Goku was suffering from a major Captain Ginu flash back here. Standing
across from him was what could easily have been his twin. The man looked
just like him save the twisted expression on his face, an expression all to
familiar. "So Kakorot, we meet again." "Toros? But I killed you!" The other
Saiyan laughed, "You kill me, your such a joker Kakorot, those earthlings
have made you soft. You're not fit to be a Saiyan anymore. I'm amazed Vegeta
waited this long to leave, your very presence is degrading." "Vegeta! How
the hell do you know about him?" Toros laughed, "Well sense you want to know
so badly I'll tell you. I ran into him here, he actually thought that I was
you. What an arrogant fool." Goku narrowed his eyes in anger; "If you did
anything to him Toros I'll make you wish you'd stayed dead." Toros smiled,
"Nothing that can compare to what I'll do to you Kakorot!" He suddenly
powered up, going strait to SSJ level two! Damn he can go Super Saiyan! Goku
powered up to level 2 as well and charged him, What did you do to Vegeta!?"
Toros laughed, "beat me and you'll find out." He trough a punch at Goku
which struck the side of his face. Goku gasped, damn he's fast! But then
again so was Goku. He struck, hitting Toros in the chest only to receive a
hit in the shin. Trors struck, he blocked and struck himself. Strike! Block!
Strike! Block! They were matched perfectly and to make it worse Goku couldn'
t keep his mind on the battle. If Vegeta was hurt or killed hed never
forgive Toros or himself. Wham! A punch knocked him to the ground. Before he
could recover he was pinned by Toros. "Now about Vegeta." A blast from above
sped toward them both. Goku saw a small familiar devise in Toros's pocket
and grabbed it. Then he put two fingers to his forehead and telaported just
in time to avoid the blast. He came out above Toros with Trunks hovering
beside him. "Thanks Trunks I owe you one. Trunks nodded, staring down at the
singed back of the unconscious figure below. "Who is that Goku?" Goku
sighed, "I'll tell you later but first we need to find your father. I think
he may be in a lot of trouble." Trunks wiped his head around to Goku, "What
do you mean?' Goku took the capsule for their ship from his pocket and throw
it, "Later we need to get going right away. I think this tracker I got off
him will lead to Vegeta." Trunks nodded, trusting Goku and flew off for the
capsule. Goku looked down at Toros. "Mark my words I'm not done with you. As
soon as I find Vegeta I'll hunt you down, if you've done anything to him I
will kill you Toros I will."

Toros sprang up, where'd that low life go? Search as he might Goku was
nowhere to be seen nor was the younger one who'd shot him. If Toros didn't
know better hed have thought the young boy had been a Super Saiyan. However
that wasn't possible, there was only Goku, Vegeta and himself left. He didn'
t count Goku's span because being only half Saiyan he would never amount to
anything. Then he made a discovery that made him forget all about the young
man. "That tailless want a be stole my tracker!" Ah shit, now hed be able to
find Vegeta. Toros had to hurry. Luckily he had another tracker in his space
pod. He blasted off; this game was getting more interesting all the time.

Trucks stared at the lava-covered surface of the planet. "You think my
fathers here?" Goku nodded, "ya at least that's what the what the tracker
says. Maybe he hovering like us." "So who was that guy back there?" Goku
narrowed his eyes in an expression he only used when talking about Freeza,
"He's a saiyan that came to Earth right after I fought your father. He came
to plant a tree that could suck the life out of the Earth itself. I thorough
a spirit balm at him, I'm not sure how he lived though it." Trunks shrugged,
"So you think he did something to my father?" Goku nodded sadly, "It looks
that way, I just hope he's okay." Trunks smiled, "We are talking about
Vegeta here, if anyone can pull through it'll be him."

Vegeta keyed in the coordinates for the dirty shower that was once Saiya. It
would be a good place to stop; besides he had nowhere else to go. He
strapped himself into the chair when all a sudden something rammed the ship
from above. "What the hell was that!?" Vegeta scanned the controls just in
time to see that the ship was rocketing down to the lava-covered planet. "Ah
shit!" Vegeta's hands flew over the control panel franticly trying to stop
the ships descent. It was no use though the ship plunged into the lava and
then all hell broke louse.

"Under the lava? You gotta be kidding me!" Trunks surged, "That's what the
tracker says, it's broken if you ask me." Vegeta what have you gotten your
self into? "Can you scan to see if there's life beneath the surface." Trunks
nodded, staring at the consul his face turned white, "there's one life form
beneath the surface, and Goku its Saiyan." Trunks turned to see Goku's
reaction and Goku vanished.

