..." her voice trailed off
  "I didn't, Chi Chi-san, alright?" Goku replied annoyed.
  "Um.... excuse me, sir?" The man broke in.
  "Yes?" Goku turned back to him.
  "Well, I think I know what happened. One question. Are you Sam?"
  "Sam? Sam who?"
  "Never mind. Anyway there seems to be a time disturbance, something
is mixing alternate reality's, or we could say different timelines.
And that something has pulled me out of my timeline and possibly my
friend Sam too. Ziggy says that there is a 93% chance that I am
supposed to ask for your help to find Sam and then try to find what
is causing the disturbance. So will you help?"
  "Okay. So how am I supposed to find him?"
  "Goku? Who are you talking to?" Chi Chi interjected angrily, her
hands an her hips.
  "I don't know!" Goku shot back as he turned to the short man. "What
IS your name anyway!?!?!!"
  "My names Al." The short man responded as he punched in a few more
Chi Chi eyed Goku as if he had suddenly grown a tail and horns.
  "He says his name is Al." Goku said throwing a questioning look at
Chi Chi, almost as if he was expecting an answer from her.
  "Al................." Chi Chi repeated.
  "Yes , he says his name is Al." 
  "Right...................." Chi Chi said as she took a few steps
forward and felt his forehead.
  " 'He must have had a nervous breakdown.' " She thought as she
spoke aloud, "Goku, are you feeling okay?"
  "Chi Chi! I'm not sick!!" He cried and pulled away from her hand.
  Al looked up from his multicolored minicomputer
  "What did you say your name was again?" Al asked Goku.
  "My names Goku!" He yelled.
  "I KNOW THAT GOKU!!!!!" Chi Chi nearly screamed as her face flushed
  "Goku......." Al repeated slowly. He returned his attention to
punching buttons.
  "Look Goku, what exactly is this about?!?!?!?!" Chi Chi screamed in
a fit of rage.
  "I don't know!! Why don't you tell me?!?!?!?!?" He screamed back as
loud as her.
  "HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME?!?!?!?!? She screamed, nearly
making the house shake.
  "Goku do you think you could shut her up?????" Al yelled.
  "NO!!!!!" Goku exclaimed angrily.  
  "EXCUSE ME??!!??!!" Chi Chi's face was starting to turn red.
  "SHUT UP DAMMIT!!!!!! Goku screamed.
Chi Chi took a step back in shock. Her mouth dropped open in surprise.
WHY IS THAT??? ARE YOU HAVING AN AFFAIR??!!??!" He screamed at the
top of his lungs.
Al looked up from his mini-comp. The last few words out of Goku's
mouth seemed to spark his interest in their conversation. He grabbed
a bag of pop corn as he pulled up a chair. He looked from Goku to Chi
Chi, as if it was a soap opera.
  "I...I....." She stuttered. She couldn't believe that her sweet,
innocent Goku was capable of yelling back at her, much less curse at
her. She did the only thing she was capable of doing at the moment.
She broke down crying.
Al look slightly amused at her Oscar winning performance as he
munched a handful of pop corn.
  "Waaah!! *sniff* *sniff* "I-I *choke* tr-tried to be a- *sniff* a
good wife *choke* an-and mother!" She sobbed.
  "HA!" Al blurted out as he suddenly threw some pop corn at her, as
if she was a T.V. screen. The pop corn sailed right through her,
however since they were in separate dimensions.
( ^.^ I'm so mean!) Goku glared at Al as he stepped forward and tried
to comfort Chi Chi.
  "Chi Chi, I... I'm sorry, but I need to know." He said quietly.
She looked up at him in surprise. Her tear streaked face looked
scared as she tried to speak. 
  "Wha.....What makes you think that I would ever cheat on you?" Her
voice was barely above a whisper. A drastic change from a few moments
Al snorted at her attempt to pull the wool over Goku's eyes.
  "Aw come on Chi Chi! Do you really think I'm THAT stupid?"
  "Yeah!" Al yelled as he cheered on Goku.
Goku's hands balled into fists. He closed his eyes and thought to
himself, " 'Don't kill Al, don't kill Al, don't kill Al..........' "
Chi Chi stared at him in amazement. Her small hand closed into a fist
and went to her throat in utter shock.
  " wasn't.....I
didn'" She finally
admitted. She looked down and closed her eyes, feeling guilty after
deceiving him for so long.
Goku's legs felt weak. He felt sick knowing his fears were confirmed.
He could barely stand after the impact of that one
word.........Yes......... (Yes, oh beloved fans.....Chi Chi HAS in
fact been CHEATING.......-_-0 *sniff* DAM* BITC*) >_< ... but with
  " *sniff*...... " "That was.....beautiful........" Al sobbed as he
searched for a tissue.   
