Author: [email protected]

Pairing: Piccolo X Gohan

Warnings/Ratings: NC-17!! Lemony goodness!  Prepare to pucker up!  And, some
sap at the end.

Summary: Told from Piccolo and Gohan's point of view (mostly Piccolo's); they
are contemplating a new twist in their relationship.

Note: Note exactly a songfic, but this story was partially inspired by "I
Surrender" by David Sylvian.  All passages marked with a star (*) indicates a
reference to the aforementioned song's lyrics (which are posted at the end).

Disclaimer: Don't sue!  These characters may be someone else's idea, and the
song may have been written by someone else, but the fantasies they inspire in
me are all my own!  I can't help it if I'm a horny pervert!  Ha!!

I Surrender


It's ironic: When I first met him, he was nothing more than a sniveling,
whimpering infant.  He was helpless; lost in the world and barely able to
defend himself.  And now, it is years later - and as I lay here with my face
pressed to his chest, it is I who am the helpless child.  He has become the
master, and I the student.

He extends his arm, fingertips brushing my forehead, and I sigh.  I have
faced many battles, overcome many dilemmas.  But this - I am powerless in his
embrace.  The only word I can even begin to utter is his name.  The slight
whisper that is my voice disturbs me; I have never felt so vulnerable in my
entire life.

Of course, I saw this coming, in a way.  I don't know exactly what I expected
- this is all new to me, I'm not exactly an expert on the subject of...
emotion.  But I knew my relationship, my connection to this boy would be
different from anything I'd ever experienced.  I knew it from the beginning:
from the first moment I took him under my care, to train him to become a
warrior.  I left him in the desert that first night to die, but when I heard
his grief and despair echoing through the canyon, my heart clenched.  

From then on, I dedicated my life to him.  I promised myself that I would
protect him, and make him strong so that he could protect himself.  I don't
know what the hell happened to me; it confused and, frankly, scared the hell
out of me -- but I knew I was powerless to fight it; he somehow filled the
hollow ache in my soul.

A lot of good it did me, in the beginning - it wound up killing me.  But I
gave my life for his without a second thought, without a moment of
hesitation.  My only regret is that I could not shelter him from the grief
that shattered him as I breathed my last on the battlefield that day.  I felt
his scream tear through me as my heart stopped - with all my will, I fought
to stay alive for just another moment, to stay near him, to protect him.  My
heart melted when I saw him bent over me, fiercely guarding me, choking back
his tears.  It was enough to make my own eyes sting.  And I had never felt
any form of sadness or heartache in my life - before him.

But that was a long time ago, now.  It goes without saying that I came back
to this plane, and when I did, my bond with him was all the stronger for it.  
I made a silent vow deep in my soul that nothing would ever separate us like
that again.

More than 12 years have passed since those events, and the boy is no longer
just a boy at all.  He has surpassed all of us long ago.  Yet, he still
insists on training with me.  It has become a necessary routine in both of
our lives.  It is the cause of the silent bond between us.  And, I am sure,
it helped lead to the first... incident.

It was after a long night of intense sparring.  He'd really pushed me to my
limit; he's so much more powerful than I am now, that it is all I can do to
keep up.  We had settled down to make camp as we had done hundreds of times
before, when it had gotten too late for it to be worth the effort to return
home.  Sometime in the middle of the night, I awoke to find him curled up
next to me - close to me.  Very close to me.  It wasn't entirely strange; it
was something he used to do as a young boy - after I finally gave up trying
to prevent him from doing it.  I'd wake up, and he'd be there, huddled close
to what little body heat I had to offer as small comfort from the chillier
nights.  I tried to discourage him, but... I guess his will outlasted mine.  
After awhile, I didn't mind so much.  I liked knowing that my presence made
him feel safe.  And, I suppose I felt safe keeping him close to me... close
enough to hear his tiny heart beating.

But, he hadn't done it in years, what... what prompted it this time?  I
wondered as I looked down at his face, cradled up close to my chest.  He must
have sensed my confusion in his sleep somehow, for I had barely formed the
question in my mind when he opened his eyes sleepily to gaze into mine.  I
opened my mouth to speak, but no words came.  My consternation must have
amused him, because he chuckled softly and shifted his position to wriggle
closer to me.  

I was at a loss; I whispered his name, questioningly.  His gaze met mine and
at once I knew I had been taken hostage.  The look in his eyes was...
predatory, somehow.  I didn't understand it then and I still don't quite
understand it now.  That.. look.