Vegeta could hear the ships outside dissolving away. It would only be a
matter of minutes now. The controls were useless and the ship was going
fast. Vegeta laughed,  fitting it should end this way. A tiny stream of lava
flowed in though a crack. Not long now, Vegeta sat his head back in his seat
and waited.

Goku teleported off the ship and landed on another. The lights were out but
Goku could sense Vegeta very close. "Kak-Kakorot" the familiar voice came
from his right. Goku started in that direction. "I'm hear Vegeta, everything
's going to be fine. I'm going to get you out of here." "Oh course you're
here you baka, will you ever get over your habit of coming at the last
second?" Goku shook his head no though Vegeta couldn't see it in the perfect
blackness. Goku yelped in pain as he stepped in something hot. A normal
person wouldn't have a foot anymore but Goku wasn't normal. It had still
hurt like hell though. If there was lava in the ship they only had a little
time left.  Goku came up beside Vegeta and picked him up, training the seats
straps. "What the hell are you doing you ignorant baka? Put me down!" Goku
didn't have to see his face to think what expression was on it. He didn't
answer, instead he concentrated and teleported them out as the ship clasped
in around them. Goku came out on the other ship to see Trunks staring at
them. He looked down at Vegeta and was surprised to see horror rather then
anger on his face. "Vegeta what's wrong?" "How can you say that Kakorot? As
if you don't know?" And then he fainted in Goku's arms.

Toros sat in his pod staring down at the ship Kakorot was on. He still didn'
t know how but the signal he'd put on Vegeta now flashed with in Kakorot's
ship. He'd rammed into Vegeta's ship when he realized Kakorot was here. If
he couldn't have Vegeta no one would. But now Vegeta seemed to somehow be on
Kakorot's ship. He's done it again; he's somehow outsmarted me again. He
flew off in pure rage. "Someday Kakorot, some day I will get you back!"

Vegeta woke up to find himself in the small med. room of the Capsule crop
ship. Kakorot lay in a chair beside him asleep. His mouth was open and he
was snoring quietly. Vegeta saw his foot was in a rap, and it brought back
the events of the past month. Why had Kakorot risked himself for me? Even a
person as dense as him should have seen the danger. Kakorot stirred and
looked lazily at Vegeta. "Oh your awake, I'm real hungry so I'm going to get
some food from the ships store you want something?" Vegeta shook his head
and Kakorot shrugged and left. He acted just like always, the baka, doesn't
he remember what happened? Kakorot returned with smears of some kind of
sauce on his face. "Vegeta what did you mean earlier?" "What?" "Before you
fainted you were going to say something what was it?" Vegeta unconsciously
flared to SSJ level 1 when he heard Kakorot's words. "Is that why you saved
me? So you could mock me? Well I'm not playing your game Kakorot and that's
final!" Kakorot looked so damn innocent siting there looking clueless. It
was hard to believe him capable of what he'd done. "Vegeta what's wrong with
you?" "You're what's wrong with me Kakorot! From the beginning you've
twisted my mind, always you were always so perfect, so subtle yet so strong.
No matter how hard I've tried you've always surpassed me with your fighting
skills as well as your personality. You've degraded me and now you've raped
me and still your not satisfied. So kill me then Kakorot, take the only
thing I have left. Just make sure you burring me deeper this time so I can't
come back into this hell hole!"

Kakorot stared, "Oh my god Toros, Vegeta I'm so so sorry." Kakorot's eyes
began to fill with tears. "Stop it, there's no way in hell you could care."
Kakorot got up from his chair and moved slowly towards Vegeta, placing a
gentle hand on his forehead. "no Kakorot stop," but Vegeta was already lost
in his kind touch. Suddenly Kakorot's mind appeared beside Vegeta just as
soled and clear as Kakorot himself. He saw it all, Kakorot back on Earth,
his trip with Trunks to Namic and Toros, the real one who'd raped him. What
he learned next would make his head spin for the next month or so, "oh
Kakorot." Love, love pored out of Kakorot's heart, love for him. He who had
never known such love. "Vegeta I'm sorry." Vegeta smiled, a true warm smile,
"a baka to the end."

Though the day and into the night the door to the med. room remanded closed
and locked. Trunks had pounded on the door a few times, both Vegeta and Goku
were thankful he hadn't tried blasting through cause what he found would
have been VERY hard to explain. Sweat dripped down there intertwined bodies.
Goku's hand circled over Vegeta lovingly. Never had he know such bliss. "Ple
ase tell me I'm not dreaming." "No Kakorot, if this were a dream, I'd be on
top." Goku chuckled softly at Vegeta's comment, stubborn to the end. Vegeta
tightened his hold on Goku, firm yet gentle, "but I think this will do for
now." "For now?" Vegeta smiled and pressed his lips to Goku's mouth. Goku's
eye went wide in pure joy. Opening his mouth he let Vegeta in. So many
times, so many times he'd done this but only in his dreams. Never had he
thought it possible anywhere else. With a small smile he settled into what
would be the sweetest moment of his life.

