Part 1
Duo-chan here! And this is my muse, Chibi Trunksy-chan. We’re here to write a fic! Both: Yay! But a small problem… This is going to be more than one part so I’m going to need my other muses. Let’s see here… Goty-chan! He’s my muse of romance! Hard to believe… Goky-chan! He plans how all my stories go. Gohany-chan! He plans how my battles are going to be fought. Next is my muse of kinkyness! Veggie-chan! And everyone knows Trunksy-chan! He’s the most important one, the muse of lemons! Everyone give him thanks… okay, that’s enough… (smiles) Well, on with the story!
Dedication: This goes out to Ran-chan! She deserves this! She’s been helping me with my sight and has the patience of an Angel! This one’s for U! But I added more couples than just Veggie and Goky… Hope U like!!!
Parings: Vegita and Goku; Trunks and Goten; Gohan and Piccollo; Tien and Yamcha Why all these parings? I DON’T KNOW!!! That’s just what I felt like when writing this. (Chibi smile)
History: All the males’ mates are dead because it suits me for this story! Sorry for all of those who want an explanation… I might think of one while writing this thing… maybe…
Warnings: Most of U are not reading this so I’ll make is simple… Lemon yaoi all that good stuff, k?
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Important note: This is just to let U know, Gohan looks just like he does when he’s 11 only taller and more hair… I really hate the way he looks like Yamcha in DBZ when U see the future through Trunks’ eyes. So just go along with what I want, please??? Thanx!

She looked down at the planet she would soon land on. She gave a heavy sigh and brushed a tear away. “This is not how I would have imagined it to be. I was hoping for more water. But this will have to do.”
The ship descended and soon hit ground. She stepped out and sniffed the air. “It smells dirty. How can they stand the smell?” She commented as she wrinkled her blue-green nose. She rose in the air and headed off to the east, toward the capital.

“Gohan! Concentrate! It’s all in concentrating your energy.” Piccolo growled. He shot a blast of energy at the dark haired Saiyan, making him duck out of the way. 
“Piccolo! That wasn’t fair!” Gohan called to his green lover.
Piccolo rolled his eyes and sighed. “Gohan, do you think all your enemies will fight fair?” He landed on the ground and motioned for the shorter man to land, too. “Come, we should take a break. We have practiced enough for today.”
Gohan nodded and sat down. He played with the grass as Piccolo sat down beside him. “What is wrong? You are not your normal happy self.” Piccolo glanced at Gohan who was starring at the waterfall.
“This is your place, the place you come to relax and meditate, doesn’t it bother you to fight here too?” Gohan picked up a rock and threw it.
“I never really thought about it. No, not when I’m fighting with you. It doesn’t feel like fighting more like playing. I guess it’s because if you wanted to you could kill me with one thought, yet you always let me win. It’s more like foreplay with us, I know how you get after a fight…” Piccolo grinned and started to reach for the shorter man.
“Ahem, if you don’t mind, don’t do that in front of the boy’s Father…” Goku was trying very hard to keep a scold on his face when all he wanted to do was laugh at Piccolo and his facial expression. He looked like his hand had been caught in the cookie jar, so to speak.
“D-d-d-daddy! What are you doing here?” Gohan stammered out as he debated if he wanted to faint or not. It was very embarrassing to have your father catch you almost in the act.
“Oh, Gohan, I was only kidding! Now take deep breaths, yes, that’s it, in and out.” Goku instructed his oldest son how to breathe. “Well, now that you’re okay, Goten and I were wondering when you two were going to come home. It’s been a while and we miss you! Plus, we need to eat… Goten and I are tired of fish which is all we know how to cook and sense Chi Chi taught you before she died…” Goku trailed off lost in a happy/sad memory.
“Dad, I’m sorry, I’ll go home with you. Will you come Piccolo?” The green Namick nodded.
They set out for their destination with all due haste.