I had seen the human act of kissing before - I knew it was an act of
affection, or love.  I had seen it done, but the purpose eluded me.  The
whole idea of love was a pretty alien concept to me, anyway.  But I realized
immediately that he intended that gesture for me, at that moment.  I was
apprehensive, and shrank away at first - and then his lips touched my mouth
and the world burned away behind my eyes.

My body smoldered with a poisonous ache; it paralyzed me and turned my bones
to jelly.  I could barely breathe or even gasp my shock.  And then he slipped
his tongue into my mouth and the heat spread through me, radiating downward,
throbbing between my legs.  All I could do was exhale his name.  What the
hell was happening to me?

I don't know how, but I managed to gather enough strength to push him away
gently.  The bold expression on his face turned to fear, which I didn't
immediately understand.  When I had managed to catch my breath again, I
explained to him that... whatever had happened just then was not meant to be
shared between us... not meant to be shared between teacher and pupil.  I was
somehow able to sound confident and steady in my conviction, but inside I was
still shaken.  I had no idea what had just happened, but I knew for sure that
it would change my bond to him forever.

We moved apart, and went back to sleep without another word.  I can barely
remember it.  I will still half-blind, half-mad with the taste of him still
lingering in my mouth.

It was a bit awkward for us to face each other after that, for awhile.  And
the silence between us became different.  I became very aware of him, very
aware of his gaze on me.  And very aware of the sight of him.  He was a young
man now, strong and sleek and graceful.  He is beautiful, that was something
I could not deny.  And it was like I was noticing it for the first time.  
But, I did everything in my power to push it out of my mind.

Apparently, my power isn't strong enough.  Because he's conquered me once
again, and this time I will not fight.  I lay here against his chest; I can
hear his heart racing, thumping in time to my own.  And I will not fight him.
Now it is his turn to teach me.  I am his.  Tonight, the stars are all
aligned, and I surrender.*



The first thing I notice about him is the softness of his skin.  Of course,
his hands are callused and rough from countless hours of combat and training
- but the skin of his belly is smooth.  And warm.  That's the second thing I
notice: usually, a Namek's body temperature is considerably lower than a
human's - cool to the touch.  But when I run my fingertips across the flesh
stretched over his ribcage, it feels feverish and hot.  When I touch him, he
inhales with a hiss, as if I have scorched his already burning skin.  

I can't believe this is finally happening.  But I couldn't wait any longer; I
had to do something, because I knew he wouldn't.  He would never even think
to do such a thing.  I thought I'd be too scared to make the first move,
but... it came so naturally.  It was meant to happen, I can feel it.  I knew
he wouldn't resist me a second time.  After I kissed him that night... I knew
his heart belonged to me.

How can I not love him?  He's been a part of my life, a part of my soul since
the day he took me under his wing.  I wanted to please him so badly; I wanted
him to be proud of me.  He inspired such awe in me then, and still does.  I
still try to tell how much I appreciate his devotion to me over the years,
and how he still amazes me, but he will have none of it.  He's much too
humble; without his training I wouldn't be half the man I am now.  He taught
me to be brave, to be strong.  Sure, my dad has helped me in that way, as
well - I can't deny that.  But it was for Piccolo that I wanted to succeed.  
It has always been for him.

What ever possessed me to... pursue him in this way?  Why does my heart burn
for him?  He's not even... human.  Not only that, but I always assumed that
when I grew up, when I would long for a lover, that the object of my desires
would be a member of the opposite sex.  But I never had any interest in

Instead, I found myself... looking at him.  Studying him, the way he moved
with such deadly grace.  Absorbed by his subtle expressions.  He is so
passionate.  He does a good job of hiding it, but I know him too well.  I've
seen the fire that smoulders inside him.  It makes me ache down to my very
core.  And, he is beautiful, in his own way.  His gaze tears right through me.

I found myself engaged in a seduction dance with him, just barely daring to
flirt with him, in the most subtle ways possible.  Just to see how he would
react to them.  At first, I thought my efforts went unnoticed, but I
persevered.  I scrutinized him more carefully than ever, and I saw his
reserve beginning to crack ever-so-slightly.  He would hesitate in a certain
way before answering me, if I looked at him with a certain suggestive
expression.  I'd notice a moment of alarm cross his features if I twisted my
hips just so.

It became almost a game to me then, when I knew I was luring him into my
trap.  I just had to think of a final, definite way to seduce him.  I didn't
really plan it, but one night, after we'd been training together, I awoke
from our camp with a sudden urgency to consummate my experiment.  The need to
be... near him was so acute, I could almost taste it.  

