Title: Chibi Tribulations
Warnings:none, perly for comedy
Disclamer:don't own them or any money
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A rap at the door brought Goku out of his push-ups temporally. Getting to
his feet he moved casually towards the door wondering who would be coming by
at this time in the morning. He opened the door to find himself gazing over
an empty lawn. Being only four in the morning it was still dark out. He'd
been unable to sleep that whole night. Oh well he'd just have to make up for
it tomorrow night. He looked from side to side but there was no one there.
He was about to turn to go back in when a little cooing sound brought his
gaze to the ground. His eyes widened and he turned and went start for the
bedroom were Vegeta was still sleeping. "Hey Vegeta! There's someone at the
door for you." Vegeta groaned and punched at open air hoping to hit who ever
had waken him up. Luckily Goku had learned long ago to keep a safe distance
form Vegeta when he first woke up in the morning. He was as far away from a
morning person as someone can get. Vegeta opened his eyes half way,
"Kakorot? Do you have any idea what time it is?" Goku smiled, same old
Vegeta, "Ya it's time for you to get your butt out of bed and get the door."
"You mean you woke me up to answer the dammed door?! Do you want to have a
real rotten remainder of the night cause that's what you're leaning for."
None the less he stumbled out of bed and headed for the door. "This had
better be real good Kakorot you hear me?" He opened the door and peered out,
nothing. He whirled to face Goku, "alright Kakorot what the hell are you up
to?" Goku smiled and pointed downward past Vegeta. Vegeta turned to look,
then he turned back and closed the door behind him as he pushed his way past
Goku towards the bed. "You can forget that!" Goku laughed, "what you can't
handle him is that it?" Vegeta turned and fixed him with a sleepy death
glare. "Oh course I can handle him I just don't WANT to handle him." Goku
shrugged, "It's okay Vegeta it dos take allot of skill, I'll understand if
you can't do it." "I can take care of the little brat if I wanted to you got
that Kakorot." Goku smiled, he had Vegeta now, "then prove it if you're not
scared of the challenge." Vegeta laughed, "this is not worthy of being
called a challenge, but if it's the only way for you to see then I'll do it.
With that he went to the door opened it and scooped up the little bundle of
a sleeping chibi Trunks. Vegeta walked over to the table and placed the baby
on it. Then he went back to sleep for what he'd learn would be a very short

"Wahhaa," the incredibly annoying sound brought a grumpy Vegeta out of a
very nice dream. "What the hell is that?" Kakorot yawned from beside him and
robbed his eyes, "it's your son Vegeta don't you know the sound of a crying
baby?" Vegeta blushed, "Oh course I do Kakorot! I wasn't born yesterday you
know." Kakorot looked around the room with sleepy eyes, "Where'd you put him
Vegeta?" Vegeta groaned, it had only been 5 minutes sense the brat arrived
and already he was causing trouble "I put him on the dining room table."
Kakorot's eyes widened, "You left him on the table! But there's not even any
sides on it, he could have fallen off. I'm sopost to be the careless one
around here not you. Vegeta haven't you ever taken care of a baby before?"
Vegeta lost it, "And just when would I have taken care of a baby Kakorot?
Frieze didn't exactly use me for baby sitting!" Kakorot held his hands up in
defense, "easy Vegeta if you need some help I don't mind." Vegeta's face was
turning red with fury and from lack of sleep, "I DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP
KAKOROT do you understand that?" Kakorot shrugged, "suit yourself," then he
yawned and was asleep before he hit the pillow. "WWAAHH!!!" The wail
continued to echo though the house. "I don't need your help Kakorot I can do
fine all on my own," he said staring down at his sleeping partner, "after
all, how hard could that little baby be?" Surrounded with confidence he
strode out of the room. He'd just quite Chibi Turks down and then go back to
sleep. Vegeta smiled, yes there was nothing to it at all.