It took all of Goku's self restraint to keep himself from strangling
  "Who is he Chi Chi?" He asked, his voice breaking as he was close
to tears. He couldn't bring himself to call her Chi Chi-san anymore.
Not after she had betrayed his trust. Not after what she had done.
Al blew his nose loudly from across the room.
Goku ignored him as he waited for Chi Chi's response.
  "Go....Goku.........There....wasn't.....I mean......there ISN'T
another man...." She kept her eyes averted from Goku's.  She couldn't
bear to see the disgust she knew was there.
Goku gasped as it hit him. He gaped at her and felt tears streak down
his face.
  "Oh wow......" Al said. "She's a....she's"  He tried
to say as he gaped at her.
Goku forgot about Al sitting there, watching him cry. The thoughts
that were running through his mind was how could she??? Hadn't he
always been there for her??? Ok, sure he had died a few times, but he
still loved her! He had never cheated on her! Why would she??? Why
couldn't she feel the same way as him???
  "Goku.......I wish I could say I was sorry. But I'm not." She
stated. "I.....I'm happy this way." 
Goku shook his head. No. He wouldn't believe it. He couldn't believe
  "Why....?" His voice barely audible.
  "You STILL don't understand, do you??"
  "No.......No I don't understand! You don't get it, do you. I love
you! How could you do this to me??"
  "Its very simple, Goku. Let me spell it out for you. I. Don't.
Love. You."
He stared at her in horror. "Then why the hell did you marry me? Was
all the time we have been married just one big joke to you?? Is that
it???" He sobbed as the tears streamed down his already wet face.
  "The only reason I married you was because at the time, I thought I
was in love with you. But now I see I wasn't. I see now that it was
the worst mistake of my life!"
  "No.....No!" He shook his head violently. " 'This HAS to be some
horrible nightmare!' " He thought hysterically. " 'THIS. ISN'T.
REAL.........' " He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping that when he
looked up again, it would all be gone. Everything would be the way it
used to be. He opened his eyes hesitantly. "No." He said aloud as he
saw that it was, in fact, quite real. He reached his hand up to cover
his eyes as he began to sob again.
  "Well look at the big, strong Mr. Super-Saiya-Jin, crying like a
little boy." Chi Chi taunted.
Goku was sickened by her. He couldn't stand being near her anymore.
This was his worst nightmare. And the most terrible fact about it,
was that it was real. His thoughts raced wildly to when Gohan had
been born, the day when they had named him, the time Gohan had nearly
died because of his own carelessness. Because he failed to keep his
hand on the carriage, failed to rescue him, failed to keep Raditz
from kidnapping Gohan, failed to be there for him through most of the
fight when Vegjita came to Earth. Failed to be a father to him
through out his entire life. Failed to be a good father to Goten, and
now since he hadn't been a good father figure to Gohan, he was
neglecting Pan. Just like he had neglected Gohan. " 'If only things
had been different.' " All of this passed through his mind in an
instant. He turned away from her, unable to so much as look at her
  "Just say it."
  "Fine. I don't love, you, I don't care about you."
  "No! That's not it!"
  "Well what exactly do you WANT me to say??? That I'm gay??? That I
find women attractive??? That I can't stand the thought of being your
wife???" She started to scream again.
Al nearly choked on his beer from across the room as he fell off his
chair and landed on the floor with a thud.
  "Alright. I'll go." Goku said as he turned to leave.
  "No Goku you can't leave! Your supposed to keep your marriage from
falling apart or Sam'll never get home!" Al yelled.
  Goku ignored him as he went to his bedroom to get his belongings.
They didn't even share a bedroom when he had thought she cared about
  "Hmph!" Chi Chi grunted as she crossed her arms. She glared at him
with intense hatred.
Al just gaped at her. He couldn't believe that someone could be as
cold and heartless as her. Screaming one moment, crying for sympathy
the next.
  "Boy, what a whack job..." Al muttered under his breath as he
followed Goku.
  "Goku, come on! You have to keep her from marrying Bulma!" Al said
in a very annoying manner.
  "BULMA?!?!?!?!?!?" Goku screamed as he dropped his suitcase and
fell over. "SHE'S BEEN HAVING SEX WITH BULMA!?!?!?!?" He screamed
stricken with horror.
  "Who.....Who told you that??" She gasped.
  "Al!" (>_<)
  "Al told you I've been cheating with Bulma?!?!?" She repeated in
Al just folded his arms and grabbed his pop corn again.
  "How could you??? I trusted you!!!"
Chi Chi could only gape at him. " 'So is Al a ghost?? Or did Goku
make up a story because he was spying on me.......How did he know? I
thought he wasn't capable of intelligent thought.....' " One of the
reasons she married him.
Goku picked himself up and picked up his suitcase as well.
  "Good bye, Chi Chi." He put two fingers on his temple and
teleported out of her house.
Al punched in a few buttons to his minicomputer and disappeared as he
followed Goku to wherever he was going.
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