I had barely even been able to snuggle up close to his body when he awoke.  
We have always had a sort of mental bond; maybe it was the wordless
exclamation in my mind that roused him.  Before I knew what I was doing, I
was kissing him, and I felt myself melt into him.

His reaction was about what I expected.  I knew he wouldn't object with
disgust or horror, but I knew he wouldn't completely accept it, either.

It was over before it really began, but I knew it wasn't the end of the story.

Tonight, he is mine for good.  And I am his, I have always been his.

I move my lips over his bared torso, and he moans, no longer trying to
conceal his desire.  His body goes limp beneath my caresses; he submits to me
as a drowning man surrenders to the sea.



He takes the initiative, and with warm hands he guides me over to lay on my
back.  I can't... believe this is happening.  I'm not afraid, not really, but
I cannot stop shaking.  I've never felt so vulnerable in my life.  I feel as
if I ought to panic, I have no idea what is in store for me.  But I will do
whatever he wants, I will be whatever he wants.  Tonight, I cross the bridge
of sighs, and I... surrender.*

He moves to loosen my tunic, and I notice that he is trembling as well, but
he doesn't seem the least bit nervous.  His expression is so intense it makes
my face hot.  I can feel my blood heat up, my pulse pounds in my ears,
deafening; the way he ogles my bare chest makes me feel more exposed than I
actually am.

Oh my... god... he touches me and I hear myself gasping for breath.  His
fingertips rake lightly over my shoulders and down my heaving chest and an
electric shock rips through me.  I have never felt this kind of... pain?  It
is almost like pain, but not.  It is the most delicious agony I have ever
known.  I had no idea that a simple touch could heighten my every sense so
intensely.  My body turns to ashes in his hands.*

He moves his face close to mine and breathes into me, his lips merely a
hair's breadth away from mine.  I have... never wanted anything so much as I
ache for him to kiss me again, the way he did that night not so long ago.  He
responds to my desire and moves his body to... cover me, pressing into me as
his mouth engulfs mine.  I moan as he traces my bottom lip with the tip of
his tongue, then slips it inside to... devour me.  

My body is no longer under my control.  I don't know what is happening, but
my every action is guided by the throbbing ache that is building between my
legs.  I had no idea.... no idea.  I find myself arching my back, tilting my
hips forward to meet the same heat radiating from his groin.  He responds by
thrusting back, and I can... feel a kind of muscle-knot pressing into me
where our desire meets... and at the same time, I feel the tightness of my
clothes in that same area on my body and I realize... that I am swollen with
lust as well.  I had no idea.. no idea that my body was even capable of such
things.  I grind my pulsing sex into his and he makes a small desperate
grunting sound in the back of his throat.

He breaks away and I clutch onto him, trying to keep his heat near me.  But
he gently shrugs off my grip on his shoulders, moving his mouth to trace a
trail of fire down my jawbone, over my neck and collarbones; swirling the tip
of his tongue in patterns over my chest... my god, my heart is racing so
hard, it feels as if it will burst forth from me...

His mouth moves down to kiss the lower part of my belly and I hear myself
moaning his name; my body instinctively knows what will happen next.  I arch
my hips toward his face, silently begging him to continue, god how I need
this... he pauses for a moment and I want to cry out, I cannot be left like
this, or I will die, I will explode.  He regards my agitation with a
salacious smirk and moves to take off the thin t-shirt he's been wearing.  He
is so... beautiful.  I have seen him without a shirt before, but I have
never... realized how much I have always wanted to touch him, since he became
the young man who leaves me in awe.

With that piece of clothing discarded, he returns his attentions to my prone
and shuddering body.  His bare chest brushes up against my skin and the heat
between us is startling.  Please... please... my breath is ragged as I
whisper his name... please... I am not quite sure what I am asking for,
but... please.

His lips return to my trembling belly, and his hands fumble to loosen the
opening of my pants... I am nearly whimpering with my urgency... what the
hell... what the hell is happening to me...?  Before I realize anything, his
fingertips have... slipped past the waistband, pulling my clothing away...
the cool night air teases my flesh... please, Gohan... please... if he
touches me there, I think my head will burst... his breath... oh, my...
god... I can feel him moving closer to...

His mouth engulfs me, and twin supernovas detonate behind my eyes; the world
disappears in an explosion of white.  I can hear myself cry out at the first
contact, his mouth slick and hot as it slides rhythmically along the length
of my sex.  I reach out to clench his shoulders, grip the back of his head as
I pump my hips toward him, wanting to push myself deeper into the back of his
throat.  I don't know how I am not hurting him... my god... and I almost
don't care whether or not I do.