Vegeta walked into the dinning room, a determined scowl on his face. The
baby had fallen off the table however he was uninjured so Vegeta took
nothing of it. He walked over to the baby and scooped him up in an awkward
grasp, "How that woman stands you I'll never know." Trunks cried louder in
response. Vegeta shook his head and took the child into the living room. As
soon as he sat down Trunks stopped crying. He looked up at his father and in
an amazingly clear and cheerful voice said, "poo poo." Vegeta sighed, "oh
shit that's the last thing I wanted to hear." Once again he walked into the
dining room and put the baby on the table. The dipper was easily enough to
open but the second he looked inside his eyes widened his mouth curled into
a disgusted expression and he quickly closed the dipper back up. Slowly his
accelerated heartbeat returned to normal. Trunks continued to lie there,
holding his head to one side in curiosity. Vegetas head was turned down in
determination. "I can do this. I survived the destruction of my home planet.
I've defeated numerous enemies in battle. I've concord the legend of the
Super Saiyan. I can do this, you'll see Kakorot this is nothing for me!"
Slowly he opened the direr once more. He winced in disgust but held his
ground. Then he realized he had nothing to wipe it with. "Ah shit," he said
in frustration. Trunks cocked his head to one side, "shit" he mimicked.
Vegeta stared, "that's not good." "Shit," Trunks laughed happily at his new
discovery, "shit, shit, shit." Vegeta sighed, he was creating a monster.
Leaving Trunks there he walked over to the kitchen to grab some cloth
napkins, "how the hell did I ever get tangled into this mess anyways?" When
he returned he found Trunks siting upright on the table with poop smeared
all over it holding the dipper in his hands over there once clean floor and
laughing as little brown chunks fell to the floor. "Shit," giggle, "shit,"
giggle. He was more trouble then Cell. One thing was for sure, Vegeta wouldn
't be eating off that table ever again.

Vegeta walked over and picked Trunks up, careful to avoid the brown smears
on Trunks body. "You know Kakorot this is all your fault." Trunks smiled as
if in response, "shit." Vegeta looked his son over, "there's no way napkins
are going to clean this up." He carried the baby over to the bathhouse and
sat him in the tub. Then he plugged it up and got the water in and heated. A
few seconds later that perfectly clean and clear water had become a muddy
brown. Vegeta gritted his teeth, "I can do this Kakorot you'll see. I can do
this all by my self." He reached for the brown sponge floating in the bath
so he wouldn't have to touch the hideous smears. Squeezing out the sponge he
preceded to scrub the brown gunk from the baby's body. The only problem was
the stuff just seemed to manifest and spread rather them retreating back.
Vegeta dipped the sponge back into the water and shook it to wash it out.
The only problem was the sponge seemed to have shrunk. Vegeta blinked and to
a better look at the sponge and, "Aaaahhhhha"

Goku heard Vegeta's cry coming from the bathroom. He was up in seconds and
running as fast as he could towards the sound. He ended up in the door way
staring in at Vegeta knelling over the bathtub and Chibi Trunks siting in it
with some brown goo all over him that looked way to much like poop to Goku.
Vegeta was staring at his hand that was covered in the same brown goo.
Trunks smiled happily when he saw Goku and in a cheerful voice said, "
"shit!" "Goku raised an eyebrow, " "Vegeta what happened?" "Vegeta wiped his
head around, startled. "That is not my fault! He started saying it on his
own I had NOTHING to do with it!" Goku shook his head; "No I mean what made
you yell out." Vegeta turned back staring at the baby, "I was startled is
all. Nothing to get excited about." "Are you sure you're okay?" "What makes
you think something's wrong Kakorot?" Goku shrugged, "just a hunch, well if
everything's okay I think I'm going to go ahead and start exercising. It's
about time to get up anyway." "Kakorot wait!" Goku turned back to face him,
"ya Vegeta?" Vegeta blushed gritted his teeth and adverted his eyes from
Goku, "nothing." Goku turned, as he walked down the hall he heard Vegeta's
voice coming very clearly from the bathroom, "Dam you Kakorot!" Goku smiled,
he sure was stubborn, but then again that was part of what made him Vegeta,
part of what he loved so much.