A knock at the door drug the two unwilling Saiyans back into the world. "Ah
guys I'm sorry two bother you but were almost to Earth. Vegeta thanked
Trunks though he didn't feel to thankful in truth. He yawned tiredly, "How
the hell am I sopost to explain this to Balma?" Kakorot laughed, "Bulma, I
have to explain it to Chichi!" Vegeta looked Kakorot over; "I pity you."
Kakorot laughed, a laugh Vetega now knew so well. "Boy Vegeta that's the
first time you've ever said that to me! You're just coming up with all sorts
of firsts tonight." Vegeta soon found his face red in an unwelcome blush.
"It's 1:00 in the afternoon for your information!" Trunk's annoyed message
came through the door made Kakorot produce his own blush. "We've been in
here that long?" Vegeta hit Kakorot over the head lightly; "I don't know why
I'd ever be in love with such a clueless person!" Kakorot smiled, "I don't
know ether but I'm glade you are, then he spun on his heels and trotted out
the door.

Trunks took on look at Goku and Vegeta and his head started to spin. Both of
their uniforms were ruffled and Goku had his shirt inside out. Their hair
was sweat matted and Trunks was very glade he hadn't continued to try and
break in last night. It explained the sounds he'd heard though. With what
Vegeta had said before he fainted Trunks had thought they might have been
fighting in there. Goku put his hand to the back of his head, "Ah sorry we
took so long, we sort off lost track of time." "Speak for your self
Kakorot." Well they sure hadn't changed. "It's okay, I um don't mind.
Listen lunch is on the table if anyone wants some, I can't cook so I got
some premade stuff." "Lunch!!!" Goku interrupted, "Boy thanks Trunks I was
starving." Then he wised into the dining room and what sounded like a pack
of wolves began to eat. Vegeta and Trunks shared a sweet drop; "Um maybe I'd
better see if there's any thing else I could make. I have a feeling at this
rate we're going to need more." Trunks turned to go into the kitchen when he
was stopped by a kind hand on his shoulder. Trunks turned to face his
father, his mouth helplessly hanging open. Vegeta smiled at his son, "I'll
cook us something, you go ahead and sit down." Trunks nodded, stunned and
made his way towards the table were Goku had just finished off enough food
to feed three people.

"Vegeta stood in front of two pans, one with sauce, and one with boiling
water. Pasta was filling, though he doughted he could make enough food in a
lifetime to feed Kakorot. True Saiyans did need more food them Earthlings
but Kakorot ate a lot more then the average Saiyan. Vegeta smiled, if that
was Kakorot's biggest problem (which it wasn't) then they were doing okay.
Adding the pasta to the water and turning off the sauce Vegeta checked the
time, "ready in 3 minutes." Trunks came into the kitchen followed by a food
smudged Kakorot. Both stopped in there tracks and stared, "Hay Vegeta you
can cook?" Vegeta turned to Kakorot becoming very self aware of the cooking
apron he had on. At least that chief's hat I tried on wouldn't go over my
hair. Now that would have been very humiliating. "A good warrior should know
how to compelty take care of himself, there for I should know how to cook
and so should both of you for that matter." Both of them spun and retreated
in fear of a cooking lesson from Vegeta. Vegeta smiled, he'd known that
would work. He happily got back to his cooking.

They came to earth that night. Goku was scared to death to confront Chichi
but at the same time couldn't see himself not telling her. She surprised
everyone by only fainting once and then agreeing with Goku that they were
drifting apart and it was time for them to go there separate ways. Then she
found out he'd left her for Vegeta and gave him a shrieking that would make
his ears ring for the next two years and cause him to louse a little hearing
permently quite well. All in all a small price to pay. Gohan decided to go
live on his own and had taken to the fact that his father was in love with
Vegeta very well. It went that Gohan soon found himself in a similar
predicament with a man of his own. Bulma and Vegeta brook up quite easily
after Bulma made him sign some papers that held him to secrecy on certain
issues "of the family" Trunks decided to hang around Capsule Corp in hopes
of one day running it himself as was his birth right. No one heard from
Toros though it's rumored that he's still trying to get back at Goku. As for
Goku and Vegeta they moved in together but of course with those to they
could never live happily ever after. Let's just say they were happier
together than part.

The End.
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