But, somehow he keeps up with me, moving his mouth in time to my thrusts and
gripping the base of my shaft.  Something... is happening, a crescendo is
building... and whatever it is, I am ready to throw myself headlong into the

I...I am...


My whole body
         !! CLENCHES !!  

     and I

can feel myself pumping into his gasping mouth... oh my

he hangs onto my hips as if for dear life as I....

             as I....

I feel myself wailing aloud... crying out as I spurt my seed down his

what the hell... is.... this...?  what...

As quickly as it came, the storm that raged through me has seemed to...
quiet; the heat seems to dissipate from me.  He pulls himself up into a
seated position from between my legs and smiles, rather shyly.  I can... only
gasp, my body rocked with aftershocks as my pulse slowly returns to normal.  
He climbs over to straddle my hips, and leans forward to kiss me, tenderly.  
My mouth instinctively opens to his prodding tongue... and I can taste the
bittersweet remainder of my spilt passion. This feels as natural as... it
feels as if we'd been doing it forever.   I sigh, contentedly, and drape my
arms around him.

I have never felt so... relaxed in my entire life.  Apparently, he agrees.  
He wraps himself around me and holds me close.  A different kind of heat
radiates from my heart and washes over me... a comforting warmth.  How ...
long I have waited for this moment, I know that now.  

MMmmm... serenity, yes, but the sense of quiet urgency still hangs heavy
between the press of our bodies; I can feel the insistent nudge of his
hardness grinding into my hip.  He's trying to restrain himself for a moment
longer, to prolong this moment of intimacy, but I know our lovemaking is far
from over.  Amazingly, I can feel the tempo of my pulse begin to quicken pace
again, pumping blood into areas of my body that before today I had no idea
could give me such... pleasure.

He pulls away from me, sitting up and grasping my wrists to take me with him.
On our knees, we move together in a sweaty embrace, devouring each other's
mouths.  I wrap my arms around his hips, pushing closer... he.. reaches down
to cover my hands with his and moves them... downward... brings my palm to
his sweat-slicked stomach and then down, insistent... I can only gasp as I
feel the pulsing knot of him aching to be free from the... restraint of his
clothing.  With trembling fingers I.. loosen the sash that binds his pants
and... pull the soft fabric away...

Oh... my god... I take him uncertainly into my grasp; gently, gently... I
don't have a clue what to do, but... I must be doing something right, he lets
out a cry as my sweaty grip encircles the burning velvety flesh of his
shaft... he shifts and removes his arms from around my shoulders to push the
waistband down over his hips.  As I continue to caress gasps from him, he
takes my other hand and moves it to cover the now-bare flesh of his
backside... he is soft.... so... soft... I can't believe I am doing this, my
body is beyond my conscious control now... Gohan...

With a start he pushes me away somewhat forcefully, and I panic... what is
wrong...?  His reassuring smile comforts me immediately, though... there is
no anger or regret on his face.  The predatory gleam in his eyes makes my
stomach jump and my... hardness throb with blood.  In a flash he discards the
pants pushed down around his knees, and I realize that I'm next...

His motions are nearly frenzied as he strips me from my garments... in his
fever he almost tears them from my body.  A moment of hesitation bolts
through me, is it possible that I feel... self-conscious...?  I've never..
been... exposed like this before, I've never felt so... naked.  The return of
his burning flesh pressed against mine obliterates those fears.

I am... engulfed with desire as his kisses send shocks through me... the heat
of his breath in my ear; I am so insane with lust my throat is thick with it.
I am a marionette under his control as we grip each other, our swollen
members grinding together...

Moaning, he takes my shoulders and breaks our bodies apart, and I collapse
backwards on my knees.  I want to cry out... I need... I need... but then
he... folds his legs under him to sit back, his engorged sex jutting out like
an obelisk.  He beckons for me and I obey, eagerly, crawling over to him, to
worship at the temple of his body.  Guiding me forward, he presses me toward
him, firmly pressing into the flesh of my backside.  He... eases my knees
apart, and pulls me close, to straddle him, hovering over his lap.  Oh my...
god... I am not quite sure, but I am dimly aware of what he means to... do to

He brings his hand forward and spits into his palm, spreads the saliva over
his fingers and... reaches down to slicken the length of his shaft, mixing it
with the hot sticky fluid oozing from the tip.  Now seemingly ready, he...
raises his eyes to mine, boring a hole into my soul as he lifts my hips up
and toward him.  It is time... time... to...?