"Wwaahaa!!" the crazed cry hadn't ceased sense the second Vegeta had taken
him out of the tub. Vegeta was existed, and extremely irritable. "They
Vegeta?" Vegeta wiped around to were Kakorot was doing hand stand push-ups
in a corner. "What!?" he snapped in pure inpatients and exaction. Kakorot
was so startled he lost his concentration and fell on his head. He got up
robing his sore head, "Gosh Vegeta calm down I was just going to say that I
think he's hungry." Vegeta turned from Kakorot to his son. Trunks pointed a
finger at his mouth and then at Vegeta. When he didn't get what he wanted he
showed his frustration by screaming out louder then that woman Chichi used
to. Vegeta smiled tiredly and headed for the kitchen. Oh course Kakorot
would figure it out before Vegeta, he always did. Grabbing a bowl and chop
stinks Vegeta went to heat up some rice. Once it was done he carried it into
the living room were he found a giggling Trunks and a playful Kakorot
entreating each other. Trunks looked up as Vegeta walked in a held his hands
up to the bowl of rice, "shit shit shit." Kakorot looked up at Vegeta, "boy
I wonder were he learned that from. Do you think Bulma taught him?" Vegeta
looked up at him as innocently as possible but Kakorot knew the only time
Vegeta looked innocent was when he wasn't and was trying to hide it.
"Wwwwhhaa!!" Vegeta sighed, saved by the bell, or the wail as was the case.
He placed the bowl of soup in Trunks hand. Trunks looked down at it,
wrinkled his nose and though the bowl with strength someone his size
shouldn't poses. The Bowl shattered on impact. Kakorot laughed, "Vegeta why
the hell did you give him a glass bowl?" Vegeta growled, "Kakorot I am very
tired, so why don't you just stay out of this and leave me alone." Kakorot
surged and went for the door. "Kakorot wait!" He turned back, "Yeah?" Vegeta
gritted his teeth, "Um don't you still need to have breakfast?" terrible
excuse, but Vegeta wasn't about to tell him the real reason. Luckily enough
Goku could almost never turn down an offering of food. "oh yeah how'd I ever
forget that?"
Vegeta sighed and went to the kitchen, this time picking up Trunks and
caring him under his arm like you would a book. He sat him down when he
reached the kitchen and started on something a little less messy because
knowing Kakorot he was a much messier eater then Trunks. Why Vegeta was
cooking, Trunks to up the task of emptying out all the draws in his reach
onto the floor. After Vegeta had picked up the contents of each draw at
least once each only to have Trunks scatter it about again he let Trunks
play with the stuff. After Kakorot's breakfast was ready Vegeta scoped up
Trunks and presided to clean up all the spilled mess which, all in all took
him longer than making the meal. When Trunks looked up he pointed to the
plate of food, "shit, shit." Vegeta sighed, "I don't sopose any bribe would
get you to stop that would it?" Trunks smiled happily, "shit." Vegeta shook
his head, "didn't think so."
Goku watched in between bits (which wasn't much time) as Vegeta cleaned up
the spilled rice and glance. Goku had offered to clean it up himself but
Vegeta would have none of it. As in everything else he was determined to do
this by him self. Goku had taken on feeding Trunks from the food Vegeta had
brought in. Vegeta hadn't said anything of it probably because Goku hadn't
asked, he'd just started feeding him. He'd seen the relief on Vegeta's face
though Vegeta had tried to hide it with a mask of false resentment as he
always did. Goku finished his bowls of food and for once didn't ask for more
even though he was still hungry. Instead he got up and went to grab a wash
cloth from the kitchen to wipe up Trunks with. He was going to help weather
Vegeta wanted him to or not.

"Were The Hell Is It?!" Vegeta spun around franticly in search of his sock.
"Vegeta why don't you just get another pair and were them." Vegeta turned
red in embarrassment, "It's the only pair that fit right with my bouts." He
said carefully not wanting Kakorot to know he had a favorite pair of socks.
Kakorot smiled, "baby's love to hide things, I'm sure it's somewhere around
here." Vegeta fell on his hands and knees, in search of his sock. He peered
under a dresser and then his face lit up in a huge smile. "I found it!!"
Kakorot looked down at him with a huge sweet drop on his head. "Ah Vegeta
are you feeling alright, maybe you should go lay down for a while."
Realizing his current position Vegeta sprang back up into a standing
position. "I'm fine Kakorot, do you understand me? I'm fine." Kakorot stared
at him for a moment then decided to go to the kitchen to see if he couldn't
find anything to eat. Vegeta sat down in a chair and proceeded to put his
socks on only to find then wet and wholly. "What the hell happened to my
socks!" Kakorot pecked around the wall, "Oh he must be teething, I guess he
liked the texture." He went back to searching the kitchen. Vegeta remained
seated in the chair, his hands clenched in fists, "fine, I am just fine."

