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When is it Real?

4/11/2018 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, All Dayer, Dr. VZX Moist as Kraftwerk, w/ many Infa

16/11/2018 Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh w/ Sloth Metropolis, Joy and Struggle Infa













"Story Pink Over Whores' Teeth Regurgitates Tiny Beef" EP

Recorded again in the dumb cupboard

Free for a one act play

4 Tracks

Laughing Sound, Locustfrogbatwhale

King Piss, One Mirror Heaven










"Heart Attack On Hook" EP

Recorded again in the damn cupboard

Free for a haiku expressing the utility/futility of war

4 Tracks

Evergreen Bicep Titan, Sell Your Seven Knees

Questioning, Sail On Your Seven Knees








"Cult Of Slow Billy/Teeth of Two Clowns"

Recorded in cupboard (Oct 15)

We take CD-Rs to gigs

10p or your finest joke

The CD-R has no real value

It is just a ploy to invade your homes



it is warm today

god it is still warm today.

warm warm warm warm warm.





Ruaridh's Music 


I like circles and weekends