He spreads me apart and nudges the tip of his member against my clenched...
opening, and I freeze - what the, what the hell... and a grunt of protest
escapes, unbidden, from my throat.  Suddenly, his expression softens, concern
furrows his brow and he reaches up to touch my face.  He leans forward,
brushing my ear with soft kisses... "Oh, Piccolo... trust me.  Please, trust
me."  His voice is soothing... and my sudden... apprehension dulls and
fades... how can I not trust him?  He has... risked his life to save mine,
countless times; I know his heart, his soul, his mind.  How could I not...
trust him?  Of course I do.  I would give my life for him again, I would give
him anything.  I will trust him, I will give him... this.

I let myself relax in his embrace, and he brings the tip of his shaft to the
brink of my opening again... stroking against me at first, oh my... god...
moans of pleasure flow freely from me now as he...

!!ENTERS!!  me and... and...

With a wail he


me, pushing his length to... the... !!HILT!!... he... pulls back... almost
withdrawing... and...

!!PLUNGES!! into me... again...

I grasp him... and... rake... bloody... slashes... down... his... !!BACK!!...

This is pain, but... not... I am, I am...

Wrapping my legs around his... waist... gasping for breath, I...I...

He pumps... into... me... Oh, my... !!GOD!!... I had no... idea... Oh,

His sex batters into me... nudging a bundle of... nerves that... oh, my god,
oh my goddd....

I can feel my... climax rising... again... and his... thrusting is...  
building in speed as he... moans my name... he is gripping my hips...
pushing... deeper, deeper.... harder, please, please...

My.. blood is boiling... I can feel my... sex pulsing... aching for...
release... burning to...






With a wail my... !!PASSION!! gushes !!FORTH!!... spilling out over his
chest... trickling down his !!BELLY!!... he !!GRIPS!! my ... shoulders and...


I can feel the... earth !!SHUDDER!! as he... climaxes... his voice
!!ECHOING!! through the... the ... canyon... as he... pumps his hot seed into
ohhhh... my... gggoooddd....

Gohaaannn....  !!!!!!!!!!!!







Shakily, our bodies... slow down... sweaty, sticky, he withdraws from me
and... collapses onto his back, groaning with a sly grin on his face.  
Exhausted, I can only follow suit.  I lay here with the cool night air
caressing my spent body.


My body's still warm, his smell on me everywhere.  I am drunk with it.

Jesus... how the hell can this be... me?  Ah... I don't care.  I can't
question this.  It... seems too good to be true... but I can't... question
it.  I have to cherish this memory for as long I live, even if it... never...
happens again.

He crawls over to me weakly, the same way he did that day so many years ago,
when I shielded his body with my own, to protect him from the blast that
wound up killing me.  "Piccolo..." he whispers, and I look up at him and
smile.  Funny... I can't keep the tears from coming this time, either.  
Gohan.  He lays his head against my chest and sighs.

My arms encircle him, and I press my face into his unruly mop of hair,
inhaling his scent.  MMmmm.  How could I have lived without this for so long?
How could I have... denied this part of me all this time?  He is perfect...
everything about him is perfect.  My soul aches, my heart beats for him
alone.  This I swear.  I will always be his, no matter what the cost.  I know
it might not be easy, this will change everything for me, for us... but,
somehow none of that matters.

He looks up at me, his eyes radiating with... love.  Yes, I know he loves me.

Oh, Gohan... hold me now, while my old life dies tonight... and I'll



And now, the lyrics:      

I Surrender - David Sylvian

I opened up the pathway of the heart
The flowers died embittered from the start

That night I crossed the bridge of sighs and I surrendered

I looked back and glimpsed the outline of a boy
His life of sorrows now collapsing into joy

And tonight the stars are all aligned and I surrender
My mother cries beneath a southern sky and I surrender

Recording angels and the poets of the night
Bring back the trophies of the battles that we fight

Searchlights fill the open skies and I surrender

Outrageous cries of love have called me back
Derailed the trains of thought, demolished wayward tracks

You tell me I've no need to wonder why I just surrender

I stand too close to see the sleight of hand
How she found this child inside the frightened man

Tonight I'm learning how to fly and I surrender

I've travelled all this way for your embrace
Enraptured by the recognition on your face

Hold me now while my old life dies tonight and I surrender
My mother cries beneath the open skies and I surrender

An ancient evening just before the fall
The light in your eyes, the meaning of it all

Birds fly and fill the summer skies and I surrender

She throws the burning books into the sea
"Come find the meaning of the word inside of me"

It's alright the stars are all aligned and I surrender
My mother cries beneath the moonlit skies and I surrender

My body turns to ashes in her hands
The disappearing world of footprints in the sand

Tell me now that this love will never die and I'll surrender
My mother cries beneath the open skies and I surrender
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