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Pass Nine, turn Twenty-Two: the shifting of the Red Star's orbit lit the fuse of a new adventure that would change the face of Pern and the course of her history.

An unexpected collaboration of cultures gave birth to one of the most daring experiments in Pernese history. Dawnsisters Weyr would be the next great episode of an already great generation.

But strange things started happening. Little mistakes and misunderstandings got quickly out of hand and threatened to ruin all the work already done...

The disasters that ensued were enough to divide the planet. Weyr disagreed with Weyr and the collaboration was disolved.

Dawnsisters was barely saved from total dissolution...

Dawnsisters Weyr became a place of strange repute. Held in suspicion by so many Pernese, it continued to be the source of rumors, mysteries, and hidden secrets...

And now one of those secrets is about to break loose...

Welcome to Dawnsisters Weyr. Our secrets await you!

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