They arrived with the setting of the sun and Goten, along with Trunks, greeted them at the door.
“Gohan! Did you plan on ignoring your brother for the rest of your life?! You told me you would write once a week and here it’s been two months and no word! You’re lucky I don’t go Kamahamaha on your ass.” Goten said with a swish of his tail.
Trunks smiled from behind Goten and grabbed the tail lightly. “Goten, why don’t you give your brother a chance to explain? I mean, if he was as busy as we were…” He whispered what they had been doing most of the time Goku was out looking for Goten’s older brother. Goten blushed and nodded, never meeting anyone’s eyes.
They all laughed as Goten turned around and walked back inside the house. “Thanks, Trunks! Hay when did you and my brother…?”
Trunks smiled the Vegita smile. “Oh, about a month and a half ago, the same time as, mumph!” He said as Goku slapped his hand over the purple haired demi-saiyan.
“I’m hungry! Gohan, why don’t you go in and start dinner?” Goku smiled as he glared at Trunks.
“Um, sure, I guess…” Gohan moved inside giving his father the ‘I’m confused but I’m not going to ask.’ look. Piccolo following right behind.
“Trunks, I don’t want him to know yet! He’s just getting used to you and Goten, how’s he going to react with me and Vegita?! Give him time…” Goku asked as he removed his hand from the younger man’s mouth.
“Ya, I see what you mean, but isn’t he going to wonder when he finds Dad living here too? I mean, I don’t think he even knows I’m living here and---“ He was cut off short by a loud shout and a small thump.
They ran to the noise and stared at what they found. Piccolo, holding up the very unresponsive Gohan, glaring at a very wet, very mad Vegita. He had his towel wrapped around his waist with his tail swinging back and forth in annoyance. “What is the meaning of this outrage?!” Vegita bellowed.
“I could ask you the same question. What are you doing here?” Piccolo stared at the short man.
“I live here, unlike you! Now would you kindly let me get dressed?”
Piccolo stormed out of the bathroom and into Gohan’s old room. He laid the sleeping Saiyan on the bed and went into the kitchen, where Goku, Trunks, and Goten greeted him. He stood, silent, waiting for the explanation. “Um, well, We, Vegita and I that is, kind of got together and well, um, he, he, um…” Goku stammered on trying to explain and not doing a very good job.
Piccolo answered for him. “You two got together and are now mates, right?” Goten, Trunks, and Goku nodded. “Hmm, I see, you two fit well together.”
“Why, thank you Namick. I’m so glad we could get your approval.” Vegita sarcastically remarked as he came in through the doorway.
“Vegita, be nice, this is my son’s mate, remember? He’s family!” Vegita scoffed and sat down.   
“Fine, but only because I wish it.” Vegita turned his head and looked at the doorway. “The brat has awakened.” Everyone rolled his eyes at that complement. He still called the children brats and probably always would.
Gohan walked through the door and almost fainted again as he saw Vegita. “Oh no you don’t! Stay awake!” Vegita stood up and smacked Gohan across the cheek. Gohan looked at the prince with amazed eyes. The slap didn’t hurt, just startled him. “Now that you’re going to stay awake, would you care to make dinner? Or are you going to stare at me all day?”
Gohan moved toward the refrigerator in a daze. Soon the smell of cooking food could be smelled and the saiyans were able to hear everyone’s stomach growl. “Here, it’s all done!” He placed the six plates of food down on the table and quickly snapped his hand back as the food was grabbed up. Gohan smiled. “Well, it’s either really good or everyone was really hungry! Hay! That’s mine!!! Don’t eat it!” He grabbed his plate that was now empty. “Great! I thought this would happen, so I made extra. Lucky me.” He went back into the kitchen.
He brought back his plate that was now full and sat down. He ate with gusto and soon it was gone. He sat back and looked at his father. “Care to tell me what Vegita is doing here or can I guess?”
Vegita rolled his eyes and sat up straighter. He opened his mouth to speak but Piccolo beat him to it. “They’re mates.” was all he said.
Gohan nodded his understanding. He stood up and walked into the Living Room and sat down on the couch. He reached for the remote and turned on the TV. He sat back with a sigh and closed his eyes. Piccolo walked in and sat down next to his mate. They didn’t say anything, just sat there. Gohan leaned his head onto Piccolo’s shoulder and sighed. “How long?” was all Gohan asked.
“About a month and a half. Goku wanted to tell you but he was afraid of what you would say.”
Gohan nodded, understanding. “It came as a surprise. But I can see how they would get together. They make a nice couple.”
“I’m glad you’re not to mad a me.” Goku said as he walked in the room. He sat down in the Lazy-Boy chair and motioned for the others to come in.
They slowly made their way in one at a time, Vegita being in lead. Goten and Trunks sat down on the floor next to each other and Vegita stood next to Goku’s chair. They stayed that way for several seconds when the TV started to make a loud siren noise.
“This is ZTV and we are here in the nations capital. We are under an attack, repeat, we are under an attack! About 10 minutes ago by this woman who just keeps attacking us! Wait, there she is! Bob, get a close up!” The camera focused on a woman floating above a building who was about to destroy another building. She had a weird skin color, scaly with a blue-green tint, her pants and shirt matching. Her hair was the color of sea foam outlined by fin shaped ears. She looked down at the camera so they could see the cold blue color of her eyes.
She slowly descended, landing next to the scared reporter. “This machine, people all over the world can see me, right?” The reporter nodded. “Good. People of this planet! I am Shalam and I come from the planet Percidus. I am now the ruler of this planet. Bow down before me or this whole world will be destroyed. Unless you can find someone who would be willing to fight against me to protect this pathetic excuse for a planet.” She glared at the camera daring anyone to go up against her.
They Z senshi looked at each other and stood up as one. “This is our world and no scaly fish is going to take it over.” Goten said with a huff. The others nodded and walked to the door. They took off into the sky heading to the capital.

End Part 1

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