It was now four O'clock in the afternoon and Vegeta hadn't gotten an ounce
of sleep. What's more Kakorot kept yawning making Vegeta even more tired. He
should be the one yawning; Kakorot had gotten a whole five hours of sleep
the past night while Vegeta had only gotten three. What gave Kakorot the
right to be tired? Was this some kind of strange punishment for Vegeta?
Vegeta yawned, picking it up from Kakorot. Trunks looked up at him from
where he was sitting on his lap and smiled, "shit!" his voice cheerful as
ever. Vegeta shook his head and sat the baby down. Trunks got a huge smile
on his face and ran for the kitchen in a stile that made him appear drunk.
Opening a draw he pulled out a large butcher's knife and giggled. Vegeta was
beside him in seconds but unable to grab the knife as Trunks swung it around
barely missing Vegeta's outstretched hands. When opportunity struck Vegeta
garbed for the handle but Trunks wasn't done with his new toy. He yanked at
it but Vegeta now had a firm grasp on the handle. With superior strength
Vegeta yanked it out of Trunks grasp and with superior lungs Trunks told his
father just how he felt about it. "WWWHHAAAA!!!" "Well he's as stubborn as
his farther," Kakorot came up from behind and gave Trunks a yellow rubber
duck. "Were did you get that Kakorot?" Kakorot blushed and put his hand
behind his head in his usual gesture, "well I kind of like to play with it
in the bath." Vegeta snorted, he should have seen that coming. "Hay Vegeta,
you think there might be a chance we could have a snack before dinner? I'm
starving!" Vegeta sighed and nodded, pulling out a pan from a near by draw.
Soup should do fine for a "snack" though one of Kakorot's snacks equaled up
to about five people's dinners. Kakorot smiled and garbed Trunks, taking him
into the living room to play. Vegeta resented Kakorot's help but he was too
tired to protest. Having to cook the amount of food needed to feed Kakorot,
it took over an hour before Vegeta was done. He came into the living room
with his hands completely full of precariously balanced food. Kakorot turned
from entertaining Trunks and his mouth immediately started to water. Vegeta
placed the food in front of him and went back to get the second of four
loads. By the time he returned the food he'd put down was gone. Kakorot
looked up at him. "Ah more! Thanks Vegeta!" Kakorot picked up a bowl before
Vegeta could even put the try down. Vegeta realized for the first time that
day that he hadn't eaten anything since Trunks arrived. Siting down beside
Kakorot he cautiously edged a hand into the tornado that always formed when
Kakorot got near food and garbed himself a bowl. This bowl he ended up
feeding to Trunks under his sons solid demands, so after Trunks was done he
garbed another and started to eat.

Goku smiled at his partner, glade to see Vegeta was finally taking care of
himself. For someone how claimed to be as cruel and twisted as he said he
sure did spend a lot of time helping others not that he'd ever emit to it
though. Trunks sat nestled up next to his farther, the bottom of Vegeta's
shirt dangling from the corner of his mouth as he chewed contently at it.
His eye's drifting up and down as both of Gook's sons' eyes used to when
they were babies. Goku gave a tired sigh of relief, Trunks was getting
tired. When Vegeta went to get up, Goku placed a gentle hand on his
shoulder. Vegeta's head snapped around to pear at Goku, surprised. Goku
shook his head and pointed down at Trunks who was on the edge of sleep.
Though Vegeta was unexpressed in this matter he was smart and so he easily
saw what a blind man couldn't miss. He waited for about ten minutes before
at last Trunks was definitely asleep. Then with smooth hands, steady enough
to be a surgeons he picked up Trunks and placed him back on the dining room
table. Goku suppressed a snicker then went in search of objects stable
enough to act as walls for Trunks diving table cradle. From the look Vegeta
gave him as he set up the walls out of various objects he was glade both of
them were terrified to speak because of the chance of waking up Trunks. He
was sure he would have gotten a lecture if not. The sun still hadn't set but
that didn't mater to ether Vegeta or Goku, they both staggered off to the
bedroom and barley made it to their before falling asleep.
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